Schuschinus Üka Nyt pratt Hurdelhabadan


Schuschinus is a freethinking artist and philosopher. He was shackled to a fleshly body and thrown into the dark dungeon of pseudoreality by the parasitic cycle of the Dicnatureship. But his mind is in contact with his home planet Hurdelhabadan. As ambassador of the rebellion of Maschinensäcke against any constraints, he struggles for the true reality, the imagination, through art. His primary interest is the expansion of his fantasy world through various creative activities and the accompanied rise over the sadness of earthly existence. The phenomenon of Schuschinus is impossible to summarize in one page, so the project Encyclopaedia Hurdelhabadanica was started.


The full name of choice is Fan Schuschinus Üka Nyt pratt Hurdelhabadan (pronounce: Fun Shoo-shee-nus Yka Nyt prutt Hoordle-hubba-daan. Fan is the last syllable of his earthly name. This was chosen because the half-word way of speaking was an amusing play. This name is rarely used today, as many people confuse it with the enthusiastic devotee. Schuschinus is a combination of the two surnames of his parents before their marriage. Schuschinus rejects the concept of institutionalized marriage and old-fashioned notions of patriarchal bloodlines. Although he is satisfied with his given name, it seemed more appropriate for him to include both sides. The sound of that word pleased him so much that he maintained it. "Schuschinus" can be described as a stage name, but not as a pseudonym. This name is not pseudo but true. The authenticity of a name is decided by the bearer himself and not by any official stamp. Üka Nyt is a title that means "the one legitimate ruler over himself, the one legitimate bearer of his name". Pratt Hurdelhabadan indicates his background from the Maschinensack realm, which designates him as an enlightened being.


Schuschinus, the universal genius
According to the Myers Briggs type Indicator, Schuschinus is the Personality Type INFJ-T (Yes, that flatters me). The inner conflict between escapist idealism and hope-robbing knowledge characterizes his melancholic nature. Schuschinus feels intense joy in the productive state of inspiration and motivation for his artistic work, to dream himself into a better world. The "real life" has disappointed him too often, to rely on it anymore. He prefers a secluded life in his home, which he calls "Palace of Eternity" as a bitterly ironic answer to the unworthy state of transience for a place called "home". But the human nature of his flesh prison spoils his self-determined priorities and plagues him with loneliness and and fear of the future.


Schsuchinus´ main interests are in the creative realm, like art, film, film history, media, design, creative software and things of the nerd culture like scifi, fantasy, toys and comics. Further philosophy, psychology, history, science and technology. While Schsuchinus is with great zeal in interesting topics, he is very lazy with boring work. His interests are generally wide-ranging, but the circumstances decide about the pleasure in a topic. Under coercion hardly anything can be enjoyed. A self-determined deepening with focus on the personal joy of knowledge is a precondition.


An open mind for unorthodox thoughts, good listening and the ability to logical reasoning are important. In company, Schuschinus prefers snug little circles with unconstrained atmosphere and enough options to retreat. Further he appreciates the ability to get lost in imagination and to immerse in free, spontaneous roleplaying, wherefore sufficient trust is necessary. Schsuchinus needs time to open up towards others. Small talk is a horror and he doesn´t like shallow, stereotyped, dishonest conversations. He talks preferably to himself, by writing or in private, because this reduces distractions and one can phrease his words thoughtfully.


Schuschinus hates constraints, especially dogmatic rules of institutions and traditions, as well as unfulfilling work and annoying things that discourage creative activity. He suffers from the limitations of physical existence, the with his character incompatible requirements of life and the permanent menace of transience that threatens to wrest his precious work and his familiar environment, as well as the stupidity and injustice of society. He avoids uncontrollably overwhelming sensory impressions like noise, stench and crowds.

personal ideal world:

personal hell:


The first Holy Pencil suffered from material fatigue, which is why it was replaced by a new one with more durable metal caps.
transcendental Form of the Holy Pencil
seal with logo and signature
For a list of all created works and related links see overview: oeuvre.

Motivation and Ambition

Since I can hold a pencil I have drawn everything I find remarkable, because it makes things more tangible and establishes a deeper relationship to the object. Reality alone is dull and coercive, just consuming what life throws at me is unsatisfying. Experiences feel fleeting and unimportant as long as they aren´t processed creatively. To make things with my own hands creates a good feeling, which is the purest, if the creation is of no outer necessity, but emanates from the luxury of self porpose. In the form of art and fiction even the pain of existence can be transformed into something meaningful and pleasing. The only benefit of the overwhelming absurdity of life is to milk inspiration and turn it into art. I am an escapist out of conviction and passion, my artistic work is my elixir of life and true home.
I have never aligned my actions towards success and career or made any specific plans. The pivot is joy and self-fulfillment.


In addition to various pictures and artfully designed objects such as machines or toys; films, series, videos and other moving images such as computer games are among my primary sources of inspiration. I am mainly interested in visual aesthetics, represented by set design, costumes, animation and effects, action choreography, as well as unintentional, production-related stylistic features. My favorite genres in this regard are science fiction, fantasy, and animation, further action and history films and trashy B movies. It is important that the film creates a charming and dense atmosphere and provides sensual enjoyment. Also inspiring are surreal stories, eccentric characters and crazy philosophical concepts.
Most important sources of inspiration of my life: Hercules & Xena; Lego; Star Trek; Star Wars; Tokusatsu; Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita; Anime Sakuga


Sticking to one style is boring. I try many techniques and practice a wide range of creative activities:

topics and purpose

Mainly Scifi and fantasy content is produced, which are to satisfy the need for fun and deep experiences in a freer and more colorful world full of magic and pssibilities. Because my narrative skills aren´t that pronounced, the emphasis is to capture moods through the visuals.
I despise real violence, but enjoy fictional action and disapprove the suppression of my dark side. Instead I try to fathom it through art. I also process my weltschmerz through satiric comments and disturbing elements. I am social critic, but don´t consider myself a politically invested person. If I lower myself to comment on the world affairs, it´s because its blatant stupidity and danger interferes with my escapism or inspires the performance of my villain characters.


I use mostly cheap and simple materials for traditional art, free open source or cheap software alternatives for digital art, because I like my art to be independent. This benefits ingenuity, which in turn benefits an individual style. The lack of money, professional software and equipment is too often used as an excuse that something can´t be done. But the actual reason is lack of passion.
Art is the manifestation of our fantasies and it shall not be repressed. Not by inner doubts and blockades, not by ideologies and institutions, copyrights and censorship, not by economic factors. To maintain playfulness and authenticity is more importatant than efficiency and professionality and I dislike to commercialize my art. I like to use stylistic inconsistencies and to break rules, to resist expectations and disign dogmas.


Zeitleiste The phases in the life of the master are divided according to the subjective quality of the artistic creation, or by the archiving of the works. Even if I do not identify with my slave status in the pseudoreality, the respective environment has an influence on my work and is listed here for the sake of completeness.
For a detailed curriculum vitae of each phase see:

Schuschinus´ rooms

the shelf, as it is a proper shelf
To live in dignity as Schuschinus, one needs a private safe haven. Because I like to have my personal items at hand, they should all be in one room, which is to carry everywhere. The shape of the room, the furniture and the arrangement of items should be to alter with the power of mind.