Logo of House Schuschinus, representative for the Maschinensäcke, which do not have any uniform Logo


The highly developed people of Hurdelhabadan are a community of enlightened beings who have overcome the constraints of the laws of nature and can shape the world with their imagination. They are telepathically gifted and use their full creative potential for art and science. They indulge in lusts of all kinds and enjoy every activity to the highest degree. So they have created an advanced culture with the most magnificent and diverse forms of expression. Since they can bend the causality in their favor, there is no crime among them. You can do everything without creating harm. Life is a game that serves to maximize joy, adventure and insight. There is an ideal combination of a relaxed, harmonious feel-good atmosphere and stimulating creative chaos.

Their form of society is attacked by many sides, especially by the Freitaglandmänner, who despise every free-spirited way of life and want to subjugate the whole universe. But as tolerant as they are to each other, as rebellious they respond to constraints. Threatening gestures and demagogy have no chance. Every threat to their freedom leads to fierce resistance.



Naming and conceptional Development

The term "Maschinensack" (machine sack) was created sometime in the period 1994-1995. A Lego minifig equipped with poles and technical parts, clattering in a house, established the name. Soon the term was widely used for people who are equipped with strange devices. When the Donnerstagland (Thursday Land) was conceived as an ideal world, where everyone is friends and where no one has to work, its people were given the name Maschinensäcke. From now on, they were the heroes, cool and sovereign, but in the beginning not always fair. Since Schuschinus now mainly based his drawings and stories in this fantasy world, his typical way of drawing people with beaks in profile was also associated with the name. The name had lost its direct reference to machines, but the Maschinensäcke were often portrayed as cyborgs with advanced technology.

From the New Heyday on, the concept was reconsidered. For one thing, Schuschinus began to draw characters more humanly, which contradicted the idea of Maschinensäcke as an alien species. However, Schuschinus had always regarded different looking toy figures as Maschinensäcke, and even drawn characters haven´t always been uniform. On the other hand, there were many new ideas that deepened the concept of society of this ideal world. So the Maschinensäcke became a community defined by their shared values ​​and their imagination. They gain full control over themselves, which allows them to change their bodies as well. That explains the stylistic variability in drawing. In order to develop an independent canon of values, experiments were deliberately made with crossing moral boundaries. The good guys should by no means be like a rigid, celibate Jedi Order, but instead free, creative and sensual, they shouldn't suppress their dark sides, but rather know how to guide them and live them in a self-created world.

Visual Development

Year Stick Form voluminous Form humanoid Form Comment
1994 ◩ ◩
goldenes Zeitalter
1995 ◩
1996 🠗
1997 ◩
1998 ◩ ◩
1999 ◩ ◩
Zeit der großen Fehlschläge
2000 ◩ ◩
2001 ◩ ◩ ◩
2002 ◩ ◩ ◩
neue Blütezeit
2003 ◩ ◩ ◩
2004 ◩ ◩ ◩
2005 ◩ ◩ ◩

The Maschinensäcke first used a common identification symbol in 1995. It was kind of a bird in profile (wall-owl), whose design did not originate from Schuschinus himself. A little later, ancient cave paintings were rediscovered under a table of the grandparents which Schuschinus had placed there and forgotten. They probably originated in the Prehistoric Era. There was a symbol of a circle with a bow, whose meaning remained unclear, but it was chosen as the new logo of the Maschinensäcke. The underside of the table was further embellished to a shrine of art, which unfortunately was later destroyed. So the original of the Logo is lost forever. During the second season of Sabbelradio, while talking gibberish, the word "Apra" fell, which was then designated as the name of the symbol. The logo is of striking simplicity and a shining symbol of hope throughout the Schuschiverse. However, its simplicity also makes it prone to imitation, and it is not unlikely that anyone ignorant in pseudoreality will happen to invent an identical icon. Furthermore, its simplicity allows for a great deal of modification without sacrificing its recognizability. Maschinensäcke incorporate the icon into their items in a variety of ways, but have no uniform flag or crest.

The Values of the Maschinensackdom

From the Era of great Failures on, Schuschinus began to draft a constitution for the Maschinensäcke, which is rather a disordered collection of ideas for moral guidelines. Maschinensäcke have a high sense of dignity and developed a functioning society, which makes laws unnecessary. The law has been abolished and replaced by a canon of desirable ideals, which are always renegotiated and whose limits can be explored experimentally.

Structure and Functionality of a Maschinensack


A body shall not be a hindrance, but a personal, freely definable form of expression and source of pleasure. The physical presence is variable, ranging from highly sophisticated biological animal-plant hybrid bodies that provide a closed ecosystem, making them independent of nutrients, over cyborgs, to forms of pure energy that can adopt any shape as a force field and also exist virtually. In any form, their existence is secured by backups. In spite of all diversity, there are some popular, recurring characteristics that are conducive to the living of joy:

Msack Anatomie Msack Anatomie Msack Anatomie Msack Anatomie


What defines the actual Maschinensack is their free mind. They are not instinct-driven animals, but have full access to their subconscious and true free will. Teir mind is the ultimate operating system that can create and run any program they want. It can telepathically log into the Schuschinet and communicate with all Maschinensäcke, but is absolutely safe from hacker attacks.


syllabary of the hurdelhabadan script


In 1999, attempts were made to construct the Hurdelhabadan language. This was canceled due to the expense of effort. Instead, the then recently rediscovered language "Quyrxul" was set to be the official language. Exploring the mysterious black gas dwarf Quyrxulr on the outer rim of the Hurdelhabadan solar system, explorers discovered that the Drubdlautis species living there preserved the original language of the universe. This most precise of all languages contains the feelings of the speaker and the state of the environment, indeed the course of the entire universe that has led to speaking at this moment. Because of that, no sentence is formulated twice in the same way, the language reinvents itself with each sentence. You can only understand it through telepathically delivered emotions. This way the degree of understanding can be precisely controlled. You can reveal your entire soul to someone or use it as a secret language that is understandable only to individuals in a group.

Writing System

After a brief introduction of a new script in 2002, efforts were made in the New Heyday to reconstruct the alphabet of an old manuscript from 1995 and to add missing characters. The font can be used as both letters and syllabary. In the future, the characters shall be expanded according to the phonetic alphabet.


Since art, education, entertainment and unconditional freedom of information are among the highest goods in Maschinensack culture, they have a wide range of media. Everyone has the right to distribute their own media.


Life is given on Hurdelhabadan without further action. Maschinensäcke eat for pleasure only, food will usually be completely recycled without residues. Excretions are optional, as is their composition. No living thing needs to be murdered, food materializes at the desired level of preparation. Maschinensäcke are immune to toxins and pathogens, so disgust is also voluntary and does not interfere with tasting different flavors.
title image ingredients preparation comment
Jellyfish with googly eyes and spider salad
cotton soup
fat soup oil, butter, margarine, lard, cream, bacon
Pirti Tepon
roasted human
screw casserole
salt dumplings
garbage cake


Building a house is not an exhausting task, turning you off with physical and bureaucratic restrictions, but rather resembles playing with building blocks or an intuitive to use 3D software. That is why houses are diverse and individual. However, interest groups can also come together and build cities with an uniform appearance in favor of the stylistic effect. There is no lack of space, because each new building can be stored as a separate file on a parallel dimension level, which can be variably linked to recombine cities. Because the community is totally trustworthy and respectful, you don´t need to be afraid of burglars. Doors can be left open without concern, gardens be used commonly. Bridges and secret passages connect the parts of the building, apartments are not separated from each other, but lead into common rooms. The temperature stays as desired by itself, so indoors and outdoors can flow into one another without being sealed off. There are no barriers and prohibition signs on construction sites. Everyone is invited to help shape and enjoy buildings in their unfinished state. There are many interactions and visits, young and old ones equally use the whole city as a playground. Still, everyone can retreat to his personal dimension to have the whole city for oneself.


Since noone has to drudge for his life on Hurdelhabadan, there is no need to learn boring things. There is no compulsory schooling, no alienated cramming, no exams, grades or degrees. Rather, Maschinensäcke indulge in childlike curiosity and the pleasure to acquire knowledge playfully. Learning is a fluent and neverending process, where character development and creativity are in focus. For that purpose there are interest centers, which are open to all people voluntarily and free of charge. These are the cultural volcanoes, where you can find information on every topic and like-minded people for exchange, where art and science flourish. Every knowledge is valued equally. That e.g. Mathematics has a disproportionate importance is a delusion of pseudoreality. It is one possibility among many and no more or less worth than other topics. Also completely idle things can also be deepened here.

Popular Subjects

Subject Description Comment
Rantistics The science of ranting is concerned with the variety of swearwords, the artful formulation of complaints and insults and the processing of these into effective spells in order to fight the evil with mere words.
Study of Powerbubis Meticulous research into all aspects of Power Bubis Super Sentai Costume Design Classification
Power Bubis
Clutching Brickology Includes the shapes and color theory of bricks, their possible combinations, the design of Mocs.
Mixing The combination of various ingredients for the purpose of achieving impressive effects.
Pegleg Manufactory The manufacture of artificial body parts.


According to the free spirit, there are nowhere dresscodes. You can dress to the hilt or dress in rags, cover up or go naked. The boulevards are a permanent fashion show. There are fashion trends, but nobody has to fear ostracism, if they dress completely differently. The trends are usually very colorful and emphasize nonconformism, creativity and the beauty of the body.


Physical exercise is not necessary to stay fit. Sport is practiced just for fun. There are no stiff rules that spoil the fun of physical activity in everyday life. Snowball fights and the building of giant sand castles are high cultural assets, just as urban exploration including climbing on scaffolding and sneaking through ruins. Nevertheless, there are organized sports, because it doesn't do any harm.
sport image rules comment
Cucumber Game It is played on an artificial island on a stormy sea. There is one goal, a cucumber-shaped ball and any number of players. The rest is spontaneous
Glow Stick Hockey They use hockey sticks and a glow stick as puck. There are no goals, the entrances to the dressing rooms are used. The goal is to beat up the opponents and bring the glow stick into your own dressing room. Included in the Sticks are weapons and special features.
Bellyball The ball may only be touched with the torso. For extremities, the exception is, that you can use them, if you do not use their surface, but the meat inside. As an alternative to the boring sports like football and handball, bellyball was developed, which combines elements of classic team sport and contact juggling. At first, it was a shadowy existence, but then it became sexy. Players became idols with ever-fancier circus numbers and extreme bodybuilding that not only affected their muscles. The sport moved into the background and it became a freak show. The undisputed queen of bellyball was Lena Peiwes. After her death, the belly ball fever ebbed away.
Random Fighting Very popular are voluntary gladiator games with no or arbitrary rules. It's about creative and aesthetic fighting techniques. The highlight was "The Tournament" (2009).
LARP Abstracted physical activity on a dull, flat surface is usually too boring for the Maschinensäcke. They want to fill the movements with stories, make the playing field and the players appealing. LARP ensures social diversity and exciting conflicts without coercion and real danger, because all the bad things such as bureaucracy, diseases or wars can be simulated lifelike as a role-play. The annual Slaughterfun-day is the largest LARP festival on Hurdelhabadan.
Frm-hunt Every dead Frm makes the world a little better.


There is no economy on Hurdelhabadan in the sense of an overwhelming system of forced labor, struggle for limited goods and out-of-control virtual numbers. No one has to work, because the body is self-preserving. Trade is a voluntary hobby to discover interesting goods and meet people. There is a great variety of offers of different goods for every interest, even for the smallest niche target groups. No one has to fear that his treasured grocer will have to close because of tough competition. Small shops, markets, large department stores and mail order exist harmoniously next to each other. Everyone is allowed to print their own money to collect and play. The most popular currencies are Ballsule and Misi.

There is also no poor and rich in the sense of unjust social classes. Everyone chooses the lifestyle that suits their personality. One can indulge in luxury and decadence or live under the bridge without fulfilling any requirements. Pomp and glitter are just like dirt and garbage neither fate nor merit, but aesthetic stylistic devices that can be changed at any time. No one is despised for their lifestyle because it does not affect anyone else. There is enough space and resources for everyone. The value of things is measured not by scarcity or demand, but by personal significance and psychometric richness.


Heavy armor mit elastic spiky sausages and buzzsaw-backpack
The Maschinensäcke deeply abhor the military with all its coercion and barbaric customs. But strategy- and role-playing games are popular and fights are completely safe for Maschinensäcke, because life and health as well as their belongings are secured by backups. There are military representations without their actual degrading properties. Those who particularly enjoy butchering can let off steam at various clubs and events.

The Frms are constantly trying to carry war everywhere. In this case, each Maschinensack has the right to self-defend on his own discretion. No one has to exercise this, because Maschinensäcke have a superior physical capacity by nature and access to the database of martial arts. They also have the right to possess as many and as dangerous weapons as they want, because their world is not as stupid and dangerous as the pseudoreality. The clubs also participate, sometimes in costumes that are similar to uniforms. But even in an emergency it remains a game for the Msäcke, while the Frms fall victim to their own vicious violence.


Of course, all Maschinensäcke are allowed to equip themselves according to their own taste, but there are some popular style features. The most traditional is the helmet, which in its oldest form is a half-shell evenly studded with spikes. Later, extensions such as neck protection and decorations were added, but the widely recognizable silhouette became a symbol of the fight for freedom.