The encyclopaedia about Schuschinus´ lifework is the heart of this site. Here you find directories and summaries, illustrated descriptions for all aspects of the Schuschiverse, like characters, settings and technologies, as well as exclusive background information and philosophical essays.


◩ This way to Schuschinus´ Youtube channel with milestones of movie history like the Adipositron Saga, the Findelkopf cycle and currently the Essence of Psychology.


◩ Pictures and Gif animations are on Deviantart.


◩ Pictures and Videos. The latter even in better quality, than on Youtube, because it doesn´t seem to get converted, and because I rendered them newly.

Almsbag → Patreon

◩ On patreon you can offer sacrifices, so that I don´t have to waste my life on dirty work and can spend it to make the world more colorful and beautiful with my art.


◩ On tumblr I don´t upload anymore. But the old stuff is still there.


◩ Here you actually should be able to marvel at my 3D models, but there isn´t much to see yet.