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The largest realm of the Adipositron galaxy is a province of the Hurdelhabadan empire and encompasses a multitude of worlds, which is why it is a multicultural society with the most diverse forms of life and technologies. It is the central setting of the Adipositron Saga.



The eponymous Küchenrollen (kitchen rolls, german for paper towels) are huge transport hubs. They form a network of wormholes across the galaxy, which enables lively exchange. But their real purpose was long in the dark. The kitchen rolls were developed a long time ago by the Draftsmen´s Order for an unknown client. These clients were the porcelain gods, who also commissioned the Clockmakers' Guild to make the music boxes. Kitchen rolls and music boxes together formed a lock and key to another universe.

Major Histocompatibility Complex Imperium (MHC I)

Logo of the Küchenrollenreiches
While the Timefight was raging in large parts of the Schuschiverse at the end of the New Heyday, a Hurdelhabadan delegation called "MHC I" set off for new realms. Via the Genesis Browser Game they got into the Adipositron galaxy. They founded the Küchenrollenreich and ruled largely independently. The distance to Hurdelhabadan caused internal conflicts.
Image Name Description Comment
◩ General van Burnscum A fanatical leader who pursued the enemies of the Küchenrollenreich beyond his death. He was always concerned about the security of the Reich and did a lot for armament projects. He had commissioned the draftsman to produce the Schlauchtussi prototype. In his first appearance in episode 2 he is nameless and burns. The filename of this scene "burn scum" became his name.
◩ Dr. Alafrese He treated the Schlauchtussi after she had an accident in the torpedo shaft of the kitchen roll. When the kitchen roll was captured by Francois, he helped him revive Adipositron, who immediately shot through the outer shell. Dr. Alafrese was sucked into space.
◩ Madam Ilse Van Burnscum's successor as commander in chief recognized the danger of the triglyceride and managed to negotiate an alliance with the separatists. But the tensions were still there, so a misunderstanding led to her undoing and she was shot by Antipirate. Ilse had a very rough voice from smoking, which she passed on to her son.
◩ Anaglyph Nerd Son of Ilse and heir to her voice. Hacked the kitchen rolls to destroy the gas giant. Was shot by Antipirate.
◩ Iliac skull Close advisor to Madam Ilse. Hired the mercenaries from Ziukk
◩ Count Groundform Has a brother named Laimod who fought in the tournament.
◩ Mimiker Wormhole warden on the red kitchen roll.
◩ General Phetrushpajapursk After Adipositron's death, he headed the Fryer of Youth project, which evaluated the data collected by Adipositron and designed a combat suit based on his model that is suitable for mass production. He likes to eat rescue cookies, which have helped him survive many battles. He descends from the Isomery Palisades.
◩ ◩ Teletante Phetrushpajapursk's communications officer gave him a taste for the rescue cookies. She is also an accomplished mechanic and was able to fix a crashed kitchen roll.


Image Places Name Description Comment
◩ ◩ ◩ Küchenrollenreich Base World 1 destroyed by Adipositron
◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ Küchenrollenreich Base World 2 This ocean world was the headquarters of the MHC government. It was hit by a Timefight zone and the planet exploded. The debris was glued back together, but the ocean is gone. Since then, one is walking on the dry sea floor with all kinds of fossils.
◩ ◩ Küchenrollenreich Base World 3 This planet has mysteriously taken the place of Le Thatre Homeworld II.
◩ Nuclear Autumn Planet This small forested planet is used as a cemetery. Cornus Sanguinea hid here in a crystal cave.
◩ Planet 3

Armed Forces

Image Name Description Comment
Standard trooper Since the Küchenrollenreich descends from Hurdelhabadan, there are no uniform uniforms. The spiked helmets, which are worn by the Maschinensäcke, are popular here, too.
◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ Adipositrooper The fryer of youth project collected data from Adipositron’s attacks in order to develop a combat suit with his power. The wearer swims in a deep fryer, which heats the mind and, as a lubricant, increases mobility. In addition, the whole-body oiling ensures smooth skin and a general sense of wellbeing. The suit is a real fountain of youth. This technique can also be used to heal zombified adults. The basic suit consists of modular panels that can be folded out. There is additional armor for the head and torso as well as a jetpack with very precise controls, but which is bulky and not suitable for tight environments.
◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩
◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ ◩


Van Burnscum´s Fleet Madam Ilse´s Fleet Phetrushpajapursk´s Fleet
Original Refit Name Description Comment
◩ ◩ ◩ Van Burnscum´s Flagship Was destroyed in the battle of the Küchenrolle. Due to the effects of the Timefight in the future, the design was changed.
◩ Madam Ise´s Flagship
◩ Phetrushpajapursk´s Flagship This ship is a flying fortress designed for long unaided missions. It has a factory for Adipositroopers on board.
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◩ After Van Burnscum died, he returned as a ghost with a green fleet built by an unknown alien species.
◩ ◩ ◩ Ultrabumm I Imitation When the Timefight broke out in the main part of the Schuschiverse, it took a while before it reached the Adipositron galaxy. But the propaganda pictures of the proud ships went around and the Küchenrollenreich built ships based on the model of the Ultrabumm series. However, the replicas did not achieve their effectiveness.
◩ ◩ Ultrabumm II Imitation
◩ ◩ Ultrabumm III Imitation
◩ Thickship The first type of ship in Phetrushpajapursk's new 3D fleet
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First ship made with Blender.
◩ This design is very vaguely based on the Zestrahoniag class.
◩ A rejected construction plan from the Timefight became a success in the Küchenrollenreich
◩ Can be used both in water and in space.
◩ ◩ Shuttle Small transporter for troops. The simple and robust design is widespread.
◩ Freighter
◩ Ufo This type of ship has been in service for a very long time and is widespread. The first copies are from A.S. 9
◩ green starfighter
◩ ◩ red starfighter Most used fighter class.
◩ ◩ orange starfighter
◩ ◩ ◩ blue starfighter
◩ catamaran fighter Was used by a special squadron to defend Base World II.
◩ Bomber Also known from the Timefight
◩ Drone Type I This old reconnaissance drone was actually already retired at the time of the Adipositron saga. Van Burnscum still used them, but most of them were stolen by the separatists and upgraded to combat machines.
◩ DU-K890 Few of them were produced.

Duck Division

The Duck Division is a unit of the secret service of the Küchenrollenreich, which was charged with the search for the Land of Low Resolution. See Oucshrivland ➔ Duck Division


Flag of the merchants guild of Ziukk
◩ ◩ ziukk ziukk
Ziukk is an important trading post and fiercely fought over, which is why many mercenaries have settled here. Since they can be paid for in sand, the planet is completely silted up.
Image Name Description Comment
◩ Krachdul A fakir with amazing healing powers.
◩ Fni Schren
◩ Beibork
◩ Borchardt
◩ Heuschreckoid
◩ Starka Kämpfa
◩ Fiss Gjif
◩ green Hooker An agent of the Textile Dynasty disguised as a hooker.

Le Theatre Separatists

logo of the Le Theatre Separatists
The rich aristocratic family Le Theater has split off from the Küchenrollenreich and has its own claims to power. They receive support from the clockmakers' guild, which, however, also has its own goals and only uses Le Theaters.
Image Name Description Comment
◩ Francois de Caspar le Theatre Leader of the separatists. He is revered as a martyr after his death.
◩ Antipirate Adviser and chief of troops to Francois. After Francois was kidnapped by the holy triglyceride, he took command and struggled to form an alliance with the Küchenrollenreich. But when Francois´ sign of life died out, he broke the alliance.
◩ Ludwig Klapize Francois father maintains the cult around Francois with decadent parties.
◩ Luise Klapize Francois Mother
◩ Koplaz senior He doesn't give much to the wealth and roams pubs. He overhears his family and sells the information. The draftsmen used him as a source.
◩ Koplaz junior He had little idea of what was going on and wanted to get married soon, but fell victim to the massacre.
◩ Adelbrand Zeigerschmied The clockmaker was the hatchet man with his own special unit. As a student of Cornus Sanguinea, he went over to the brotherhood of the holy triglyceride and infiltrated the Le Theater house to use it as a marriage bed for Adipositron and Schlauchtussi.


Image Cities Name Description Comment
◩ Le Theatre Homeworld I
◩ ◩ ◩ Le Theatre Homeworld II

Armed Forces

As renegades, their resources are limited, why much of their equipment is made up of obsolete or stolen and modified equipment.
image name description comment
◩ Standard Trooper
◩ Adelbrands Special Unit A group that consisted entirely of mercenaries hired by Adelbrand. They committed the massacre of the Le Theatre family with him at a party.
◩ Blechdosenkämpfer
Vehicles and Mechs
◩ ◩
◩ ◩ ◩


Original Refit Name description comment
◩ captured Küchenrolle Francois captured a kitchen roll and camouflaged it with angular armor.
◩ Ludwig´s Flagship
◩ ◩ Kophoirer Class The largest ships in the separatist fleet are built according to stolen blueprints, which were also retrospectively influenced by the effects of the Timefight. The refit configuration is somewhat similar to the hermaphrodite ships. The name comes from the fact that the side cones are the recycled headphones of this device.
◩ Based on the modular ships of the draftsman, but was coated by the watchmaker's guild. This is the golden pistol known from Sabbelradio
◩ Basisfladen Type I modified UFO of the Küchenollenreich Experts will have noticed that this ship is made of bricks.
◩ Basisfladen Type II own design by the Separatisten
◩ Flukituki
◩ Hubsrap
◩ ◩ Kitbash Hubsrap
◩ ◩ Krawattendrohne The old drones were stolen from the junkyard and partially upgraded.
◩ Mine unmanned space mines
◩ ◩ Godlsip This legendary class of ships was developed during the time of the great failures and was later used by the Seki. The separatists bought a large number of these ships.
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The original design comes from Schuschinus' no longer lost, but renegade buddy.
◩ First 3D ship ever. Made with Metasequoia. Animation and rendering were not possible due to a lack of knowledge of the incomprehensible program, which is why the only scene of this ship was created using screenshots.

Draftsmen´s Order

Wappen des Zeichnerordens
◩ ◩ ◩
An old secret society that is officially subordinate to the MHC IMperium, but rumor has it that it is the other way around. They maintain a powerful private army that helps out the Küchenrollenreich after the costly battle of the gas giant. They are very inventive and involved in many technical developments. Their headquarters in the form of a brick castle is in the rings of a red gas giant.
image name description comment
◩ Schlauchtussi´s Mother She was a chief developer on the pencil sharpener project and was also involved in an early stage of the fryer of youth project. She was locked in a hair oil extractor during a separatist attack and was killed in a rescue operation. Her body was brought to the kitchen roll and a fake grave was built. When Francois captured the kitchen roll, he found her body and turned her into a zombie maid. She was impregnated by the undead van Burnscum and gave birth to a stillbirth.
◩ Schlauchtussi´s Father He was a chief developer on the pencil sharpener project and was also involved in an early stage of the fryer of youth project. He was locked in a hair oil extractor during a separatist attack and was killed in a rescue operation. A fake grave was built.
◩ Stillbirth The child of Schlauchtussi's mother and van Burnscum is possibly the cause of the zombie epidemic.
◩ Reading Grandpa Retired draftsman. He only took part in council meetings in urgent cases. He died in a wormhole accident.
◩ Nersel The decrepit chairman wanted to protect the draftsman from the locust plague, but died early.
◩ Kreutlitz Nersel's successor as chairman. He was used ignorantly by Cornus as a messenger.
◩ Enodher One of the elders in the order. After Kreutlitz's death she took over the helm, but was never officially elected chairman because everything was already sunk into chaos. After her death, her software was sent back in time to animate the Schlauchtussi prototype.
◩ Pfokosat Close friend of Kreutlitz
◩ Eklesier The head of the research department analyzed the foundling head anomaly. He was considered an eccentric.
◩ Don de Donde Head of the Investigation Department. Lover of Contalope
◩ Contralope Lover of Don de Donde
◩ Sime Sime doesn't have much to do in the Order, but she runs an orphanage on Nanetoya and has a leading role in the Xit story arc in the comics.
◩ Hartschaumhybrid Hard foam hybrid is a Schuschinus derivative. This is a covert placeholder that can be taken by Schuschinus at any time. When the situation became critical, Schuschinus used him to give the other draftsmen his advice.
◩ Schuschinus The mysterious founder of the order, who also created the historical records of the events in the Adipositron galaxy. A complex and important personality.
◩ Coral Extra A creature from the ocean of base world II
◩ Incest Extra
◩ Invisible Hostage He became invisible in an accident and has been wearing a sack on his head ever since.

Private army of draftsmen

image name description comment
◩ Charlotte Ybouulaq
◩ Admiral Süfduinam
Oberst Eteek

Space Ships

The draftsmen use modular ship technology that allows countless combinations.
Original name description comment
◩ ◩
◩ ◩
◩ ◩
◩ Losalle
◩ Shuttle I
◩ Shuttle II
◩ Roofing Felt MK I
◩ Roofing Felt MK II
◩ Modular ship fighter

Pencil Sharpener

The Pencil Sharpeners were invented to sharpen drawing tools and evolved into large, all-purpose devices. However, they became obsolete with the advent of mechanical pencils. Many sharpeners were converted into fighting machines and used as cannon-fodder in the lubricating oil war. Only few knew was that their software was made up of the souls of the deceased, downloaded from the future. Time travelers like the Blue Whale Cockroach acted as soul traders on behalf of the draftsman.
image Soul Donator name description comment
◩ ◩ Schlauchtussi Prototype Was commissioned from the draftsmen by van Burnscum. She was animated with the software from Enodher. When Enodher died in the battle of the Holo-Skull, her soul was passed over by the actual Schlauchtussi herself, who was already dead herself. She did this out of conviction.
◩ ◩ Schlauchtussi She is the perfected masterpiece. Her parents created her for their own needs and commissioned the Blue Whale Cockroach to look after the soul of Lurlem, an officer in the duck division. They didn't want to waste her, but she fought for van Burnscum. Cornus Sanguinea got hold of her and planned to mate her with Adipositron. She often confuses her interlocutor with incoherent remarks.
◩ Maskeni Another sharpener who fought in the battle for the Porcelain gas giant. He salvaged the blade that was used to cut the moon in half and brought it to the Draftsmen´s Order.
◩ Visicht