Signet of the Neutrals


The Neutrals are a 23-universe spanning empire with a multitude of cultures and provinces in other universes. They call themselves neutral because they neither side with the Maschinensäcke nor with the Freitaglandmänner in the Timiefight, but try to take different middle courses. Usually they fail and end up on one side.


Neutral Federation of Galaxies

Signet of the Neutral Federation of Galaxies
The purpose of the superordinate supervisory commitee is to monitor activities that disrupt the balance of good and evil and, in their opinion, jeopardize the integrity of the multiverse (menulsic Virsikollen). They see themselves as the highest moral authority and operate a large fleet. But they were so limited in their powers by their own principles of neutrality, that they didn´t do much more than to wag the finger. In the rare cases, they intervened resolutely, they were mostly manipulated by a party. Their house colors are violet and white with black as the secondary color.
image name description comment
◩ Oligod Erzthal Father of Adelbrand Zeigerschmied
◩ Argon Sulfur He signed a peace treaty with the Frms, who broke it immediately afterwards and murdered the entire Command of the Neutral Federation and their families on the banquet. The Frms added the contract to their long gallery of broken peace treaties.
◩ Sreiluthi
◩ Huge Admiral Rudolf von Fließzentner
◩ Piotr Strömer
◩ Fritz Außenschulz
tournament team
◩ left Block
◩ middle Block
◩ right Block
◩ Arh Irh The legendary duck from the card game
◩ repesentative


They have metallic solar skin and 2 pupils per eye, which enables one eyes stereo vision.
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◩ captain Milkyway
◩ Wournyw

Cwitas (Hermaphrodites)

signet of the hermaphrodites
Spaceship of the Hermaphrodites
The conceited kingdom of hermaphrodites flatters itself much about its mixed genders. Their culture is very sexual and rich in sculpture.
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◩ Ahoniag He started as a swordsman with the Jaka and quickly rose to the elite. When the plagi tried to convert the hermaphrodites in the Timefight, he engineered a revolt and ascended to the throne. The Plagi then destroyed the hermaphrodite colony Dönhe. Ahoniag was given power over the Gidde by Schuschinus. He liquified Xeroo and neutralizied the essence of evil with it. After that he was promoted to an angel.
◩ Segnikogan A particularly vain king and Concept Earl, who was very sexist towards the single gendered. He burned in his spaceship wreck, which is why he lost his Concept Earl title. He returned heavily wounded, but fell victim to an act of revenge along with his planet. Still not dead, he applied to the Plagi, because they willingly hired rejected Concept Earl hosts, but they rejected him because they were against hermaphrodites. So he became the advocate of exponentiality. When he was once again defeated by Ahoniag, he finally lost all sexual characteristics and was accepted by the Plagi. In the tournament he dueled again with Ahoniag.
◩ Heidi Horst Ölmi After Segnikogan's downfall, Heidi Horst Ölmi took power. She was killed in escalating peace negotiations with the Liquid Alliance.
◩ Spai Crown prince of the hermaphrodites. Since he does not feel like governing, he is on the run. Ahoniag took the throne instead.
◩ Tiam Spais little Broister


The hermaphrodites use predominantly copper-colored metal and white marble, decorated with ruby colored elements and neon yellow lamps and window panes.

Eunkle Harion Reich

Signet of the Eunkle Harion Reich
The Reich, which according to its own assertion consisted only of main characters, had evil schemes in the Timefight, but had been founded by Schuschinus as a Timefight-Unit of the Neutrals in the service of good, without being noticed. Thus, they were neutral altogether, but their individual characteristics divided into good and evil.
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◩ Pacystulario Governor of the 500th generation. His name meant once at the time of the election "ununited insanity" in quyrxul language. In the Zeitkampf, he drank the essence of evil and rebuilt the previously by Wohyrie destroyed DadaNo, to gain more essence and seize control. But hallucinations of the spirit of Juliak plagued him. He was too weak to control the essence and died.
◩ the Relic Collector He had procured the by Lul-Crystal mummified goddess of devastation and transferred the essence of evil to her.
◩ Enzebeit Jiluug war and nude photographer


image name description comment
◩ Klappstullennase (Sandwich Nose)
◩ Ban Jim Goks
◩ Polygon Cabeza The fusion of Ban Jim Goks und Klappstullennase is a derivate of Schuschinus.


image name description comment
◩ Devious Ghost Oulur
◩ Osmotic Ghost Wresei
◩ Trapped Ghost Junbol
◩ Performing Ghost Ibidun
◩ Areiki
◩ Laimod
◩ Bird Trainer Skavenige
◩ Ventilation Headed Ballfury
◩ Adler Hitolf


Signet of the Rien
This all-female species emerged from the Ycmi Ycer breeding experiments. They usually spend their entire life in the embryonic stage in incubators that can be transformed into combat robots. In rare cases, they shed their shells and become antimatter and plasma-spitting furies. After the Ycmi Ycer program became independent, it created its own universe, the Kanvejas.
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◩ Rien 1
◩ Rien 2
◩ Rien 3


Humanity is a species that was bred as a bioweapon for the Timefight. Basic building blocks of life were placed on different planets and an evolution was initiated. A monstrous species successfully developed on planet earth, which recklessly spreads and destroys everything. While the bigbrains conceived this experiment as a game, and the use of this weapon under the free laws of imagination would have turned into a lustful carnage porn, the pseudo-reality virus hijacked this world. Under the evil laws of nature, the timeline was rewritten and turned the history of mankind into one single misery. Msäcke and Frms have taken samples and carried them to different corners of the universe.

Isomery Palisades

Signet of the Isomery Palisades
The Isomery Palisades are a minority from a small marginal universe called Baggerwajitar. They have renounced the Neutrals to worship their "god" Srie Isomerie. They appeared in the tournament for the first time.


Through above average prayer pollution of the environment numerous mutations occur. Men have oversized penises with an own consciousness, which can survive separately from the body. Their shape is diverse and often has faces and arms. In women, elongated spines occur with variable numbers of pairs of arms and breasts, stacked on top of each other and ending into tails at the bottom. The number of hermaphrodites is particularly high, too.

important persons

image name description comment
◩ Srie Isomierie Incredibly smug wannabe-god. Inspiration of this character came from a sect book with the title "Sri Isopanisad", which deals with a certain Krishna, who is described as an immeasurable egoistic, presumptuous, everything for himself claiming tyrant, while this is depicted as completely worth of worship and praise.
◩ the wormy Fakir He has a branched tunnel system in the body, which he uses as a marble run. You never know which hole the marble shoots from.
◩ the fakiry Worm
◩ Biazuesi The celiguru castrated himself. When he succumbed to her sexual martial arts in the fight against Rien, the blood wanted to flow in his missing penis. The congestion blew up his loins.
◩ Kastratyuh
◩ Huosan
◩ Akhyelaa
◩ Bollerholz Macho
◩ Pashu


Wappen der Moscher
Huge, flying, mysterious Rummikub jokers little is known about. They were spotted for the first time during a Timefight outgrowth in 2001 .


Beings made of crystalline plasma ice.

their slave race

House Hitrikados

coat of arms of House Hitrikados
Mighty spice trade dynasty
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◩ Lester Lester Hitrikados came to the conclusion, that the Frms must be exterminated to preserve neutrality because their spoilage is overpowering. That made him unpopular with the Neutral Federation of Galaxies. But Lester was still too neutral, and made the mistake to trust the Frms, as the business went bad. They defraud him of his entire trading empire and murdered him.
◩ son 1 Lester's 1st son was murdered by the Frms to prevent his succession.
◩ Shea Buta Even before Lester decided to do so, Shea Buta joined the Maschinensäcke and fought in the Timefight in Divertikelhaven. She died while trying to capture a plane.
◩ Loradith She was forcibly married to a Frm, when her father was trading with the Frms. But her husband was immediately struck down by a suffering mirror curse, which was sent by Xit. Loradith escaped with the help of friends from the Eunkle Harion Reich and fled to the neutral space station 5-4J-N30 at the beginning of the Timefight. Later she met Xit again on a sports event.

the Greye

When the star melt occurred through the astral battle during the Timefight, the fragmented universe merged together with the Neutrals as glue. They wanted to neutralize the differences between Msäcke and Frms, but they are incompatible and the newly formed mixture immediately fell back into 2 aspects. One aspect is that the blending of all characteristics creates many new possibilities. This was absorbed by the Msäcke and thus fell to the side of good. The other aspect is that the blending of all charactericstics creates a boring uniformity. This formed a radical faction of Neutrals who are so shitty that they are no longer neutral but actually evil. They represent a dualistic world view that they want to reconcile by reducing the extremes. They see salvation in entropy and want everything to become a gray mush without differences. That's why they ban every emotion, every activism. They demand absolute fatefulness and emptiness in the mind. They see the biggest evildoers in the maschinensäcke because they do not follow the natural order and shape the world according to their wishes. The Greye reclaims all diseases as their work, through which they want to teach people humility. Grey disciples often parade the 3rd eye on their forehead to convince others of their alleged clairvoyance.

important members

image name description comment
◩ First of his kind
◩ Second of his kind Als Mischmächtiger weist er Merkmale verschiedener Kulturen auf
◩ Third of his kind
◩ Fourth of his kind
◩ Grey Preacher He has two ass cheeks on his forehead to hide his third eye.
◩ Summit Chairsitter An agent disguised as a wise old man who used angels to get hold of Xit.
Quadruplets of their kind
Baron Hefehut Overrun from the Textile Dynasty
Last of his Kind impersonated Greye

Kaiser Rudolf´s abtrünnige Neutrale

Rudurar während der Besatzung durch Kaiser Rudolf
Eine Gruppe von Neutralen unter der Führung von Riesigadmiral Rudolf von Fließzentner überlebte die Astralschlacht in einer Zeitblase. Nachdem das neutrale Reich gefallen war, errichtete Rudolf auf dem umkämpften Kolonialplaneten Rudurar einen neue Provinz und krönte sich selbst zum Kaiser. Er wurde von den Frms korrumpiert und erichtete einen Überwachungsstaat. Nachdem ihm von Schsuchinus eine unsichtbare orbitale Webcam angehängt wurde, erkannte das Volk sein Versagen und stürzte ihn.
Bild Name Beschreibung Kommentar
◩ Rudolf von Fließzentner Möglicherweise ist er ein Sohn von Adipositron und Schlauchtussi.
◩ Piotr Strömer
◩ Fritz Außenschulz
◩ Elevatos Für die Neutraversen zuständiger Todesgott, der im großen Fahrstuhl residierte. Da Schuschinus ihm durch die Nutzung der Neutralen als Klebstoff in der Astralschlacht seine Opfer raubte, wollte er Entschädigung, doch Schuschinus schenkte seinen Kopf dem Schädelsammler. Elevatos blieb nicht dort, und erschuf die Todesblockchain.