coat of arms of House Schuschinus

House Schuschinus

House Schuschinus is formed by the classic characters that were introduced in the Golden Age.


Members of House Schuschinus

Style of the House

The clothing is comfortable in the first place, but has functional and representative aspects, too. Vests and capes with colorful patterns that emphasize individuality are popular. Even if the fabrics are noble, the cut is casual. Storage space is important, so the clothes have many hidden pockets. The hair is often reduced to distinktive tufts or strands. The architecture is nested and rich of ornaments of different styles. It is of warm colors and filled with life. The stylistic motto is maximalism. No bleak walls, but a paradise for explorers.


Golden Castle

◩ ◩ ◩
The Schuschinus family resides in the Golden Castle in the center of the capital Banania. It is a dynamic building that adapts to the wishes of the residents and changes its appearance. The building is simulaneously ancient and mysterious as well as modern and comfortable. It offers pure luxury and adventure. Every Brick has a story, everything is mystically charged. The castle exists in many dimensions. It stands in Banania, while at the same time sitting on the cloud chair. In the basement there is an unfolding room with any number of doors that lead to different versions of the castle, vehicles or other dimensions. The castle hosts the Schuschiversity, the central Interest Center of Hurdelhabadan.

further views of the castle:


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From the inside, the castle offers a wide variety of rooms. Palatial halls, small contorted rooms, stairs and ladders, spacious and narrow corridors. Every room is different and there is so much to discover. Everywhere you can find secret passages and hiding places, ornate architecture and furniture. Any room can be arranged, but the standard configuration includes lobby, large ballroom, cozy living room, panoramic cinema, photo and film studio with various backdrops, holodeck, concert hall/theater, recording studio, pillow fort room, gym, large spa and adventure pool, conservatory, garage / hangar , extensive workshops and laboratories, dining room and kitchen, huge library, art studio, exhibition rooms, curiosity collection, supercomputers, Lego room, Confetti bath, staff and guest quarters, warehouses, haunted room, cellar bar, private cave, catacombs, vault/treasury, portal room, hall of mirrors, office tower with meeting room, bell tower, lookout tower, observatory, lofty attic, walk-in closet, laundry room, golden toilet, cold room, dungeon, torture chamber, armory, engine room, infirmary, stables.


From the outside, the castle offers an overwhelming sight with its filigree architecture, gilded domes and struts. There are overlapping towers and colonnades, bridges, slides, balconies, loggias and roof terraces. The complex includes a showy front yard with statues and fountains, courtyard with tree house and climbing frame, barbecue area, outdoor pool and sports field with arena, green areas with shady groves, mazes, exotic plants, waterfalls and canyons, vegetable beds, greenhouses. Because nature on Hurdelhabadan is intelligent and friendly, it blends harmoniously with the building. Trees, vines and mosses surround the walls without damaging it. The birds are chirping, without flying in the window and shitting all over the place. Cobwebs adorn the cellar vaults, but nowhere does something unhygienic happen.

Defensive Mechanisms

The castle is located in the heart of the Maschinensack Empire, where the power of imagination makes it indestructible. The castle lives, defends and repairs itself. In the default mode alone, the castle has countless watchtowers, loopholes and traps. The already branched and interlaced corridors and spaces change and form an impenetrable maze for unwanted intruders. There is a palace guard. Against massive attacks, there is a retractable fortification wall and a dome force field. The entire castle can fly in the atmosphere and in space, as well as dive into the ocean.

Further Houses

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A palace design in the form of the Maschinensack symbol, the original drawing has been lost. In the Era of Madness, the Golden Castle was renovated and the Apra floor plan was built in.

High Security Bunker

In 1999, the box-shaped building with extreme security mechanisms was built to store a gemstone. In the Era of Great Failures, it was used as a residence for some time.

Banania Towhall

The main building on the market square of Banania is the residence of Baby Banane, which also houses his shop, a treasury and other apartments. Schuschinus also has an office here.

Hotel Schuschinus

Crystal Palace

In 2003, a crystal palace of a similar size was built next to the Golden Castle. It was later moved to another dimension, where it is overlayed with the Golden Castle and functions as an alternate version of the same building. A moss-covered swamp version and a dark, scary version with a lava lake have also been added.

Summer Residence

The mansion is by no means only used in summer, but is called so, because it is located on a lagoon with a private beach. The rooms are linked to the castle. Since Schuschinus is so humble, this masion is actually enough for him, which is why he has recently preferred it as his primary residence and has released the castle as a public educational institution.


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Bosses Sphere

Schuschinus' first personal means of transport was a glass ball, which was introduced in the first comic in 1997. To get in, it splinters and a staircase extends, then it joins together again. It was later used as a personal capsule inside larger spaceships.


Based on the cube technology of the cube planet, discovered in 2001, Schsuchinus constructed a spaceship that was used in the invasion of the Puke Ball.

Loft Bed

The loft bed is mainly used by the 3 children. It is a small, sturdy spaceship that is based on Schuschinus´ old bed. Distinctive features are one or two wing doors, which reveal gun turrets or additional engines. It was later upgraded with Panzercloud technology.

◩ ◩ Ultrabumm I

She entered service in 2003 and was the flagship of the Hurdelhabadan combat fleet in the New Heyday. During that, she has been improved several times. Today she is a museum.

◩ ◩ Ultrabumm II

For the Timefight 2008, a new, much larger Ultrabumm was built .

◩ ◩ Ultrabumm III

A design, that can only be seen in a future vision in the Era of Madness. The plans for this and the two previous models, however, ended up in the Küchenrollenreich and were produced there on the assembly line in inferior but still good quality.

◩ Cloud Armchair

A gigantic carrier ship for the castle, that is in service since the Era of Madness. It allows the transport of the castle without removing it from the home place as it transports the entire dimensional section. It can mimic any shape, but its name comes from the standard configuration, whose bow looks like a chair. The seat is a large viewing platform and leads to the main gate in the backrest.

◩ ◩ ◩ Panzercloud

The Panzercloud is a compression container, which is usable as transformable space ship. It can be designed and extended as you like and encapsulate and link everything, that is important to you. This way, you are at home even on a journey. It became the main means of transport in the Great Bumdom.