timeline overview

New Heyday

In 2003 the situation improved. Although Schuschinus still harped on about old topics, the pictures had more momentum and freshness again and soon things were really looking up. New comics with independent stories and characters emerged, the original canon was pushed forward without rehashes. It was decided to approve everything old as canonical, including the Era of great Failures, and not to botch up existing works afterwards, but to incorporate them into the new stories by means of references. The New Heyday lasted until 2009 and is sometimes called the 271 Era because No. 271 was the first new main character that was developed over the whole time and made his last appearance in "The Tournament".

The horniness now really set in, which motivated Schuschinus to learn to draw people more realistically. The intensive input of new knowledge and experience gave a powerful boost to the development of the worldview and productivity reached a peak. In 2008 Schuschinus really got into digital art. He acquired the knowledge and skills to make animated films and finally try out all of the visual effects that fascinated him so much.

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Artistic Development

Transition Time (2003)

◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩
The precise style coming from the Era of Continuations got more color. New inspirations came in and more self-confidence was regained. The transition was complete with the comic "Dr. Alkohol". At the same time, people began to be drawn more realistically. The previously rather stocky bodies have become slimmer with more clearly recognizable joints and detailed clothing with an individual fashion.

Important sources of inspiration:

Culsit-Era (2004)

◩ ◩
Named after the first in a series of new antagonists, this period is characterized by a quick, unclean style, which sets it apart from the compulsive nature of the previous era. There was a lot of catching up to do, we wanted to move forward and not spend too much time thinking about it. Through the manga style we approached to draw human faces, which, however, immediately took on an individual development. The comics became longer, had more thematic diversity and character development overarching multiple comics.

Important sources of inspiration:

Bioborg-Era (2005-2006)

◩ ◩ ◩
It was noticeable that a lot of paper was used in the Era of great Failures, because so much was discarded and started over. This should now be different, drawings have become very small and dense. Every corner of the paper was used. The style became cleaner again, the backgrounds more detailed and the colors extraordinarily colorful and bright. The Bioborg crisis gave the period its name, whose comic depiction is considered the culmination of this style. Comics were now jumping between topics and treated many characters in parallel. The plots were less self-contained explorations of one topic than interwoven sub-stories designed to be continued.

Important sources of inspiration:

Plagi-Era (2007-2009)

◩ ◩ ◩
Paper should be saved further, but not at the expense of the actual purpose of the images. A sensible use of the drawing surface is not to pack it as tightly as possible, but to give the picture enough space. Therefore the drawings gradually became more generous again. With the Plagi, new opponents were introduced .In a new Timefight comic, the storylines built up in the Heyday found their grandiose showdown. During this time the genre "Carnage Porn" was founded, which is devoted to the representation of sex and violence in great detail. Because I can! With the skills one has acquired to draw people and all the youthful vigor to question taboos.

◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩
In addition, digital art really got going. Schuschinus was particularly motivated by the possibility of making animated films, which is why flip books lost their importance. With limited resources for the time being, all possible effects that had fascinated Schuschinus over the years were tried out. The series Adipositron was created as an experimental playground. Schuschinus already made his first experiences with 3D software here, but using it turned out to be too cumbersome. The capabilities of 3D CGI have always been appealing, but while it was new and exciting in the 90s, it was now overused in movies. Schuschinus went through his CGI-is-shit phase and initially focused on 2d animation and practical effects.

Important sources of inspiration:

Historical Events

Table explanation:
partially colored
fully colored
¹ main plot (Comics that advance the story of Hurdelhabadan or the House of Schuschinus)
² side plot (Comics whose actions have little impact on the fate of the Schuschiverse)
³ good old showing comic (Comics that are primarily there to sensually exploit a certain situation without advancing the plot considerably)
title year page count content comment
Transition Time
Dr. Alkohol¹ 2003 57 In addition to his work as a doctor, Dr. Alkohol procures organs and various components for his patientoid army. First he sews body parts together manually, later he uses a casting process and cloning for mass production. He is repeatedly confronted with the F police. In the increasingly fierce fighting, Dr. Schlorz escapes from the dungeon of the prosthesis salesman. He causes additionel trouble, but is eventually killed. Inspiration: various cyborg villains.
Culsit Era
no title (mixed carnage)³ 2004 13 Thrown together topics. The beginning is based on a dream in which Lego spaceships are fighting in the school yard. Elements from different films are added. Eseki's army joins the Msäcke and they fight the Frms. Finally, Schuschinus beats up the computer because it is malfunctioning. Inspiration: Shadows of the Empire, Megaman, Ohranger
no title (cae race)³ 2004 7 An effortless parody of Mario Kart. Not important for the main story. Inspiration: Mario Kart, flight simulator
JAKA¹ 2004 54 The Servants of Dumpling kidnap a nameless character during their missionary work. He is trained under No. 83 and is given the name No. 271. The Jaka, a Msack sword fighting school, smashes the sect. Mrs. Gruff and Dumpling flee. No. 83 and No. 271 then join the Culsits, an evil sword fighting cult on the cemetery moon Crehenal, and form an alliance with the Frms. The weak leader quickly falls and they take over the leadership of the cult. They move the headquarters of the Culsits to the Hidolon Palace, attack the Jaka and also deal with the remaining Servants of Dumpling. No. 271 secretly forges an alliance with the treacherous Seki princess Elektronika. In a decisive battle, No. 83 is killed. The Culsits kidnap some Jaka members. During a rescue operation in the Hidolon Palace, No. 271 opens a portal to the Land of the Wicked with the help of Elektronika. The Jaka succeeds in closing the portal with the Snek. The palace is destroyed, No. 271 and Elektronika escape. The Jaka celebrates victory. The PC Game Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was the main inspiration for this comic.
no title (interlude)¹ 2004 24+8 - The action takes place parallel to Jaka. Schuschinus loots the Tetysokawa crown and shows the Frms once again who is the boss. On Jagori Nedagor, the Power Bubis fight the cool villains. The villain Iron Pear takes his scepter with him to the grave, which will be of importance later. Meanwhile, the Kugelkreuz has built a new base on Nedagor. The Culsits ally with them. The Jaka is attacking the base and a lot of people are participating for fun. Bagar, the first of 8 Concept Earls dies at the hands of Amiro.

Tefan fights the mafia at a gym. The Explorers explore the crocodile tree forest and discover a Sagulian temple that also becomes important later.

These are several short comics with experimental plots, but they are important.

Inspiration: Bionicle Rahkshi; Jedi Academy multiplayer mode; Super Sentai; Jackie Chan

no title (Borg)²³ 2004 23 The Borg fail to assimilate Frms because they suck. There is fighting. Dyrb is on some planet. He flies to the Wenodu station. Schuschinus shoots a gulbs bomb on Borg City. Comic discontinues. This is again a good old showing comic with negligible importance for the canon. But Dyrb is introduced, who has a few more appearances.
no title (Schbacke Sheriff)²³ 2004 7 A space sheriff fights the Mechnakinoids, the next evolutionary stage of the tin can fighters.
no title (Carnage)²³ 2004 50 The Explorers are exploring graves on Crehenal. They discover mummified earthworms. An energy-crystal quarry on Hurdelhabadan is under attack by the Culsit-Frm Alliance. Thereby No. 271 is hit by a cutting disc that splits him into his good personality before the brainwashing through No. 83 and his current bad personality. The 3 children take the train to a fight with the mechnakinoids. A Jaka student slaughters Frms in a butcher's shop. Then they do a chase through an F-city, in which a lot gets destroyed. His teacher Tefan joins him and it is destroyed even more. In the end the whole city burns. They fly home, but the Frms immediately start a campaign of revenge. In front of the gates of the Golden Castle there is a battle that takes on Timefight-like proportions. It expands into space, destroying 2 Jagori moons. Here you can see part of the galaxy carrier ship for the first time. Then corpses are swept up and the injured are patched up again. Inspiration: a plushie battle with gogos as energy crystals; a newspaper article about the brutality in a certain TV crime drama; the Blues Brothers chases
no title (Wizardry)²³ 2004 16 First we see petty everyday magic in a school. In a cemetery, Juliak gains great strength with the help of his servant Maggot Cock and extensively demonstrates his malice. He is beaten by Schuschinus and is then as weak as before. A showing comic based on Harry Potter.
no title (playing cards)³ 2004 40 Excessive card games with lengthy explanations of moves according to inconsistent rules that are boring to read today. Inspiration: Yugioh
Bioborg Era
The Bioborg Crisis¹ 2005 54 The Frms attack the Seki. They can be repelled, but Elektronika takes power in their castle and forms her new army from a horde of bandits. She has a skyscraper built. No. 271 is rejected by her for the time being. The Jaka sends Kalana to examine the skyscraper. She fights her way up the computer game-like floors and duels at the top with Elektronika. It drives a platform up into the sky to reach the "level of light", where Elektronika wants to steal a magical brick that the Msäcke had recovered in the first comic. But the level of light is absolutely burglar-proof and the skyscraper collapses. The duel continues as the debris sinks into the lava; Electronics falls into the lava and freezes. She is freed by her henchman, the blue wolf.

Meanwhile, a plague is spreading in the Cadaver Colony, from which people mutate into misshapen monsters and then crumble. Kradolni brings a dose of antidote, he sends his girlfriend Anela to get more supplies. It succeeds and the plague is cured, but No. 271 attacks the Cadaver Colony. He has spread the plague here and is supported by the Bioborg, which are people who have become unwilling slaves by the plague. Anela is caught and made compliant with the other method. The Bioborg have set up a space station in the asteroid belt and are under the control of Elektronika. The Msäcke start an offensive, but cannot do much. No. 271 fends them off with his new flagship, but is secretly intriguing. Kradolni saves Anela unspectacularly. Elektronika steals the "rain barrel", a large Gidde tank. The Msäcke corner her, of course there is a fight and everything explodes. In the process, Elektronica is dissolved by the Gidde and takes the form of a liquid monster. She is captured with a compression cube and disposed of.

No.271 is in the process of burning out remaining Bioborg hiding spots. This leads to a duel with the blue wolf. Because No. 271 has only half a soul because of the cutting disk, he inadvertently fuses with the wolf. In the chaos that follows, No. 271 changes his fusion partner to Elektronica, who is not dead after all, because part of her liquid has escaped. Blue wolf is killed by Anela. Kradolni gets command of a spaceship, with which he flies off to curb the increasing number of aspiring villains.

Inspiration: Hotwheels animated series; Battlestar Galactica; The Legend of Zelda; Starfox Assault; water splashing in the garden; Spaceballs; Coral plague from PR in Space
no title (Metal Arm Qlickque)² 2005 12 Leht´s Qlickkque performs an initiation ritual for a new member when an enemy gang attacks. They fight until dawn. Then they fuck. The next evening they fight in the fuck disco and fuck until morning. Leht is attacked on the way home. They go to the evil Qklickque and fight in their hiding place. The bad guys kidnap a member of the good Qlickkque. The booty is supposed to be sold to the Tussis, another evil gang, but they clash. There is another fight on a yacht, on a shipwreck and a railway bridge, with the leader of the Tussis being run over. But she was only the leader of a local group. The evil gang goes to war against the good clicue. A showdown takes place in a junkyard. After the big brawl, they fuck. The beginning of this comic is a remake. A similar scene was drawn a few years earlier, inspired by an idiotic test of courage in a soap opera. The original is lost.
Sdar Fors 2005 12 Kradolni and his crew help the Atalar repel villains. He also encounters Bioborg remains and the descendants of No. 271, W19 and 272ä. They then receive an emergency call from the Kedalse. There they meet Dyrb. Then the D'mar and the Gongurai fight each other. Inspiration: Starfox Assault, a trading card magazine, Klingons
Tü Wa Hoch² 2006 20 Alien skirmishes bring Tofu to the beach at Divertikelhaven, where she was picked up by the Tüwahoch, a water fight club. They celebrate and fight against pirates in a paradisaic setting. This is also where the belly ball fever begins. The comic is based on the idea of spicing up uninteresting TV series about teenage surfers with sex and violence. A few elements from One Piece also flowed into it.
no title² 2006 8 Workers rebel on a gas giant. A lighter is lit and the whole planet blows up. Apritschis, the boss of the gas mine and the second of the 8 Concept Earls, is killed. On the nothing-place, some guys are dueling, including 2 descendants of no. 271. Then there is more unimportant action with mechas on an unthought-out planet. Inspiration: Stargate; Dragonball Z.
no title (Ahoniag)² 2006 34 ◩ ◩
Schuschinus has commissioned a new spaceship from the pine cones, the "bread knife". On the maiden flight they meet the Frms, who - what a coincidence - also have a new type of ship. Both ships are not yet fully operational, so there is only a small trial of strength and not a battle of annihilation. The fused No. 271 and Elektronika return and immediately start to stress again. Ahoniag, a hermaphrodite with an yet unknown background, opposes them with a few allies. The fusion gets broken up by force. A puddle of gidde of Elektronica remains, No. 271 disappears without a trace. Ahoniag and Anela visit Kradolni, who is currently on the galaxy carrier ship. He shows them the huge launch pads when - what a coincidence - an evil carrier ship appears with a galaxy that consists only of black holes. Because the shelling of the ship is too dangerous because of the black holes, Ahoniag flies off with a small ship and sucks the whole galaxy away with a vacuum cleaner.

After a detailed duel between JAKA members and throwaway villains, a dealer wants to acquire the head of No. 271, which is in the possession of the skull collector. When he doesn't want to sell it, the dealer violently steals his head. The skull collector is treated by Dr. Alkohol. He has developed a new procedure to regenerate the body (beginnings of the Ykmi Ycer program). They are testing the procedure on a severed head that the skull collector found on a battlefield. This becomes Y5. The dealer brings No. 271's head to Neiktah, third of the Concept Earls. She mounts the head on a primitive machine body, with which No. 271 is not satisfied. He kills Neiktah. Y5 overpowers No. 271 and the dealer named H8 and hands them over to the skull collector. To make amends, H8 is supposed to get him the skull of Tetysokawa, an ancient relic. They fly to Ziukk, where the skull - what a coincidence - is exposed as a prize in a race. They win the skull, which turns out to be a fake. The skull collector then remembers that he found the real thing a few years ago and had forgotten that. He digs out the real skull and it's examined. Traces of a vision are found that prove that Schuschinus is the chosen one.

Originally 2 comics that were merged. Inspiration: Terminator; Battle Angel Alita; Jedi Academy; Lego spaceships
Power Bubis Kugsa² 2005-2006 20 First, the Power Bubis fight mechnakinoids. Elsewhere, Gluceotaztal, fourth of the Concept Earls, tries to subjugate the Lettuce, a related species of pine cones. When he is defeated in battle, he teleports to Chesrella. Eiruccul, a hero of the Lettuce follows him with his abandoned spaceship. The ship is shot down by Mechnakinoids over Hurdelhabadan, the Power Bubis salvage it from the sea and it continues to Chesrella, where Gluceotaztal already has a new army. After much slaughter, Eiruccul kills Gluceotaztal. Inspiration: Power Rangers; Stargate
News from the Stress Man² 2006 6 The Stress Man goes to a business meeting and makes a lot of phone calls. But he has to go straight back because he has an intern. He instructs him in the fine art of stamping. Then he has to conduct application interrogations for the position of skilled mechanics for cellulose product cutting technology specializing in Presolak forms. After he has decided on the most listless candidate in line with the company's philosophy, he shows him the fully automatic shredder and sends him on vacation until he can pick up his pension notification. Then he devotes himself to his beloved stress again. An ambitious applicant, whom he had turned down, is now at the office building across the street and snatches all the orders from the stress man. He goes to the boss (Schuschinus), who takes care of it. With a wordless video call, all problems are solved. The stress man clocks off and falls asleep in his parked car.
Battle Swidder Ahoniag² 2006 14 Segnikogan, king of the hermaphrodites and fifth the Concept Earls wants to destroy all single-sex people and win Ahoniag for his cause. But he doesn't want to. The sperm-driven spaceship of Segnikogan is put out of action with impotent radiation. It crashes on Selebaya and Segnikogan appears to be dead.
The Big Bang Bomb¹ 2006 15 A tourist flies on vacation, but the flight turns back because the target planet is besieged by the Frms. Schuschinus helps this and 2 other planets to victory. Then the Frms want to blow up half the universe with a bomb. Msack spies report the news to Schuschinus. He decides to steal the bomb and remove it from the universe. In order for the bomb to be sent into absolute nothing at all, a dimensional field generator must be installed, which increases the explosive power by an entire universe. The Frms notice that they are going to kill themselves too, so they want to get rid of the bomb. They send it away with an unmanned spaceship, which Schuschinus intercepts. The bomb is successfully sent into nowhere and explodes there. The Msäcke discover that they have just triggered the Big Bang. Juliak calls Schuschinus to mock him and to boast of himself with the construction of the bomb and with it the creation of the universe. A henchman informs him that they didn't build the bomb themselves, they stole it. Schuschinus' research reveals that the bomb was stolen from a scrap dealer on Ziukk. Here they find the construction plans and a letter that Schuschinus wrote to himself. In it he explains that he built the bomb in the future and sent it to the past.

Elsewhere: A rich snob uses a magnet to direct an iron-containing asteroid onto the planet in order to collect the insurance for his villa. He is sentenced to clean the planet from dust. Angry about the bomb, the Frms attack Hurdelhabadan. Critical increase of debris in orbit. Schuschinus fends off the Frms by telepathically raining the debris on them. Ednorpo has reached an agreement with the cool villains to help the Msäcke in the fight against the Frms.

Plagi Era
Pre-Timefight I¹ 2007 36 A team of volunteers goes to Crehenal to fight the Concept Earls Rährch and Hgnul (6th and 7th of 8). With Eseki's help they hunt them down, but Sekinee, last of the Concept Earls attacks as well. She is betrayed and murdered by her scribe Kafilteris, who soaks up the powers of all dead Concept Earls. There is a battle in the tombs. Kafilteris dies. The galaxy carrier ship is placed on top of the Yotasott, a 14 million light year large robot. The good 271 has half a machine body because half of it was destroyed when the bad 271 died. Schuschinus founds the Vrehnkansloriprok Alliance. The representative of the space Russians Khrochsizhtsovk is replaced by a corrupt successor. It turns out that Riehy is pulling the strings. In the following battle, No. 271's remaining body is destroyed and Riehy is killed. In his debut, Appinelli insults snobs and nobles in order to win them over to the alliance. No. 271 receives a complete machine body that is covered with skin. The Yotasott goes to the edge sea of ​​the universe, where the Yotasott is reflected. There's a lot of chaotic action that doesn't have a significant impact. This is the peak of the Stargate-inspired Concept Earls. The inspirations contributed by Oban Star Racers series are effectively small, but feel significant because they are associated with the parallel PZO.
The Plagi Plaque¹ 2007 72 ◩ ◩
The Plagi, a religious empire from a parallel universe, falls into the Schuschinverse. While in other places small problems like the mild detergent embargo on Newisolon III are discussed, the plagiarism brings suffering and death to all who do not want to convert. An enigmatic Plagi appears here and there and is very, very enigmatic. The Frms ally with the Plagi and turn their backs on their previous instrumental god Woherej. The Vrehnkansaloriprok Alliance is resolutely opposed to them. Schuschinus instructs the Explorers to look for 7 pieces of a stone with the help of which the main base of the Plagi can be removed from the Land of the Wicked. The Vrehnkansaloriprok Alliance is launching a major attack. Research shows that the Plagi developed from discarded hosts of the Concept Earls, who can only be defeated with the quadricepter or the medalgus mask. Schuschinus sends his men out to find the 4 parts of the scepter. The enigmatic Plagi turns out to be the wearer of the medalgus mask behind which the Woherej is hidden. He turns against the Plagi. Schuschinus penetrates the Plagi fortress with the scepter and kills the Woherej.

Some time later in DadaNo, the hereafter of the Warriors, Riehy and Woherej fuse to Wohyrie, creating dimensional cracks through which Viuh, a previously killed warrior, escapes and reports to Schuschinus. He distributes the 4 sceptres to different dimensions of the Golden Castle and uses a key hidden in the gold head of the second Timefighte that has not been staged, to open the magical brick on the level of light. This gives Viuh armor that combines the powers of the 7-part stone, the quddricepter, the gold head and the magical brick. Since Wohyrie destabilizes the universe, Schuschinus also uses the universal stopper. He sends Viuh back to DadaNo to attack Wohyrie directly while he is conducting a remote duel himself. During the fight, DadaNo tears apart and Wohyrie gets into this world. He destroys the supports of the universal stopper, the core of which is transformed into the Ultrauniversott. This defeats Wohyrie, but the Sott is destroyed , except for the head, which in turn turns into a Sott.

The Plagi are ripped off from the Ori from Stargate SG-1. Medalgus is inspired by a scene from the film "Die Elixiere des Teufels". A film that one only involuntarily consumes in school, but with a keener receptivity for little things due to a lack of expection, I was impressed by this scene. Further inspiration: The Legend of Zelda; Oban Star Racers; Starship Troopers; a trading card magazine;
Yakami Girl² 2007 66 Parallel to the events of the last comic: The Ykmi Ycer program is now going into production. Bred super warriors, who can regenerate, fight various villains. They meet Leah, who is extremely vain and bloodthirsty. Everyone dies in the slaughter and get to DadaNo just before it is destroyed by Wohyrie. Leah kills everyone again, robs them of the Ykmi Ycer power and comes back to life when DadaNo falls. She actually comes from the future and is now visiting her younger self, which seems to be Dumpling, in order to exploit her as a spare parts store for lost body parts. Dumpling escapes. Then she meets Nell, who wants to help her as a pastime. Leah takes advantage of her and wants to kill her in the end, but Nell takes drugs that give her equal powers. When their attempts to kill each other are unsuccessful, they go their own ways. This comic established the genre "carnage porn". Inspiration: Gunnm; Wraith; Porn;
Pre-Timefight II¹ 2007 48 ◩ ◩ ◩
No. 271 and his brother Brunz hunt villains. No. 271 is completely destroyed, but even in pieces he continues to fight. War and chaos are breaking out all over the universe. A few people are building a defense program called "red knight" against hackers, but the program is too strong and paralyzes almost all computer systems in the universe. But Schuschinus was involved in the plan and converted his fleet to organic operation in good time. However, the virus does not affect the Frms because their technology is too primitive. Neutral space stations are distributed throughout the universe. Schuschinus occupies them all and aligns them to a ban seal. But on a different timeline, the Frms conquer all space stations and set up the counter-seal. On yet another timeline, the Neutrals form the seal of compensation. Schuschinus forms a 4th seal, thereby splintering the universe.

No. 271 is now just metal swarf, but chases Leah to a base of the bad guys and reports to Schuschinus. He immediately sets off with an army and arrives at a tower. Viuh is pulverized while attempting to destroy the tower. Schuschinus takes over the armor and strengthens it with the powers of the 4 seals. They manage to penetrate the shield, but there is a huge explosion. Instead of killing, Schuschinus absorbs the energy and rises to the form of light. Juliak attacks the Golden Castle. In a duel, Schuschinus kills Juliak, whose blood is the essence of evil, which is secured by Schuschinus. Then all the villains prepare for war. Schuschinus calls out the Timefight.

Inspiration: Terminator; Computer Games Robin Hood und Castle Strike
Timefight part 1¹ 2008 74

chapter 1: Waaar!

A fleet of 998 647 sexdecillion Hurdelhabadan battleships clashes with 64 times as many Frlandian ships. The space Russians come to help in the invasion of a snow planet. Pacystulario, governor of the 500th generation of the Eunkle Harion Empire, demands that the Msäcke hand over the essence of evil that Schuschinus drank for safekeeping. He hands it over. Pacystulario thus recreates DadaNo in order to extract more of the essence of evil from the fallen warriors. Schuschinus unites his armed forces with those of Eseki, and uses the Eunkle Harion Empire as a buffer against the Plagi who have allied themselves with the Culsits.

chapter 2: 271 times immortal

◩ ◩ ◩
Meanwhile, No. 271 ascends to the light form and runs amok. Pacystulario turns out to be too weak to control the essence of evil, so it is transferred to the goddess of devastation, who takes over the Eunkle Harion Empire and joins the Plagi. The Frms also submit to her because she bears the essence, the blood of Juliak.
With the help of Appinelli, Ahoniag asserts his claim to the throne of the hermaphrodites and leads his people into revolt against the Plagi. No. 83 returns from the realm of the dead as the new leader of the Plagi and accepts his disciple No. 271 again. An army of 12 million bad guys marches across the endless swamps. Schuschinus confronts them with 4 million. The Plagi destroy the hermaphrodite planet Dönhe, whereupon the hermaphrodites join Schuschinus in the swamps. Since the bad guys use a tactic that is superior to any other tactic, the Maschinensäcke win by fighting with no tactic. No. 271 turns against his master and flees. But the 12 million bad guys were just victims for a ceremony to unleash the essence of evil.
Schuschinus and a few of his people let themselves be captured by the Frms in order to get on one of their base ships and riot there. No. 83 crowns himself supreme plagiarist and sends another fleet towards the Galaxy City, which knows how to defend itself.

chapter 3: Fucked

The high council of the Plagi refuses to acknowledge No. 83, whereupon he brings all plaginals to heel by the other method. He goes to Crehenal with the Goddess of Devastation to complete the ceremony. While another 24 million are being sacrificed in front of the gates of the Crystal Palace, Schuschinus joins in, fucks the goddess and neutralizes the essence of evil with his cum. Then he kills all plaginals and No. 83. Schuschinus´ research department has found that an infinitely powerful laser can be directed so that it shines through the universal mosaic in such a way that it hits all neutral space stations and breaks the seal. They also complete the big bang bomb and send it to their target time by time mail.
Inspiration: Star Wars Battlefront; 300; Youtube Claymation; Macross; Final Fantasy 12 Cutscenes; Star Trek DS9; Stargate SG1;
Timefight part 2¹ 2008 72

chapter 4: The perversion of war

Schuschinus instructs Appinelli to fetch Nell. On a 2nd timeline, Appinelli stays with the Castle to help with the defense. In Divertikelhaven, the members of the Metal Arm Qlickque and the Tü Wa Hoch are embroiled in extremely bloody battles. The world championship belly ball team also joins them. They recapture the Wall Corner taken by the Frms with heavy losses.

chapter 5: Time for private matters

The few survivors regroup and meet Nell. They leave the area overrun by the bad guys and drop a gulbs bomb to clean everything on the ground. But their spaceship is attacked from the air and crashes. Then they take a break and have fun with arguments and sex. After everyone but Nell have died, Appinelli arrives and picks her up.

chapter 6: How Ahoniag came to Dönhe.

They make some stops to bring in a few people. Meanwhile, Ahoniag refuels his spaceship at the abandoned cum factory, and a Frms bomber squadron is on its way to the big city. Dr. Alkohol sends his breeding army to the defense. Ahoniag reaches the Hermaphrodite planet Dönhe, which is occupied by the Plagi, and sneaks into the palace. In orbit, Kradolni's ship is destroyed by the Plagi. He and his crew are compressed into diamonds in a black hole.
Part 2 takes place at the same time as Part 1, but deals less with strategically important major events and more with the experiences of individual people in the great carnage.

Inspiration: Battle Angel Alita; Youtube Splatter Compilationen; Larp;

Timefight part 3¹ 2008 78

chapter 7: Offensive on Stesy 815

The Big Brain Club is enjoying a lecture on the status of the Timefight, which they see as a strategy game. There the breeding program of a biological weapon is reported. Captain Nietdorsch destroys infested star systems, but star system 815 is only partially contaminated by the Frms, so he starts a ground offensive. Over the supremacy in a city is fought with extreme brutality. When the last Msack prisoners blow themselves up to spare the Allied attackers their rescue, the Msäcke no longer have any reason to proceed cautiously. The whole city is razed to the ground from the air. General Wlaht Ültült and a Plagior escape and join the invasion of the galaxy city. Duke Harald Hurgald fights here, but moves away to Stesy 22631 to save his daughter. Scenes from different locations.

chapter 8: Against the Cool Villains

The Hurdelhabadan Explorers reach the "cumbersome programming", the sister ship of the "simple programming", where the laser is supposed to be hidden, but the ship is destroyed. Schuschinus gives Ahoniag an update on Apozohoniag and sends him on a mission to Jagori Nedagor. All Power Bubis have gathered there to fight the Cool Villains. Ahoniag fights his way through many opponents to the Advocate of Exponentiality, whom he kills with a proportional stroke. He returns to Schuschinus, exchanges the Apozohoniag power for the liquid sword and then goes on a new mission.

chapter 9: The cycle of killing

The Explorers report on the loss of the laser; Schuschinus quickly builds one himself and adjusts it with a sense of proportion. Ahoniag arrives at Xer00, the gidde planet that has its solid state. He's liquefying the entire planet and forming an army of Gidde warriors. Schuschinus goes to DadaNo, where the fallen bad guys find refuge and slaughters them all again. At the same time his flying Castle is shot down and stormed by 1 billion Frms. Schuschinus splits into two selves to slaughter on both fronts. The gods of Hurdelhabadan and numerous old acquaintances help. General Wlaht Ültült is killed. Ahoniag is on the way to the castle and has victoriously ended the space battle from the beginning. Due to the great slaughter, DadaNo shatters and the essence of evil spills into this world, where it brings the dead back to life. But these are immediately killed again in order to spill back as essence and start the cycle all over again. The front is also drawing closer in space. Schuschinus fuses with the gods and sweeps away all enemies. The dam to DadaNo breaks completely and a huge tidal wave of evil pours over the planet. Ahoniag reaches Hurdelhabadan and rains down his Gidde warriors, neutralizing the essence of evil. But the mixture turns into water and everything sinks into the sea. The enemy space fleet races into the camouflaged astroid belt and is almost completely destroyed in the process. The remaining ships retreat when they hear of the defeat on the planet. After that, the whole universe is in ruins and Hurdelhabadan is in the age of the Posete. But the Frms are not completely destroyed and will return.
The comic's finale initially had an open ending and was continued in "The Tournament". Since this was unworthy for the Timefight, it was extended and the tournament is now an alternative timeline.

Inspiration: Saving Private Ryan; Star Wars Battlefront; Super Sentai; The force unleashed; a Concept Art Calendar;


Animated films became the second main artistic Expression alongside comics. But they are only loosely linked to the comic canon and initially little decisive for the epoch-making attitude to life. That is why, and also because there is enough material for a standalone article, the films are not listed here. See Adipositron.

Slave Status

Still at the secondary school, it went its usual course. Then there was the horror called internship. Even if you only sit around and watch at a student internship like this, it showed how abnormal it is to work. Just the degrading application alone, in which you have to beg for work, and then the retarded discussions of the boring adult zombies. The whole idolatrous work cult, which to criticize is the modern equivalent of blasphemy, went against Schuschinus' most basic attitude to life. He never wanted to be a slave. He was an artist who valued freedom and leisure, a visionary, destined for higher goals. Therefore, he decided have holidays as long as possible, even if they were interrupted by annoying school again and again.

After this school, the next level school was made up for two years. As always, the changeover was uncomfortable and associated with many fears, but the students here were less anti-social and the lessons more substancial. There weren't any friends here either, but we still met up with the old buddy. Overall, suboptimal, but better than drudgery, that's why Schuschinus proceeded another 3 years with Abitur. Another unpleasant change of environment and the new school was further away, but in retrospect the following 3 years are among the most fruitful. Learning input, productivity, mental performance and physical fitness were at their zenith, emotions were more present and were analyzed more thoroughly. The philosophy of life was greatly expanded and refined. The artistic work had an intense connection with new experiences and one's own past. Everything felt right and well connected and were significant to the canon. The classmates were rather pleasant, there was even successful social interaction, which led to Schuschinus studying the computer in much more detail, discovering digital art for himself and finally entering the long-awaited field of filmmaking. The private learning curve increased. The school had negligible art classes, an insult to Schuschinusses genius. During this time, Schuschinus suffered for the first and only time a hormonal emergency situation, which was impossible to satisfy due to his social incompetence, and was therefore compensated with Project Target Object, a large-scale espionage operation.

Even if the school was a bit more fun here and contributed to productivity, the inadequate school system should not be glorified and certainly work and social interaction should not be legitimized simply because they were determined by nature as inevitable for personal development. The learning itself and the social contacts were enriching, but the circumstances under which it took place left a lot to be desired. The excessive number of exams and the artificially dramatized final exam were a waste of time and energy with no sustainable benefit, and there was still incompetence and injustice on the part of some teachers.

At home, Grandma became more and more frail and listless and eventually perished. This was a loss for the role-playing games, which were always so inspiring, and the first time that the shameful transience with its ruinous claws touched the sacred close environment. But even alone, important games were still staged. At Grandpa there was still lunch and a patient ear for any nonsense, even if it went in here, out there.

Philosophical Development

During this time, interest in philosophy and psychology was aroused. Part of this is also the excellent philosophy class given by a capable teacher, which unfortunately was far too short. In addition to the beef book, we now also wrote the maschinensack Necronomicon, which contained information on the Schuschiverse, thought experiments and socially critical texts. It is to be regarded as the forerunner of the Enyklopaedia Hurdelhabadanica. Schuschinus now primarily blamed the social system for the state of the world. While there was unrestrained swearing in the beef book, In the Msack Necronomicon a variety of considerations were made to fathom the evil and also to come up with counterproposals. The texts were initially very immature, but when writing down and demonizing various coercive situations, the essence began to emerge: Coercion are the root of all evil. Freedom and self-fulfillment are the path to happiness.

The Schuschinus in the comics got more to do. He now appeared as an invincible savior, who had long since had a plan in his pocket for every problem and who swept away his enemies with condescending ease. His demeanor was sometimes portrayed as arrogant and sarcastic. This may be a reaction to the fact that Schuschinus was more concerned with his personality and realized that he is anything but an assertive alpha male. He was aware of his soft core, but neither wanted to make himself vulnerable nor to adapt to the demands of the world. In the pseudo-reality, he wore the mask of the unapproachable outsider, who admittedly stands by his eccentricity, but at the same time acts as a serene cynic to shield himself from emotionality. The comics were a mirror of this attitude, which was felt to be authentic at the time, supplemented by the sovereignty and quick-wittedness that Schuschinus wished to have. Another factor is his sensitive sense of justice. The pseudoreality is unfair without any measure anyway, but the media also often showed torn protagonists and villains who were judged unsatisfactorily. Hurdelhabadan should be the unassailable refuge of justice and a clear conscience. The Frms were now the epitome of evil and Schuschinus smashed them as they deserved.