original drawing, that initiated the series


Adipositron is a science fiction animation series by Schuschinus, which was produced from 2008 to 2017 and contains 20 episodes with a length of few minutes each and a total length of 01.00.35 hours. It tells of the conflics of several galactic factions and some individual fates in the style of an epic space opera. Dialogues are condensed to a minimum, the story is primarily told in pictures. The focus is on huge battles and grorious visual effects.

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The video "Der Waldschrat" was the first youtube video, Schuschinus ever saw. It gave the impulse, to start making digital animations. Besides animations for the Genesis Browser game, the character Adipositron was designed in collaboration with TheIGreatIMightyIPoo. "MHC Imperium" was the name of Schuschinus´ Symbiosis in the browser game, which was in the beginning used for the film production, too.

Techniques and Effects

space ship models
The series began primarily as a playground for trying out different animation techniques and therefore has no uniform style. Traditional and digital animation techniques are used, as well as stop motion, puppetry, live action and 3D animation. Accordingly, many different programs are used.

Initially, MS Paint and PhotoImpact were used. The image elements were copied manually into each individual frame, which were then individually imported into Windows Movie Maker and lined up, which was extremely cumbersome. MonkeyJam was later used to combine frames into film sequences. The sound software also included a few video editing functions that enabled compositing using chromakeying. With the introduction of a proper editing program, the functions expanded. Most important was the movement of elements using curves. For handdrawn animation, we switched to Gimp. Since episode 18, Blender has been used for 3D graphics.

Even with advancing experience, the series claims to retain its self-made charm and refrain from expensive professional software. Since having fun is the main motivation, but animation is often very complex and tedious, it is important to have a lot of dynamic and variety in the creative process. That's why lengthy dialogue scenes are avoided, there is a lot of action and different locations.

Schuschinus made the experience on the Internet that many people complained about the predominant use of CGI in space battles, they wanted classic effects with models, but despite the technology that is now accessible to everyone, hardly anyone produced something of this kind themselves. On the other hand, almost every high quality animated film comes from colleges or professional animators. Schuschinus wanted to counter this and show that with enough passion you can achieve something without professional equipment. The first 17 episodes get along entirely without 3D animation, space battles are depicted with a digital cutout animation or models made of plastic and cardboard. It's less about technical perfection and entertainment suitable for the masses than about the joy of experimentation and the pleasure in the own creativity.


The Sound of episodes 2 and 3 were made with Windows Movie Maker. Since episode 4 a technically better program was used. Episode 1 originally had no sound, but Sound was added subsequently for the reopening of the channel. The simple style of the old episodes was recreated.

Since episode 4 the films have specially composed music.
The full soundtrack was released on three albums.
Soundtrack Season 1: Adipositron OST Vol. 1
Soundtrack Season 2: Adipositron OST Vol. 2
Soundtrack Season 2: Adipositron OST Vol. 3

In the absence of voice actors, all characters are spoken by Schuschinus himself or by computer voices. Most of the time, imaginary languages ​​are spoken and the meaning is communicated by subtitles. Subtitles are available in German and English.

Publishing and Reception

In 2008 the videos were shown on YouTube for the first time. Schuschinus deleted his first channel when it was forced to link to a Google account. In the meantime he moved to Myvideo, but here too he found the conditions unbearable. So the series returned to Youtube and is now at https://www.youtube.com/user/SchuschinusRevenge
In 2019 the films got newly rendered in better quality and published on Newgrounds as well: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/78ff7ca396a96f9aa8e9c5ad6a7b27e6

The success of the series is very low, the view numbers rarely exceed the three-digit range, especially since the first channel was deleted. The biggest fan is probably the author himself, who wrote this excellent article. Since this is not a commercial project, but art out of passion, a continuation of the series from this side is not threatened. However, the increasing demand for increasingly complex scenes slows down production.

Content and Timetable

Episode Title Links Length Project started Film rendered Content Comment
Season 0 (3 episodes, 00.02.10)
1 The Emissary EH, YT, NG 00:00:28 Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008, 15:38:09 Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008, 18:47:40
Ton hinzugefügt: Samstag, 26. März 2011, 15:26:36
A mysterious figure appears at the sky, a fat winged man with strong regeneration power, who fights robots and destroys the whole planet with his mighty weapons. Adipositron, the emissary leaves dread and open questions.
2 Battle of the Küchenrolle EH, YT, NG 00:00:47 Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008, 15:17:12 Dienstag, 19. August 2008, 11:11:50 A flight through the Küchenrolle (kitchen roll, paper towel), which can generate wormholes, and we find ourselves in a space battle. General van Burnscum, Leader of the Küchenrollenreich burns in his flagship. When an asteroid explodes under the attacks, the damaged Adipositron reappears, who was trapped inside it. Seit 1999 hegte Schuschinus den Traum, eigene Raumschlachten zu verfilmen. Erste Stop Motion Szene (Asteroid)
3 Grinning Porcelain EH, YT, NG 00:00:55 Samstag, 23. August 2008, 10:23:08 Dienstag, 2. September 2008, 18:38:42 In an eerie forest, a girl visits the grave of her parents. A for now unexplained vision of some corpses makes her sit up. Adipositron shoots out of the shadows of the ruins. The girl parries the shots a holographic projection of herself. When Adipositron gets hit by a repelled shot, a music box is visible, which stops playing and blows up in a nuclear explosion.
3,5 In Memory of Adipositron 00:01:55 So, 21. Sep 2008, 12:01:05 Samstag, 11. Oktober 2008, 12:39:30 A compilation of still images and unused material from the first 3 episodes, which are part of season 1, but were not yet planned as a long series and form a separate trilogy, which we refer to as season 0.
Season 1 (10 episodes, 00.28.26)
4 Reshape of tilting Light EH, YT, NG 00:01:45 Montag, 16. Februar 2009, 16:18:36 Dienstag, 17. März 2009, 19:05:33 Years after the last events, the forest from episode 3 is in nuclear winter. An archeologist is digging in the ruins and finds the mask, that was mounted on the music box. It puts itself on his face, which causes the archeologist to have visions of palatial rooms and a candle. He manages to remove the mask and goes home by train. But the train suddenly stops and a dead woman with a wax face kills him. The woman travels to a clunky spaceship, where she delivers the music box mask to Francois de Caspar le Theatre, the leader of a separatist group opposing the Küchenrollenreich. With this mask and fat they reanimate adipositron. He attacks immediately erster selbstkomponierter Soundtrack. Francois ist ebenfalls zusammen mit TheIGreatIMightyIPoo enwickelt worden.
5 X-ray Sausage EH, YT, NG 00:02:00 Dienstag, 24. März 2009, 16:43:03 Mittwoch, 29. April 2009, 17:31:17 Adipositron has fled from Francois´ Ship and crashes on the desert planet Ziukk. There he mets Cornus Sanguinea, his old teacher, who once saved his life by exchanging his adipose heart with the music box. While Francois´ men are searching for him, not showing much consideration for the locals, Cornus leads Adipositron to the Brotherhood of the holy Triglycerid, warriors who wear porcelain masks like the music box. Meanwhile in the orbit, the fleet of the undead General van Burnscum arrives, who is hunting Francois. On the planet surface the brotherhoof prepares to battle Francois´ troops.
6 calendary perforator scent EH, YT, NG 00:02:25 Samstag, 25. April 2009, 17:21:33 Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009, 14:30:13 The battle between the brotherhood and Francois´ men begins. In space, Van Burnscum is attacking. Three Fighters manage to enter Francois´ base ship. Among them there is the Schlauchtussi prototype. While the battle on the ground is going to end, Corunus and francois duel. When Cornus is succumbing, he blasts himself and everything around him with a fusion bomb. Erstmals wurde Video Compositing benutzt. Bisher wurden alle Frames einzeln zusammenkopiert.
7 the cloud from the vertical lake EH, YT, NG 00:02:27 Samstag, 16. Mai 2009, 17:03:01 Samstag, 21. November 2009, 15:16:07 The orbit of Ziukk is a scene of destruction. In Francois´ base ship the three pilots fight their way to the main wormhole chamber. They pass by Van Burnscum, who fucks the dead woman with the wax face, but don´t mind them, because the wormhole is open and the Holy Triglyceride comes through, a fusion of Adipositron, Francois and Cornus Sanguinea, who fused because of the fusion bomb. The Holy Triglyceride has a music box heart with three masks, and has forged three additional masks, which he fires at the attendees. Van Burnscum, the dead woman and one of the pilots get hit and become slaves of the brotherhood. The Protoschlauchtussi and the other pilot can escape and notice, that under the clunky hull of Francois´ ship there is the stolen blue Küchenrolle. Arrived at a base on an ocean planet, they make preparations for a counter attack. But the brotherhood strikes first unexpectedly fast by entering another red Küchenrolle. The Protoschlauchtussi makes a kamikaze attack on her former fellow. A Küchenrollen gunner destroys the porcelain battleship, but also shoots a hole in the planet. Diese Folge ist stark von Scifi Animes inspiriert.
8 Nuclear Autumn EH, YT, NG 00:03:27 Dienstag, 24. November 2009, 16:05:56 Sonntag, 11. April 2010, 15:14:13 In a flashback we learn, that the girl from episode 3 has lost her parents in Adipositrons´ attack in episode 1. In the present day, the porcelain-enslaved dead woman with the wax face comes to the contamined forest of the grave of these parents. She meets a new Schlauchtussi, who is unfolding from an egg and is about to duel her. In another flashback, Adipositron loads his main weapon, when time suddenly stops and only the girl can move. Cornus Sanguinea shows up and explains, that Adipositron is going to boost his attack with the boost rings of the Küchenrolle and destroy the whole planet. He offers her a music box to save her, but she jumps directly into Adipositron´s weapon. The music box breaks, which makes time run again. The girl and Adipositron´s shot disappear into the wormhole leading to the Küchenrolle. She fells into the launching area, the shot continues through the boost rings and destroys the planet. The girl is treated on the sick bay, which reveals, that she has a metal endoskeleton. She is the new Schlauchtussi. She participates in a briefing for the battle of the Küchenrolle. Van Burnscum explains, that Adipositron survived the explosion of the planet, because he was encased by magma. Van Burnscum brings Schlauchtussi to the fresh grave of her parents. In the present day, Schlauchtussi removes the mask from the dead woman, but she pierces Schlauchtussi eventually.
9 The rippling of the Rain Barrel EH, YT, NG 00:02:38 Montag, 12. April 2010, 10:45:30 Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010, 17:48:38 The two duelists fall into a crystal cave, were Cornus welcomes them. On the red Küchenrolle the new flagship of the Küchenrollenreich arrives. Anaglyph-Nerd meets Bawd Ilse, the new supreme commander, since Van Burnscum was enslaved and killed (ep. 7). She made an alliance with the remaining troops of Francois under Antipirat and wants to wage war against the Holy Triglyceride, who has been located on a gas giant. Meanwhile in the cave it is revealed, that Cornus is only one part of a plant with many heads. He tells Schlauchtussi, that while she was on her way to the grave (ep. 3), Van Burnscum was searching for the asteroid containing Adipositron and was attacked by Francois (ep. 2). Francois captured the Küchenrolle and camouflaged it with a clunky hull (ep. 7). Adipositron went immediately to Cornus´ cave after he was freed from the asteroid. At this moment, Schlauchtussi arrived at the grave and discovered through her vision, that there were other corpses than her parents (ep. 3). She fought Adipositron, who was ambushing in the ruins. The explosion teared the flesh from her endoskeleton, she folded to an egg and fell into nuclear hibernation. Cornus forged a new porcelain mask for her in the years between episode 3 and 4, and gives it to her, now that she has awaked. The united fleet of Ilse and Antipirat arrive at the gas giant.
10 Remake of Episode 1 EH, YT, NG 00:02:45 Montag, 8. Februar 2010, 11:05:27 Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010, 12:44:36 Francois is at war against Van Burnscum over the last grease reserves. While Schlauchtussi is on a mission to free her parents, who have been captured by Francois to extract their hair fat, Adipositron appears and begins to randomly attack everything. She advances to the prison, but Adipositron destroys the building and she loses consciousness. When she wakes up, her mother is dead and Adipositron kills her father. Adipositron loads his main weapon and fires. The shot disappears immediately into the wormhole, together with Schlauchtussi, who suddenly was directly in front of the barrel (ep. 8). After that we see Cornus carrying the corpses of the parents away. Because Schlauchtussi rejected his first music box offer, he wants to bait her with them. He is hindered by Van Burnscum, who wants to stop the theft of the corpses. At this moment, Adipositrons boosted shot comes its way. Cornus stops time and makes a deal. In exchange for the corpses, Van Burnscum will hand over Schlauchtussi to him. He will build the fake grave to lure her to Cornus´ cave. They teleport away and the shot hits the planet. Cornus reveals his plan to couple Schlauchtussi and Adipositron. Zum ersten Jubiläum sollte die sehr kurze schlicht umgesetzte erste Folge mit dem aktuellen Stand der Technik neu gemacht werden. Herausragend sind die vielen handanimierten Egoshooter-Szenen.
11 Steam Garden EH, YT, NG 00:02:57 Montag, 31. Mai 2010, 10:45:06 Donnerstag, 16. September 2010, 10:11:18 The united Fleet arrives at the gas giant. The bombardment fails, so they storm the moons, to obtain informations in a ground offensiv. They get involved into battles with the Brotherhood of the Holy Triglyceride. One moon gets blown up by a suicide bomber. In Cornus´cave, Schlauchtussi evolves through the mask to a white porcelain doll with new powers. She taps the brain of Cornus´ mother plant, to learn, what she has missed in the years of hibernation. The plant and all its scions wither from that, also the part of Cornus, which is located in the Holy Triglyceride on the gas giant. The Triglyceride splits in its surviving parts Francois and Adipositron. Adipositron kills Francois, which reveals, that he has a music box heart, too. This music box controlled a large amount of his troops, who now automatically choose Adipositron´s music box as command source and immediately turn against the united fleet.
12 a ring-colored pocket foil EH, YT, NG 00:03:49 Sonntag, 5. September 2010, 16:24:33 Samstag, 13. November 2010, 14:30:12 Antipirat considers the loss of control over his troops a trick by bawd Ilse and breaks the alliance. Now it´s free for all. Meanwhile Schlauchtussi has arrived at the gas giant, too and flies without bothering about the battle directly to the palace og the brotherhood, hidden inside the sinister storm clouds, and slays everyone, who is crossing her way. She takes the blade of an especially tough guard and transforms it into her own energy signature, throws it, misses the opponent, but hits one of the moons. But the opponent´s shields are down and he gets struck by lightning. In the chaos on the flagship, Anaglyph-Nerd sneaks to a console from where he takes control over all Küchenrollen and aims their weapons at the gas giant.
13 wax as subtitute EH, YT, NG 00:04:13 Samstag, 13. November 2010, 21:16:48 Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011, 14:33:15 Schlauchtussi rushes through the corridors of the palace. We recognize the rooms from the vision of the archeologist (ep. 4). She finds francois´ corpse and is angry, that she can´t make him accountable for the toture of her parents. Antipirat has detected Anaglyph Nerd and shoots him, but the Küchenrollen are already programmed and fire. From all directions beams are dashing to the gas giant. They destroy the last remaining moon and the flagship of Bawd Ilse, but before they reach the planet surface, the music boxes stop time. Schlauchtussi has a vision of the candle (ep. 4) and that Francois gave her mothers´ corpse a new face of this candle wax, after he found her on the Küchenrolle he captured, after Van Burnscum brought the corpse there, after he made the agreement with Cornus. When the vision is over, the seven Porcelain Gods appear and tell Schlauchtussi, that only Adipositron knows the full truth about her existence. Adipositron attacks her from behind, but she counters and smashes his brain. His music box lets him remain alive. He tells, that her parents belonged to the Draftsmen´s Order, a secret society who designed the Küchenrollen. They also designed Schlauchtussi as a pencil sharpener. But when mechanical pencils emerged, pencil sharpeners became superfluous and they were used as cannon fodder in the grease war (ep. 10). Schlauchtussi interrupts Adipositron out of dismay and beats him. Meanwhile the music boxes are overloaded and can´t suspend the Küchenrollen anymore. The beams create a link between the musicboxes and the Küchenrollen, whereby a gate to another universe is opening. The music boxes were the key to the Küchenrollen, created by the Porcelain Gods, who searched for a way, to escape this world. The Gods vanish through through the beams and everything explodes. Adipositron expands his energy shield over Schlauchtussi. They note, that they have been elected as the successors of the gods. Adipositron continues to explain, that he knows those things about Schlauchtussi, because he was recreated from the fat of her parents (ep. 4), which Francois extracted during their imprisonment. With that, he inherited all their knowledge.
Season 2 (7 episodes, 00.29.59)
14 locust blessing EH, YT, NG 00:03:04 Samstag, 1. Januar 2011, 13:27:18 Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011, 13:37:59 In a seaport a man enters a bar. Before he can order something, his head explodes. Then the seaport gets attacked by a swarm of mechanical locusts. A troop of the private army of the Draftsmen´s Order rushes for help. They pick up an old man for a gathering and fly with a shuttle to a small, outdated Küchenrolle. When they are in the wormhole, the Küchenrolle gets attacked by the locusts, who noticed their escape. The wormhole collapses and the passengers perish halfway through. In the rings of a red gas giant, the gathering takes place. The chairman concludes, that the locusts, who are hunting for the draftsmen, could only be sent by Adipositron and Schlauchtussi, who wants revenge, since she knows the truth of her origin. With their new power, the couple has created an artifical scrap planet and the army of locusts from the debris of the battle.
15 memory of two halves EH, YT, NG 00:04:00 Samstag, 21. Mai 2011, 16:04:19 Montag, 20. Februar 2012, 19:22:53
Neuschnitt: Mittwoch, 27. März 2013, 21:43:01
Nersel, the chairman of the draftsmen passed away, Kreutlitz is elected as his successor. Maskeni, a surviving pencil sharpener from the battle of the gas giant has salvaged the blade, with which Schlauchtussi split the moon (ep. 12), and hands it over to the order. Because the blade was transformed by Schlauchtussi, it reflects current events concerning her life. The draftsmen observe a party of Francois´ relatives, the Le Theatre family. Adelbrand Zeigerschmied, the chief of the palace guard tells the host, that the last hope of the draftsmen is dead. Schlauchtussi´s undead mother, who was fucked by the undead Van Burnscum (ep. 7), has given an undead stillbirth. Then Adelbrand and the treacherous palace guard commit a massacre at the party. When the palace lies in ruins, he calls Adipositron and Schlauchtussi to fulfill Cornus´ plan to couple them. Their scrap ship lands on the planet, Adipositron fertilizes Schlauchtussi. The draftsmen decide to intervene personally.
16 Winds and Cubes EH, YT, NG 00:04:38 Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012, 19:47:38 ? 15.Dezember 2012 oder früher
Neuschnitt: Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012, 11:30:45
Schlauchtussi wakes up the next morning in the debris of their orgy. She and adipositron have lost their power, because it was transmitted to their offspring. Three draftsmen take the chance. Kreutlitz tears out the strikingly developed embryo out of Schlauchtussi`s womb. But Adelbrand is also there to take the embryo. He is, like Cornus Sanguinea, member of the Clock Makers Guild, a rival secret society. The still sleeping Adipositron farts, the gases ignite and the place blows up. Disappointedly Adelbrand notices, that the embryo got destroyed. The power of the porcelain seems defeated, immediately the waiting draftsmen´s fleet attacks the scrap sphere, but the enemy isn´t impaired. While Schlauchtussi and Adelbrand are distracted, the draftsmen compress them to little cubes. Draftswoman Enodher runs a simulation, how the survival of the embryo would have turned out. Adipositron strays around and encounters chairman Kreutlitz, who morphs into Cornus Sanguinea. It is a postmortal message, explaining that with the flatulence something from another universe came over. The locusts breach to the planet surface and kill their former master Adipositron. But the scrap shpere is heavily damaged and crashes into the planet. After three months, Schlauchtussi and Adelbrand get decompressed at the draftsmen´s castle. Meanwhile the draftsmen analysed the being from the other universe. It´s the foundling head, who was eaten and trespassed through the digestive tract. Bessere Software ermöglicht komplexere Bewegungen von Bildelementen, was für wesentlich dynamischere Raumschlachten sorgt.
17 what is raising EH, YT, NG 00:04:08 Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013, 17:31:43 Freitag, 8. November 2013, 20:51:20 At the draftsmen´s castle, Adelbrand and Schlauchtussi are chatting at dinner. Adelbrand assumes, that the flatulence has strong influence on the universe and wants to visit his deceased master Cornus in the afterlife. Cornus pre-empted the case, that something goes wrong with the first child of Adipositron ans Schlauchtussi. he injected a preservative to keep the sperm fresh inside Schlauchtussi, so it can fertilize further ovocytes. But she has aborted every single one. She attempts suicide, but fails, because she is a cyborg. Adelbrand enjoys her despair and tells her of the stillbirth by her mother. Schlauchtussi has a vision how war and chaos breaks out in the galaxy. Adelbrand is wondering, that there are no draftsmen present at the castle and discovers, that the dining room is a simulation. The draftsmen brought them unnoticedly onto Adelbrand´s personal ship. Adelbrand is confused and activates the self destruction in panic. Both die. Meanwhile the draftsmen fight against hordes of random enemies. In the afterlife the softwares of many fallen ones take shape. Here Schlauchtussi meets Adipositron again, who has taken his angel form to restart the circle from episode 1. Adelbrand is on his way to Cornus.
18 In this slime trail, too EH, YT, NG 00:06:30 Sonntag, 17. November 2013, 13:47:42 Montag, 15. Februar 2016, 12:45:50 The draftsmen are on the planet Ziukk to meet the founder of the order, who turns out to be Schuschinus himself. Adelbrand arrives at the gates of heaven and forces his entry. In the rest of the universe, the happy slaughtering goes on and quickly reaches Ziukk. Schuschinus goes on an important mission, the draftsmen fight against hordes. Soon, the foundling head hunters appear in their search for the escaped being, Adipositron farted out. Adelbrand has fought his way through and encounters Adipositron, who enjoys his afterlife. Foundling head and Schuschinus also join the illustrious circle. The latter swings his mighty tool, the Holy Pencil. Cornus joins in too late, to explain the happenings. Schuschinus mary sues the situation away, Adipositron falls back in time to his appearance in episode 1, Ziukk explodes. Erster Einsatz von 3D Animation. Aufwändigste Folge der gesamten Serie. Die erwähnte Hochzeit ist ein Verweis auf einen nicht veröffentlichten Comic und dient als direkte Verbindung, da alle Erzeugnisse von Schuschinus in einem gemeinsamen Universum spielen.
19 the fryer of youth EH, YT, NG 00:04:35 Dienstag, ‎15. ‎März ‎2016, ‏‎11:25:46 Montag, ‎23. ‎Januar ‎2017, ‏‎20:32:07 The only surviving Draftswomen of the Battle of Ziukk, Sime and Enodher, are patched up at General Phetrushpajapursk´s Flagship. He shows them a new Army, which is equipped with combat suits, that have been designed based on Adipositron´s data. Sime goes home, Enodher takes a suit and joins the battle against a holographic skull-planet of unknown origin, which is believed to be based on Adipositron´s data, too. After Enodher got shot, she finds herself rejuvenated on a planet surface with a crashed Küchenrolle. The ghost of Schlauchtussi tells her, that she is dead, but her soul shall animate the Schlauchtussi prototype in the past, who was comissioned by Van Burnscum and who is now complainig via time-call, that the timeline is changing. But Phetrushpajapursk is busy. The skull planet explodes under the massive bombardment, and with it the flagship. far away, two criminal investigators find an Adipositron collector´s box. They assume, the series would have fizzled out and will be cancelled. But the box opposes.
19,5 Adipositron 360° scenes YT 00:01:15 Freitag, ‎3. ‎Februar ‎2017, ‏‎12:05:44 Samstag, ‎4. ‎Februar ‎2017, ‏‎14:56:46 Der Anfang von Folge 19 in 360°, sowie ein Flug durch die Wüstenstadt aus Folge 18
20 Battle of the Küchenrolle (Remake) EH, YT, NG 00:03:04 ‎Freitag, 29. ‎April ‎2016, ‏‎11:34:36 Freitag, ‎3. ‎März ‎2017, ‏‎15:38:38 After the past has changed through Enodher´s software, we see the legendary Battle of the Küchenrolle again. For the most part, it proceeds as usual, but when the asteroid gets blown up in the end, it doesn´t contain Adipositron. It is empty, Adipositrons existence ends and with him the series. Für das 2. Jubiläum sollte die 2. Folge geremakt werden.
21 The wandering Servant Part 1 EH, YT, NG 00:03:31 Freitag, ‎6. ‎März ‎2020, ‏‎10:41:18 Dienstag, ‎16. ‎März ‎2021, ‏‎20:47:38 A servant dusts in the historical gallery of Kürol Basiswelt I, as the last battle of the grease war, in which Adipositron appears, flares up. He escapes with a shuttle through the kitchen roll and lands on Kürol Basiswelt II, while the holy triglyceride is attacking. Then he progresses to the battle for the porcelain gas giant, where the servant assists in the infirmary. The duel between Adipositron and Schlauchtussi is a little different because the timeline has been changed in the meantime. When the porcelain gods move away, we experience a flashback to Cornus' youth and the creation of the Schlauchtussi. The servant goes on in an escape pod. All deleted scenes of the series have been scraped together and complementend with new scenes to create a two-parter, that shows the story from the perspective of an insignificant extra. Of course, the scenes aren´t the current state of art, and weren´t the best at their time either, that´s why they got cut out. But they are an archeological treasure and enough material for two additional episodes. In the upper left corner, the red number indicates, in which episode the events take place. The green number shows which episode the scene originally comes from. An "E" means, that the scene has been extended, because it was incomplete or had to be adjusted for the flow of the plot.
22 The wandering Servant Part 2 EH, YT, NG 00:03:44 Fr, ‎6.03.2020, ‏‎10:41:18 Di, ‎25.05.‎2021, ‏‎17:47:12 The wandering servant is cleaning cleaning the bar on Küchenrollen Base World II, when the locusts attack. He is hypnotized by Adelbrand and taken to the Le Theater Home World, where he has to serve the party guests. He survives the historic massacre and wakes up on Küchenrollen Base World III, but is immediately thrown into Schlauchtussi's vision by Contralope. Schlauchtussi inflates him so that he ascends to heaven in time for her death to visit her there. He listens to Cornus' tales of the olden days, but then goes to Ziukk, where he saves Sime and Enodher, and escapes with them before the planet explodes. Arriving on Phetrushpajapursk's flagship, he makes himself useful as a tailor to adapt a fat suit to Enodher. The film ends with a prospect of the Alloy Gods, the next generation of the brotherhood of the holy triglyceride. Part 2 of the deleted scened special.

Groups and Characters

Logo Name Description Comment
- Küchenrollenreich
- Le Theatre Separatists
- Draftsmen´s Order
- Brotherhood of the holy Triclyceride
- Clockmaker Guild
- Porcelain Gods
- Trade Guild of Ziukk
- Moscher

visual encyclopaedia of the episodes 1 - 17

Adipositron Schlauchtussi Cornus Sanguinea Küchenrollenreich Streitkräfte des Küchenrollenreiches Bruderschaft des heiligen Triglycerids Erbe des heiliogen Triglycerids Hof von Francois francois Streitkräfte francois Streitkräfte francois Streitkräfte francois Streitkräfte francois Streitkräfte