Nature of the Schuschiverse

Im Schuschiversum gelten nicht die Gesetze der Psysik, sondern die der Phantasie und die universelle Sprache ist nicht die Mathematik, sondern die Kunst. Das bedeutet nicht, dass alles unlogisch ist, es gibt eine Art Traumlogik, die für Sinn und Struktur sorgt, aber keine Spaßbremse ist, wenn es um die richtig coolen Sachen geht. Daher sind die Naturgesetze des Schuschiversums nicht endgültig festgelegt, sondern passen sich den Bedürfnissen einer spannenden Geschichte bzw. denen der Bewohner an.


Physical Principles

Conservation of Joy

Unlike the law of conservation of energy, this does not mean that the total amount of joy always remains the same, but that joy that has once arisen can never be destroyed again, but new joy can arise. Once a source of joy has been developed, it will remain as productive as it was at the beginning. Nice memories are preserved and can be relived at any time. Good, that is once created, can be destroyed, but its essence remains stored so that it can be recreated.

Poetic Justice

The golden rule states that you should treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself. In the pseudo-reality this is just a pious wish without consequences. But on Hurdelhabadan, nature is on the side of the good. The biter will indeed be bitten.

Areas of the Schuschiverse

Universal Consciousness(Ubewu)

The entire universe forms a structure similar to a brain, which generates an all-encompassing consciousness. This could be called God in the pantheistic sense, but it is just as scientifically explainable as anything else, only you need a mind that is at least as complex to understand it. Parts of consciousness can protrude and form smaller forms of life that can lead an existence of their own. In this way the universe can explore itself and experience something. These living beings are normally connected to the Ubewu and can use the full range of possibilities.

Fantasy World

The Ubewu forms a huge simulation space, where every protuberance of consciousness generates its own reality. The realities are certain paths through the code, all of which are played in parallel. So all truths can be true at the same time. They can overlap and influence each other. People can switch to other realities. Imagination is limitless. This is the standard configuration of the universe.


The F-virus blocks the connection between living beings and the Ubewu. This means that the freedom of movement on the code is severely restricted or completely blocked, the being is trapped in one reality. As it scans, the virus steers the path in a direction that is particularly ominous. The calamity would usually just be a game that you could avoid or determine the consequences of the calamity yourself, but the restriction of movement forces you to go through the calamity and only allows pre-selected consequences to choose from. This is the inflexible causality.

Schuschinus Wellspring

One of these cut off beings is Schuschinus. While his body is trapped in the pseudo-reality, his mind has not fallen for this world of deception. He knows that fantasy is the true reality and is active in it. But he is still separated from the Ubewu, cannot fully enter the Fantasy, but can only interact with it via thought projections. The interface where his free spirit protrudes from the dark hole of pseudoreality into the Fantasy World has taken the form of a planet-sized head, from which his thoughts take shape and are sent out. This planet is called the Schuschinus Wellspring.

Land of the Wicked

The realities that have been adopted by the evil but could not be transformed into pseudo-realities form the Land of the Wicked. In these isolated areas, evil is dominant, but still personified and is therefore vulnerable.


A combination of the Land of the Wicked and the Timefight Dimension that serves as the afterlife for belligerent warriors. DadaNo I was created by the Föma and destroyed by the remote duel between Wohyrie and the Ultrauniversott. Pacytulario created DadaNo II in the Timefight in order to milk more of the essence of evil.

Timefight Dimension

The Timefight is the decisive battle between good and evil that encompasses the entire universe. It spreads in different places and times.


The Snek is the wormhole world, with whose help you can reach every corner of the universe within a very short time if you know how to open it and navigate through it. Sneks sometimes open spontaneously, but they can also be controlled by skilled imagination users. The Küchenrollen are an established technological infrastructure for the safe use of the Snek.


Tetrahedral Mosaic

The theory is that every dimension is a loop. If you go out on one side of the universe, you come back in on the other side. In this way, an infinite, repetitive mosaic is formed from a finite universe. Straight lines form rings. Based on this thesis, a stopper was constructed that prevents the universe from expanding. In the center there is a space station from which supports are extended. When a support reaches the edge of the universe, it hits the end of the support extended on the opposite side. As the universe expands, the ends of the supports press against each other and the expansion is stopped. The supports are arranged in a tetrahedral shape for maximum stability. Not only the spatial, but also the temporal and all other dimensions are loops.

Marble Theory

The marble theory was developed based on the dimensional loops. It is named after the final scene of Men in Black, but its statement has been expanded. If you zoom out far enough out of the universe, you will eventually come back to the smallest particle. In every point of the universe the whole universe is contained. The zoom factor is not to be regarded as the expansion of an object on the 3 spatial axes, but as an independent dimension. Objects with different zoom factors can be combined, which enables objects to be shrunk or expanded without changing their physical properties. Therefore, in the Schuschiverse there are microscopic life forms with macroscopic intelligence, giants with human proportions as well as buildings and spaceships of unimaginable size. The marble theory also makes it possible that places can exist nested in several sizes at the same time. Thus, Hurdelhabadan's capital Banania is formed from the furniture of Schuschinus' home, at the same time this home is located in Banania.


Each individual annular dimension axis can be rotated on all other dimension axes. This creates infinite possibilities for overlapping and thus an infinite number of different universes. Since there is an infinite number of overlaps at every point in the universe, every point contains not only the one which contains this point, but every possible universe. A point is zero-dimensional, so it is imprecise to say that every point contains everything. You can take any point as a starting point and follow it to read out the universe. But for this it needs one dimension. You can go in any direction, but it means that everything can also be represented one-dimensionally. An endless strand on which everything is coded. You can jump anywhere from any point to read the code in any order and thus recombine the dimensions.

Nothing & Something

Usually we assume that matter, energy, dimensions and all that stuff is "something" and that the void around it is "nothing". Let's turn it around: The emptiness is "something", which is why you can move in it. The stuff are holes in something, areas of "nothing" that cannot be passed.

Chemical Substances

Image Name Description Comment
Gidde A shiny silver mass that can dissolve everything material, but can also create everything material. It's an intelligent molecule, a natural nanobot that has the ability to remodel anything at the subatomic level. Gidde is programmable and versatile. In the medical field, it can heal wounds and replace body parts and was used early on by Dr. Alkohol. It can be used as a weapon in the style of T1000 Terminators, or it can trigger a Gray Goo. The Planet Xer00 is made entirely of Gidde. In the Timefight it was used to neutralize the essence of evil.
Gurseg A glowing green, corrosive liquid. Its condition fluctuates between extreme pH values, which acts like a saw and increases the corrosive effect many times over. Gurseg eats up everything. In its pure form, it can only be contained by force fields. Gurseg is popular for show purposes because of its striking appearance.
Essence of Evil Blood that is used as a carrier of harmful information and becomes a black-reddish mass between viscous liquid and heavy gas.
Sums An element out of style, it's the precursor to gulbs.
Gulbs Very unstable element with strong radiation and a short half-life. Extremely explosive. You can use it to build bombs of any blasting power. A single sufficiently enriched atom is enough for an explosion the size of the Big Bang. Indeed, the Big Bang was triggered by such a bomb.
Spare Flesh Organic cells are fused into a single molecule. This makes the cell material durable and can be frozen and heated without being damaged. It is easy to store, process into paste and reshape.
Olickitorirumiplurma The juice of the Olickitorirumi plant gives life. Regular consumption makes you immortal. The last specimen of this plant is in the Golden Castle, where its juice is used to grow Maschinensäcke on a botanical basis.
Lul Water Water consecrated by Sewares, the god of rest, with the ability to crystallize. Dead people soaked in Lul Water get into the dream world Somnjugarung.
Space Air This element fills all of space. Steel mixed with space air is of particularly high quality.