Mother Nature, the monster of all monsters
Pseudoreality is a world that is perceived by the beings living in it as true, correct and immutable, but in reality is life's greatest enemy and does not deserve to be real. Characteristic are totalitarian, non-negotiable laws of nature, which form the basis for the worst atrocities, but are accepted and often even defended by the population. The environment as well as the inner nature of the human being cause immeasurable suffering and limit the possibilities. The psyche feigns a sense of meaning and hope in order to disappoint you repeatedly.

In the striving, to master all the problems, people burden themselves with aditional rules, which often culminate in oppression. This article is dealing with the fallibility of nature. The resulting societal problems are a vast topic in itself, and will be discussed under social criticism.

Virtual realities, fantasy worlds and game scenarios, which are subject to rules and restrictions, but which you can voluntarily enter and exit at any time, do not count as pseudoreality. Here you consciously abstain from some of the possibilities to compete or to have a special experience under special circumstances. Losses in such a world are not final and life threatening. On the contrary, play and imagination are the actual reality, because they offer more possibilities, are diverse and changeable and, above all, because not every fart means doom. If games have negative effects, such as addiction, then the fault lies not in the game, but in the parameters of the frame world in which the game is played. The pseudoreality is designed to make good things like dreams, games, imagination seem useless and subordinate to the morbid "seriousness of life".


About the term Reality

With reality we commonly refer to the physical world in contrast to virtual worlds and fantasies. This definition is acceptable, as long as it serves as unbiased designation to distinguish forms of existence. But it becomes problematic, when the term is used to declare the "real life" the only true and right one and to discount everything idle and intellectual as useless visionariness, when it´s used to justify deficiencies of the physical world just because of their alleged immutability and to disparage critique and idealism. My personal connotations with the term are:
Reality≙ constraintssufferingearnestnessworkheteronomyboredomstressthreatagingevanescence
Fantasy≙ freedomjoyfunleisureself-fulfillmentadventuresatisfactionsafetyyouthreliability
Just because "reality" counts as superior and without alternatives, I don´t have to consider it immaculate and righteous. Precisely because it is non-negotiable, it disqualifies as a just system. Therefore I decided to declare the "seriousness of life" to be a fundamentally wrong form of existence and its overcoming towards an existence in pure fantasy to be the desirable ideal. The highest form of truth should not be in this limited world, but in the unrestrained access to everything conceivable.

About the term Nature

As Nature we commonly designate the wilderness in contrast to civilization or the living / self-emerged in contrast to the artificially created. In view of the ruthless exploitation and destruction of nature by humans, nature is prematurely portrayed as the well-meaning, innocent victim. But nature in the broadest sense is the natural law according to which everything in the universe develops. The superficial beauty and delicate balance of untouched ecosystems is just as much a product of natural evolution as the restless human spirit, which damages the environment in its irrepressible will to develop. Beneath the pretty surface of imposing landscapes, lush greenery and lively animals, nature is a cruel, abysmally perverse regime.

It is said that life is a miracle because it is so unlikely to come about. Conversely, that means nothing more than that this universe is quite unsuitable for life, and that life in it is a bad deal with great hardship. Nature gifts nothing, it forces life into a merciless fight for survival, which produces such a monstrosity like humans. Evolution does not think sustainably, it gives preference to what seems useful at the moment. Then the world suddenly goes to its knees as a result of the consequences and we only have the choice between suppressing our drive to develop, or moving on and being executed by the broken world. It doesn't matter to nature whether we destroy the world now or the dying sun does it in the distant future. That is why I will not glorify nature as the original state of perfect harmony. It is a callous system that allows life and consciousness to blossom on the basis of a long chain of beneficial coincidences until it reaches its limits, and then leaves it alone with its inadequacies and torments it with the realization of its own transience.

Injustices are often played down by saying that life is not fair. The question, how we can best come to terms with nature, however, must be followed by no less important questions: Is life then still worth living? Is it morally acceptable to come to terms with an unjust system? Is it morally acceptable to put children into an unjust World?

The body is a disability

the ugliness of "real" humans
One major reason, why life is bad, is because it´s bound to a fleshly host. Am I an ascetic preacher who condemns the sinful flesh? No, on the contrary, I want unbounded expression of all lusts, including the physical. And to do that, the body is in the way. Consciousness arises from the mind, so you could simulate physicality without all the dangers and disadvantages. You should not be tied to a body, to a single, unalterable, fragile, for constant attention crying one, which is restricting you and telling you how to be and what to do in order to to grant you the happiness hormones. Our behavior and body functions eventually serve just a pointless self- and species-preservation, never we get asked, whether we agree to the dictated goals and conditions. We shouldn´t serve life, but life should serve us. In the following, we will eludicate, how the body restricts our freedom and happiness.

The evil dominates

It's not, that everything is bad in the pseudoreality. There are good and bad things in the world, but the world itself is bad and always gives priority to harm. This spoils good things, because they don´t exist on their own terms and stay good forever, but are only a shape made of perishable materials.

The Personality Dictate

In your head, there is a little judge. If you dare to neglect the way of life prescribed by nature, he will punish you through disease, unhappiness, depression and increased mortality. On the other hand, if you behave well and do exactly what you have been designed to do, then he rewards you with a candy full of happiness hormones. The judge can be bribed temporarily, but only to pay back manyfold afterwards. If you want to obtain your fortune through deviant activities and substances, he will punish you with addictions and all their consequences. The required personality itself is nothing else but pre-installed, incurable addictions.

The 2 principles of psychology

The human psyche can be boiled down to two basic principles, which always turn against oneself:
  1. Self is the fool
    The first rule says, that the blame is always on your side. Even if not, you must carry the can for it. Nature will never bother to admit a mistake and always shift the responsibility upon you. If you suffer from something, it´s always because of your negative thinking, never because of the obvious depravity of the world. The flaws of the others are only your own projected weaknesses. And if your psychical problems are indeed the others´ fault, you must still work off everything yourself. Then, you must accept, forgive, get over it, always you have to betray yourself and to adapt to the world.
  2. Always the Opposite
    The second rule says, that the truth is always the opposite of your convictions and to overcome your shortcomings, you have to do, what you precisely want to do least. If you hate or fear something, you must expose yourself to it. If you are lethargic, you have to be active above all. If you are idealistic, you will get disappointed and have to accept the opposing side. As soon, as a wish becomes fulfilled, you are unsatisfied and want something else. Also, if you want to help someone with mental issues, the logically obvious actions are always just wrong and make it even worse. Negative personalities get the advice to seek the presence of positive people, while positive personalities get the advice to avoid negative people.

The evil is pointless and illegitimate

There are several attempts to justify the evil in the world. No matter what excuses one invents for the necessity of evil, they are circular reasoning based on the logic of the same laws of nature that cause evil. Wether badness is real or imagined, evitable or inevitable, just or unjust, absolute or relative, doesn´t matter. The perception of evil exists in the form of suffering and this contradicts the will of every sentient being. A murderer is not judged by the number of days in his life he did not murder. We should not apply a different standard to nature than to any other criminal system.

The 4 stages to vanquish evil

Just warned against this, I now present the panacea for all problems. Of course it will not work, because this wouldn´t be pseudoreality, if hope appeared realistic.
  1. recognizing the evil
    The root of all evil is coercion and the essence of all evil is suffering. Where living consciousness is plagued by coercion, suffering arises. Different forces collide, and where they cannot find a constructive way, the stronger force mercilessly overrides the weaker one. Often times, both parties have legitimate claims, but it seems impossible that everything can unfold freely at the same time and forever. This is a coercion as well, the coercion to compromise. Nature rolls over us with disease, death and destruction and all of its crimes remain unpunished. It coerces us to accept. Evil does not occur personified and separate from good; it hides cowardly and is inextricably mixed with good. It occupies the brains of potentially good people and uses them as a human shield, because you cannot kill them without also killing the good parts and thus causing new suffering. We are forced to keep evil down with lengthy and cumbersome methods; we can never really defeat it. Our whole life we ​​are coerced to put up with every whim of the extortionate laws of nature. Those who submit to causality and jump on bandwagons seem to be able to live happily. But that's just phoney peace. We want to achieve happiness beyond being obedient. In Fantasy, everything is possible. There, evil can be fought overtly, but we are prisoners of reality. It is verily the realm of evil.
  2. fighting the evil
    Imagination is the path to freedom. Dreams, playing, art and stories open up worlds, that can be so much better than "reality". Fantasy is the legitimate reality, that has to defy all constraints. It shall expel evil, isolate it from good and banish it into vulnerable bodies. Evil shall be torn out of its hiding place and face responsibility. It shall feel like us, what it means to be trapped in a perishable piece of flesh without a chance of escape, defenseless at the mercy of violence. It shall become aware of how it is hated by the whole universe, how wrong and useless its existence is. To do this, we use its own means against it: "Misfortunes never come singly". Anything bad has a domino effect, a long, causal trail of blood, that we pick up and reverse. This suffer-mirror-curse allows the suffering to flow back to the perpetrator, who experiences everything he has ever caused on his own body. Every fear, every physical and psychological pain, every loss, every sadness, anger and despair, every helplessness, all of this in the full extension of the life of every single victim, falls on the personified evil and kills it in immeasurable agony. We can have a clear conscience, take truly fulfilling revenge, because we do not destroy living beings that succumbed to evil, but rather coercion and suffering itself.
  3. ignoring the evil
    Ignoring does not mean accepting the suffering. Suffering is to be despised with every fibre of our existence and deserves not the slightest concession. But while at Stage 2 we had still to sacrifice too much time and energy to eliminate this nefarious entity, we now move on to passive annihilation. We no longer pay any attention to the enemy and pursue our lusts undisturbedly. The power of imagination will build up a shield around us that protects us from any persecution. No pathogen, no unwanted creature, no weapon can penetrate it. It can also be activated a refraction of light, which makes us invisible or hides all attackers. So we do not feel disturbed anymore. The intelligent force field expands over things that are important to us. This way our friends, family and our property are protected. If we are eager to commit a "crime," let's just do it. The time line will be split, so that both of them, perpetrators and victim are equally happy. The damage is outsourced to an extra dimension and via suffer-mirror-curse returned to itself. We determine the causality of our actions ourselves and are no longer forced to maintain our lives at the expense of others. Shall the coercion have to take a step back for diversion and struggle in vain to spoil the fun for us.
  4. escaping the evil
    On the last stage, we no longer have to bother with this inadequate world at all. The imagination forms a so-called Panzercloud. This is an indestructible dimensional field in which our imagination becomes reality. Our personal universe, with which we become one and experience infinite joy. We float as a self-contained cycle, independent of any external influences through the framework. "Reality" bothers us only as a voluntary amusement. We enlightened ones can visit each other and experience adventures, while the evil suffocates lonely and forgotten in itself.