The Gedankenverbindungssetoinationsnetzwerk (thought connection setoination network), colloquially called "Schuschinet", is a virtual reality for communication, information and entertainment. It can be viewed as the Internet and Darknet of Hurdelhabadan, but it has a number of advantages. It is absolutely free, gratis and safe, not corrupted, regulated or censored by commerce and institutions. Due to the technological singularity, it has merged with nature and forms an integral, collective part of the Maschinensack mind. According to the marble theory, the Schuschinut is a dimensional loop, which means that you dive into virtual reality and in the end come back into physical reality.


GVS Reactor

the first manually manufactured GVS reactor from 2000
A Gedankenverbindungssetoinationsreaktor (thought connection setoination reactor) is a modular system for telepathic participation in the Schuschinet. Even before, there was the concept of thought tubes, which the device makes use of. This biological form of telepathy was combined with the latest computer technology and allows precise control and archiving. It was first presented in 2000 and at the time it was still a large machine that the user had to be wired to. The technology has been reduced in size and integrated into the genome of the Maschinensäcke, so that a naturally grown GVS reactor is preinstalled in every Maschinensack brain. However, this is deactivated until the Maschinensack decides to use it.

Building instructions from 2000

The combination of N-elements with circular periphery propogralitions requires the ratio of Sicnuspiruset to Tagutente on fasticorellic integrity, which is required for the construction of the GVS reactor. For the assembly instructions you need at least 10439876.9830045 IQ. The reactor consists of 6 modules:
  1. Brain pattern scan flow exaggerated connector element: A thought manipulation core is reversed and infected with positive nano-understanders. A broad radiation container and beam converting ejector are then attached in an annular array. On top of it a laser arranging device with a bundling distributor is put.
  2. Notirobat cable hoses: The cable hoses have Setolakit insulation through which the Hitikpixelprotoneutrons cannot escape.
  3. Eteratikisepixernolaisaterapaus-chair: The chair is made of a substance similar to ralifoquatzel. Its tripoimer phase enhancers have a rosonatilipusic effect on the totarus-potential molecular piperi (only available from 10001040,689 IQ).
  4. hyperactive piserasodium tube rack: The quantum converter integrates the Piserasodium fusitality with a pasnelterial energy fluctuation through the nuclear folakisur suspension solution.
  5. Setukolimoso console:The console consists of a high-resolution politral singularity on a rotating basis.
  6. Eptenridolakadonenel module: Through the concentration of Eptenridolakadonenel a flowing central stratolabilipoty is achieved, which enables the enalictusipless Kaspratoliring of the elementar nosabeli frequency.
Now you connect everything with fesocali fibers (advanced users can also use hitulonics). However, with module 1, an acoustic voraquimanzer must be used in order to bridge the spatial declination in an ultra-pinuspartelic way. The meaning of this genidatisative attrisobjekate is the tricyclic plus-minus circulation of the quampreterite attribute. The secondary distributive phalanx of the Totarus condenses within singular pelotary parameters. If you sit down and connect module 2 in such a way that the triaxilating modulation tetaflaxuates, the brain snek of the Totarus is activated. Now you have unrestricted access to the Quastelneli.

Inspiration: The inspiration for the GVS reactor comes from the Neural Scan Interface from the TNG episode "The Nth Degree", in which the building instructions are too complicated for the computer and are delivered offscreen by Barclay. The aim was to write these building instructions in the technobabble typical for Star Trek. It should be noted that the text is at the state of the year 2000, when our IQ was not yet 10439876.9830045, which is why it does not sound very mature.


Every Maschinensack has an unlimited memory that can record everything imperishably and in the greatest possible resolution, edit it without loss and simulate it perfectly. Usually the mind of a Maschinensack is secured by an unhackable will firewall. The GVS reactor is used for communication with other brains and computers, it administers the access rights and the representation of the memory contents for the public Schuschinet, which functions as a collective memory interface. These processes are subject to the conscious control of the user and cannot be manipulated or traced from the outside. Every movement in the Schuschinet and all personal data remain anonymous and private as long as the user does not intentionally reveal them.

Creating a website

You don't need any technical knowledge to post your own content on the Schuschinet (but you can of course program manually if you enjoy it). You design your own website in your mind, which is projected directly into the inner eye due to the highly developed power of imagination. You are not subject to any display restrictions and you can publish everything how, where and when you want. The hosting is done securely and free of charge via an own memory outpost. You can upload any information you can think of. For example, a physical object can be scanned into memory with molecular accuracy, shared on the website, downloaded and replicated again with molecular accuracy. However, precise constraints can also be created for all data. You can also just throw content somewhere into empty space without its origin being ascertainable. Apart from the websites, there are many surprises to discover.

It is not possible to get hold of many domains in order to block them, sell them at high prices or abuse them as dubious advertising platforms. The Schuschinet is intention-sensitive and only lets you have what you personally use. Those who genuinely identify with a particular name are given a magical connection to the name so that no one can simply steal it. If 2 people identify independently of each other with the same name, 2 pages with the same name can also exist.


Cross-website communication is possible without any problems, which is why accounts on third-party platforms are unnecessary. With the Schuschinet access you get a freely configurable entrance page. From here you can manage everything: create personalized search filters and feeds, comment, write emails, chat, etc. You can form interest groups within which you can voluntarily maintain a common display method for better orientation. All content can be conveniently transferred, adapted to alternative representations and synchronized, but remains in the sovereignty of the owner and the link to the original file is retained if desired. In this way, the Schuschinet remains decentralized and the content remains in context, and groups can also be left without loss. Followers and comments are not tied to the platform, but to the file or person and can be taken with you. This prevents the emergence of dependencies and there are always enough alternatives.


The Schuschinet is basically accessible in the entire universe without loading times and disturbances, because it uses the Ubewu itself as a carrier medium. It is nothing-something binary coded in Quyrxulish. For imaginative beings no external hardware is necessary for receiving, because they can imagine a GVS reactor or a corresponding method. Otherwise, GVS-equipped computer technology is available in every well-stocked electrics store. It becomes only problematic in pseudo-reality (see Revolution of Freedom of Information ).

The Schuschinet of Things

As mentioned earlier, physical items can be uploaded and downloaded into memory. This also works with the users themselves. This enables a merging of physical and virtual reality. You can move your entire household into virtuality, or send yourself to the other end of the world and become physical again there. Many Maschinensäcke use an old-fashioned desktop PC, because it's nostalgic and you have something tangible that can also be decorative, or you replicate your website to physically live in it. No matter how retro you are furnished, you don't have to forego the advantages of modern technology, because AI can also be integrated into a rustic oak table to talk to. You can use screens as portals to visit your friends or turn your dreams into computer games that you can explore holodeck-like.


Participation for everyone

It is a central idea of the Schuschinet to make information and cultural achievements freely accessible to everyone. Censorship, regulation and paywalls are outlawed. Therefore, all public media in the universe are collected, made available free of charge and with no time limit. Content can be copied and processed by anyone. If you don't want to share your stuff, don't publish it. All services and programs are free and open source. Everyone has the right to understand how things work and to adapt them to their needs.


Since the Schuschinet is free, advertising is of course not prohibited. But since there is no capitalism on Hurdelhabadan, advertising is unobtrusive, honest and can be switched off without any problems. It is not there to exploit consumers, but rather to seek sincere interest from like-minded people. You are not spied on without being asked and pushed into a filter bubble. The algorithms are individually adaptable and ensure that the offer remains diverse and that small and new creators also get a fair chance. Search engines are highly customizable so that you can really find what you are looking for.

Online Criminality

There is no online crime because nobody needs to be criminal. At the same time, there are tons of it, because you can do it without harming anyone. The Schuschinet promotes mental health, openness and tolerance, by means of perfect simulation all needs can be satisfied, including criminal ones. Crime is seen as a game and as a satire on parts of the universe that are subject to pseudo-reality.

Revolution of Freedom of Information

Worlds in pseudo-reality have no access to the achievements of civilization. They have to be content with flawed networks like the Internet, which is subject to numerous unspeakable reprisals by incompetent and malicious rulers as well as economic and technical dependencies. Until the Invasion of the Puke Ball, the Oppressed have to endure without the Schuschinet, but then the Schuschinet will play a central role in crushing the tyranny of the censorship.

To do this, initially a single website is placed, that contains information on the matter and a search engine. The site is just there in a magical way, it's not hosted anywhere and can't be blocked by anyone. It leaves no traces on the end device and its use cannot be tracked, because it operates offline. The search engine can also search the darknet as comfortably as the clearnet. When you open a search result, you are not redirected to the page normally, but remain within the magical mode, which perfectly protects you from espionage and malware. This can be recognized by the url, which shows gvs instead of www. You can also choose a specific date so that you can view the Internet as it was at a specific time in the past. In doing so, unreliable archives are not used, but the real past Internet is displayed via time travel. The built-in anti-censorship-filter bypasses all access restrictions and removes pixelation, bars, etc.

As this type of Internet use becomes more widespread, the Maschinensäcke will go public and tell the world what´s up. All governments and large corporations are hacked, all secret documents are published and weapon systems are paralyzed. So all the dirt behind the facades becomes visible and people have to find a more constructive way to deal with it than bombing each other away. Politicians who advocate surveillance or want to restrict the freedom of the press get a flying, invisible, untouchable camera attached that broadcasts their wretched life 24/7 as a live stream. Then they can show how well they follow their own laws.

This plan is not yet fully developed, people find every weakness and make the worst of it.