Social Criticism

organism of evil
Actually, I want to pursue my hobbies in peace and not bother with the intrusive problems of the evil world. But as a sensitive artist I brood over all sorts of things and freedom of expression is very important to me. So let's dive into the toxic abyss of the socially critical discourse.



Since the human individual was conceived as a herd animal without being asked, it is compelled to bother with other conspecifics and has developed a more or less pronounced social behavior. Since its easily manipulable psyche is not designed for global, sustainable thinking, but still in Stone Age fashion for short-term hunting success and the assertion of one's own clan in a merciless wilderness, it easily breaks under the burden of the modern, complex world in which we are constantly confronted with bad news and its far-reaching consequences.

Comfortable lies of charismatic alpha animals are preferred to logic and self-reliant actions. The seductive power of violence and intimidation as a supposedly quick solution is all too popular. The conflict between the need for self-fulfillment and the need for consideration inevitably leads to social division. The overarching dependencies are a fundamental flaw of the world. Instead of everyone being able to create their own world and interaction only takes place where it is voluntary and beneficial, all living beings are crammed into one world and piss each other off. The law of the strongest or the morst adapted prevails. This ensures the rise of the most ruthless tyrants and their obedient entourage. These determine the social consensus to the chagrin of rational and freedom-loving individuals.

You can't even blame people for their depravity, because it is the consistent result of a fundamentally bad nature. Progress is theoretically possible, but putting it into practice is a tough battle against human nature.


Originally invented to give people more prospects through mutual exchange, economy has developed into a rampant cancer growth of virtual numbers that decides on the weal and woe beyond the actual availability of goods, and which mankind can hardly control. Skilled businessmen wind their way through the dependencies, everyone else is doomed to be their milking cattle. Cash is king and money makes money. Resources are unfairly distributed geographically and individually. The dependencies force you, even apart from personal greed, to do business with tyrants, because the means of production are in their hands. The economy is a monster that needs to be kept running. Every irregularity becomes an existential threat of global proportions.

A free market forces you to be ruthless in order to not end up at the wrong end of the food chain. Great prosperity can only be achieved at the expense of others, and of course those who are particularly greedy and lacking empathy are most successful. The alleged freedom in capitalism is nullified by the unfreedom of nature. You can't choose your personality. People with low business instincts and competitive thinking have drawn the short straw from the start. But when the state tries to distribute fairly and to propagate relinquishment, it fails because of human egoism. Both systems glorify work, but who cannot get rich through work, becomes either a lazy parasite or a political zealot, who hopes for privileges by ingratiating himself with the state and forcing the supposedly selfless worldview on others. In both cases, society is divided into complacent bigwigs and dissatisfied victims. You can try to find a compromise somewhere in between, and usually end up with the worst of both systems: ruthless exploitation like in capilatism and state tutelage like in socialism.


Since in direct barter, not everyone has always the right goods at hand, money was invented as a medium of exchange. Sounds like a good idea, as long as the value is stable and comprehensible, and the opportunities to receive and lose money are fair. But with the invention of low-value coins, paper money and finally book money, the value of money has increasingly moved away from actual, tangible values. Faith in virtual numbers and their manipulation determine the weal and woe of people. The big money has never been made through honest work, but through ominous wheeling and dealing with incomprehensible financial gibberish. This leads to grotesque absurdities, e.g. that waste, idling and detours are more profitable than sustainability. The intended inflation eats up every saved nest egg and is intended to urge you to invest in excessive consumption or obscure investments in order to further stimulate the sick growth. Simply keeping your money until you really need it is not allowed. Only the high-risk, dubious speculations are really profitable, otherwise everything that you have from investments is endless paperwork, because every sales check has to be filed and verified at every traffic light crossing, because legally legitimized thieves lurk behind every hedge to prey upon you or to destroy you juridically, if you deprive them of their undeserved share of the booty.


Nothing is for free in this hostile world. That would still be tolerable, if you were to spend your money mainly on things that really bring you joy and help you advance. But most of the money goes on ungrateful crap like taxes, fees, insurance, repairs. As described in "The evil dominates", you hardly get around to improving your living conditions because you are constantly busy fighting the deterioration. The badness is so overwhelming, that an individual can hardly cope with it, so we have invented division of labor, social services and organizations to distribute the effort accordingly. However, this also means, you have to pay for the incompetence of others. Bloated administrative apparatus, bad management, morbid working conditions, waste, embezzlement and greed for profit, parasites as well as the crazy inflation drive the costs higher and higher, and so our lives are largely shaped by money worries.


First of all, work is a necessary evil. Some are lucky enough to find fulfillment in a necessary activity or skillfully market a useless activity. For others, even fulfilling activities get spoiled, as soon as they are performed under financial coercion. Instead of keeping the necessary evil as small as possible, distributing it fairly and making it as pleasant as possible, the natural dynamic, that the bad always dominates, puts the authority in the hands of the insensitive, who don't mind to sacrifice their lifetime to drudgery and to grind their subordinates. These people rise socially and from their high horse glorify work as a virtue and privilege, with contempt and incomprehension for those who have to do useless and unsatisfactory dirty work. Work is praised as a wonder drug for all problems, and raised from an activity that may be experienced as meaningful to the meaning of life itself, of which no criticism is tolerated. Those who do not perform enough are discriminated against, but what is mainly rewarded is the performance as a pitchman, not the real service to humanity.
It is an old and understandable human dream that machines do the work so that we can devote our time to more beautiful things, leisure, culture and maintaining social contacts. But whenever a free space is created through automation, people are not allowed to enjoy it. The workers are either laid off or have to fill the time with more drudgery and the bigwigs reap the profits. The greed of the few forces everyone else to follow and increase their productivity so that they remain competitive. Even in the digital age, we still toil like mules and instead of being happy that technology makes life easier, you have to fear for your livelihood.

Application - Unculture of Dishonesty

honest application
Job hunting is only for actors and people without self-respect. The whole subject is infiltrated with lies and hypocrisy. It starts with application training. You are told that you should be authentic and individual, and in the same breath they meticulously dictate every detail, from the stilted salutation to sycophantic phrases to the millimeter-precise alignment of the application photo. If you point out the absurdity of this contradiction, you will only encounter incomprehension and aggressiveness. There are countless rules of conduct during the job interrogation, that make it an inhuman, uptight conversation. With sneaky psychological tricks, applicants are sounded out and punished for minor personality flaws. The curriculum vitae already bears in its name the opinion that life is to be equated with work and accordingly it is required that you make your life decisions not according to your own needs, but according to having a flawless CV and to please the job market. Anyone who does not have career as their primary goal in life has to justify themselves everywhere. No wonder that there is often glossing over and fraud.

Employers are also lying. If they advertise their company, you will come across photos of happy people who praise their work as heaven on earth and depict every job, no matter how banal, as a future-oriented career path. In job advertisements, completely exaggerated demands are regularly made, which are later not even needed, in order to scare off ordinary mortals from the beginning and to promote a workaholic cult. Companies that present themselves in a modern way, attract with a pally appearance and cozy sitting areas, but only invade your private life and manipulate you emotionally in order to make you feel guilty if you let the "family" down. In a half-hearted attempt to protect employees from arbitrariness, employers have been forbidden from writing bad things about the person in employment references. That only led to them using a secret code made up of comparatives of positive terms to slander behind your back and to ruin your reputation.

Professionality is an elitist attitude that is careful not to have any points of contact with anything human and imperfect. A polished facade of soulless superficiality and feigned emotion. The icing on the cake is that it´s all accepted completely uncritically. Although everyone knows that not every job is a dream job, that most of the time you only work for the money, and that the whole fawning in job interrogations is insincere, people uphold this web of lies. With euphemistic newspeak, every season young job starters are sworn to their slavery, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.


Live and let live. Politics is contrary to this beautiful guiding principle, because it does not deal with individual decisions, but with questions of the community, where you can never please everyone. Nobody can live without influencing their environment, someone always feels deprived or threatened. Individual decisions have the potential to become a trend and thus a policy. People have the talent to always implement good basic ideas in the worst and most perverted way. That is why trivialities, unlaid eggs and private affairs stir up existential fears and rampant debates. Causality interferes with self-determination.

Politics is inherently ugly, because the "important" topics tend to be the most boring and uncomfortable. That is why it is mainly the boring and most uncomfortable people who feel they are called to politics. Just like in business, you won't get very far with common sense and decency and it's mostly all about money and power. A horde of sleazy lobbyists and demagogues manipulate the lower instincts of the masses for their own ends. As everywhere else, the same applies in politics: the bad will prevail by itself. Therefore, you are always reproached for not being committed enough, as if you were responsible for the stupidity of others or the nature that always promotes badness. Who begins to deal with politics once, will only have sorrows, because despots grow like weeds. And if you don't want anything to do with politics, it insidiously pulls you into its swamp. As soon as you have an opinion on something, you are political and make enemies to yourself, and if you have no opinion or do not make it public, you will be scolded spineless and you make enemies as well.


In their well-meaning intention to regulate everything for us, the legislators always forget that the law itself needs to be regulated so that it does not grow into a confusing forest of paragraphs that even lawyers can hardly see through. Therefore, here are a few basic rules that the design of the law should be based on:

Human Rights

I have no objection to human rights. I have objections where they are too brief or ambiguous.


War is mankind's dumbest invention and everyone who regards militarism and war as a legitimate method of active interest pursuit is a retarded subhuman and a despicable criminal. If it were up to me, the military would be instantly, globally, completely and forever abolished. But here again, the world does not value pacifism. Because the bad always dominates, even a peace-loving majority only needs to be confronted by a few violent barbarians to ruin everything. But there are not just a few, the world is full of warmongers across the borders. Warmongers on this side of the borders take this as legitimation to call sensitive people weak and defenseless, to propagate armament and old-fashioned role models of fighting men and junior-soldier breeding women, as well as the submission of the individual to collective values ​​in favor of common strength. Perhaps it is true that overly individualistic and pacifistic civilizations cannot exist in the evil world, but such a nature that does not appreciate the pursuit of peace and self-determination is also not to be appreciated. I despise this depraved, blood-soaked world and refuse to be part of this machinery.


Dictators, tyrants, despots, autocrats - they are an enormous indictment of society. It is always the same pattern according to which pathetic squirts with a big ego and big voice satisfy their need for admiration. First of all, they lie blatantly and promise quick solutions to problems, most of which consist of stirring up hatred against some scapegoat. The deluded plebs cheers their superficial successes and charismatic presence. Depraved henchmen without honor and morals do the dirty work for them and once their influence is established, it is difficult to get rid of them. They subjugate others with draconian punishments, but believe that they are above the law and are granting themselves more and more privileges. They want to rule everything, but are too cowardly to take responsibility for problems. They cover up their mistakes and suppress criticism, mostly portraying themselves as victims. While well-meaning diplomats endlessly debate and write noble declarations of human rights, nature gives the despots a free ticket for their terror regime.

Leading positions are a point in which a legal regulation is indispensable. Anyone who wants to hold a high political office should regularly have to undergo an aptitude test by independent experts (ironic recommendation: the strictness of the test increases in proportion to the number and qualifications of the required bodyguards). It would be irresponsible if insane fools could come to power through skillful demagogy. The following factors lead to disqualification:


In the distant past, uneducated people explained natural phenomena with myths and magic. From their fallacies they have drawn rules that have become dogmatic institutions of oppression. But even in the age of science, irrational superstition is still widespread. Our consciousness generates an insatiable hunger for life, a feeling of great importance of ourselves, suppresses painful truths and lulls us into the hope of a greater existence beyond earthly life with all sorts of psychological tricks. And one day the universe in its lavish vastness full of undiscovered wonders and untapped potential opens up to this sensitive being: "Tee-hee! You will simply perish."
This is an insult to a sentient being full of curiosity and dreams. Escapism is only consistent in view of this reality, but this usually leads to damage as well. The unstable mind is all too easily fooled into believing every imaginable nonsense and committing every imaginable atrocity in its name.

After neverending consideration, I call myself an agnostic-atheist antitheist with a conditional sympathy for pantheism.

For all the problems they cause, myths, religion and spirituality are still fascinating subjects. The underlying psychology and the mysterious aura of rituals inspire many of my works. Religions produce the most beautiful and impressive architecture because the religious elites want to impress their gods and demonstrate their power to their sheep. Secular buildings are skimpy, but the beauty of our living space should have a high priority for our own sake.


Request for exemption because of listlessness
Bureaucracy is like a school bully lurking around every corner, stealing your lunch, forcing you to do his homework and harassing you when he doesn´t like your hairstyle. Bureaucracy gives you a life full of fears and worries, it interferes everywhere and hardly allows you to make a decision on your own without having to fear that you have overlooked any rules. You think work itself is annoying enough, but how relaxed it would be, if you simply got your money and call it a day. But you also have to see that all of the taxes and insurance are correct. If you are in a boring employment relationship, it may still be semi-automated, but every irregularity in your life causes a huge pile of paperwork. If you have any additional income or financial investments, if you want to be flexible to a certain extent in order to create your own livelihood, the bureaucracy spoils the last bit of vigor because it puts truckloads of obstacles in your way. They send you letters full of cryptic numbers and gobbledygook, you have to do the work of a lawyer and accountant in your well-earned free time, but you are not paid for it, but have to pay for it. If you don't correctly settle even one cent found on the street, you will be criminalized.




Human Relations