Map of the Oucshrivland


The Oucshrivland is a magical parallel world that forms a bridge between Hurdelhabadan and the Adipositron Galaxy. It is the central setting of the series The Essence of Psychology.


Towns and Places

Image Name Description Comment
◩ Nulln Official capital of the Oucshrivland. The city is high in the mountains, where gravity is low and the snow reflects a lot of sunlight. That is why its inhabitants are tall and dark-skinned. Lamaduil's family comes from Nulln, but lives in Viern.
◩ Einsn
◩ Zwejn Industrial mining town, home to many small, crippled workers, the dwarves. Was captured by the Zombies and then destroyed by the Duck Division.
◩ Viern Headquarters of the brain research institute, first exile of Spai.
◩ ◩ ◩ Vünvn Largest city in the Oucshrivland, an important trading center. Was overrun by the zombies first. The surviving dwarf was here on a business trip.
◩ Hirndomaul University town, site of the great brain council and administration of the drug lobby. Is in dispute with Nulln for the title of the capital. The residents here are often discolored yellow from the drug fumes
◩ ◩ ◩ Castle of the Wizard and Potenxquell The source of all lakes and rivers in the Oucshrivland. This is where the Wizard´s castle is located.
◩ Desert Temple An old Seki temple with catacombs. The zombies awakened the mummies buried here.
◩ Swamp Temple Temple of the Monkey God

Brain Research Institute

◩ - Lamaduil The spokeswoman for the brain research institute is intelligent and well informed.
- Giuseppe He never speaks and seems mentally retarded, but that might be deceiving.
- Spiongo He spied on the Küchenrollenreich to get the Fryer of Youth Technology.
- The Knight
- Stephen Hawking

Colored Magical Circle of the Drogenlobby

Image Name Description Comment
- Eustachius The Wizardn developed the infectious hallucinogen.
- Roswitha Chairwoman of the circle
- Jesailu Pupil of Roswitha
- Gunnar Kadavritz archeologist

Fried Children

Image Name Description Comment
- - Hubert Was a rather inconspicuous boy before the frying, but afterwards his brain capacity was strengthened.
- Spai Crown Prince of the Hermaphrodites. Since he has no desire to rule, he is on the run. Ahoniag took the throne instead.
◩ ◩ ◩ Sinje, Lizei, Guzert 1
◩ Sikede
◩ Stillbirth

Duck Division

The Duck Division is a unit of the secret service of the Küchenrollenreich, which was entrusted with the search for the land of low resolution, and ended up in the Oucshrivland. For the sake of inconspicuousness, they wear special uniforms and move around on inflatable rubber ducks.


Image Name Description Comment
◩ ◩ Oxjau Head of the Duck Division, was entrusted with the secret mission "Low Resolution Quest", but died in a wormhole accident.
◩ ◩ Lurlem "Neoslut" The police officer switched to the secret service when the Timefight broke out. Her hair is sensitive to temperature changes. In the heat they turn black, start to burn and become soft and supple. When it is cold, they turn white, freeze and become stiff. Lurlem's Idol is the Schlauchtussi in her porcelain doll shape, which is why her favorite color is white. Little did she suspect, that she should retroactively animate the Pencil Sharpener body of Schlauchtussi herself.
◩ ◩ ◩ Duck Trooper ◩
shanghaied Crew
◩ Chappgem
◩ Eulenmann
◩ Teuflico
◩ Zeppelinkopf From the ocean of Küchenrollen Base World II


Image Name Description Comment
◩ U-Ship This type of ship was designed as a dock for the Buletten. It was used as an orbital patrol ship. The Duck Division equipped it with better sensors and defense systems.
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◩ Transport Ship A simple freighter, that can also be used for evacuation.
◩ relatively heavy fighter

Textile Dynasty

Emblem of the Textile Dynasty
Family Photo
The tailor family from the Space-Russian galaxy was once overwhelmed by their luxurious clothing. Now they are puppets of their textiles striving for a fashion dictatorship.
Image Name Description Comment
- Textile Father He doesn't talk to anyone whose clothes aren't the latest thing.
- Textile Mother
- Textile Baby
- Green Hooker A double agent, who works for the textile dynasty and for the duck division.
- Textile Sorcerer
- Baron Hefehut He had business with Munitio Appinelli and was defeated by Xit. Thereupon he ran over to the Greye. Xit has the ability to change her clothes through teleportation. This confused the Textile Baron, because as a textile lifeform, he sees clothing as the true self.
- General Schneider Security chief


Image Name Description Comment
- Nähmaschiff
- Scissor Fighter


Image Name Description Comment
- surviving Dwarf Dwarf from the mining town of Zwejn, who was in Vünvn when the zombie epidemic broke out.
- Neussad
- Red Armor Guy
- Dwarf with Helmet
- Cwitar
- Chrobol

The four Zombie Nations

Adults, who have lost their childlike imagination and thus the ability to hallucinate, become zombies. Their seemingly dead brains are left with routine programs that allow them to carry out dull work and senseless wars.
Image Name Description Comment
- Nation of the bloody Flesh
- Nation of the rotting Carrion
- Nation der withered Mummies
- Nation der bleached Bones