Brotherhood of the holy Triglyceride


Clockmaker Guild

Parking Planet of the Clockmaker Guild
An association that has penetrated the deepest secrets of its craft and that can not only measure the dimensions, but also manipulate them.
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◩ Cornus Sanguinea Cornus Sanguinea (bloody dogwood) is a mutated herbal life form that prefers to grow in dark, moist crystal caves. The last grand master of the clockmakers strove for power, but worked in secret. He could not train his rival students Francois and Adipositron to be successors, but he still used them for his own purposes. Together with the porcelain gods, he founded the Brotherhood of the holy Triglyceride for mutual benefit. Even after his death he continued to work. He engaged his new student Adelbrand to implement his plan to couple Adipositron and the Schlauchtussi.
◩ holy Triglyceride The fusion of Adipositron, Cornus Sanguinea and Francois was the first plan to take power, but it failed because Schlauchtussi killed Cornus' mother plant and the Tryglyceride decomposed.
◩ Adelbrand Zeigerschmied Cornus' ruthless and insane apprentice received post-mortem instructions. He has his own spaceship and his own parking lot, which was infiltrated by the draftsmen.


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◩ Clockmaker Flagship
◩ Spin Thing

Porcelain Gods

Emblem of the Porcelain Gods

Generation 1 (Porcelain Gods)

The Porcelain Gods are an ancient power from another dimension stranded in the Adipositron galaxy. They commissioned the draftsmen to build the Kitchen Rolls and set up a factory for porcelain-masked music boxes on a remote gas giant, which served as keys for the Kitchen Rolls. Anaglyph Nerd helped them ignorantly when he let all the Kitchen Rolls fire on the gas giant. The rays connected to the music boxes and opened the portals to their home.
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Porcelain Gods
◩ Porcelain God blue-yellow
◩ Porcelain God dark green
◩ Porcelain God grey
◩ Porcelain God green-red
◩ Porcelain God light blue
◩ Porcelain God orange
◩ Porcelain God purple
◩ Goldömmel
◩ Sichler The sophisticated music box has a crescent moon blade made of dark energy that was assimilated by the Schlauchtussi and used to split the red moon. The draftsmen were able to read out the energy signature psychometrically.
assimilated people
◩ Schlauchtussi´s Mother
◩ Van Burnscum´s Corpse
◩ Pilot 3


Image Places Name Description Comment
◩ ◩ ◩ ◩ Porcelain Gas Giant Large quantities of porcelain gas are mined here and forged into masks that can occupy a carnal host or mechanical bodies made by clockmakers. They have mysterious powers that are difficult to control. The containing fat refines the porcelain like in no other place in the galaxy. In the middle atmosphere is the Palace of the Porcelain Gods. The cloud cover causes strong juice-magnetic thunderstorms that deflect projectiles and interfere with sensors, which is why the information in the database of the Küchenrollenreich is incorrect:

43% porcelain gas
6% fat
51% undefined
Diameter: 169mm
Mass: -4g

◩ ◩ Porcelain Moon green This moon is full of acid pools and poisonous fumes that are used in etching workshops. Still, a few plants grow here. It was blown up by Krachdul.
◩ Porcelain Moon red A dusty moon that is used as a slaughterhouse and is therefore soaked in blood. This moon was cut in half by Schlauchtussi. Inside there is still magma that contains a clockmaker's forge.
◩ Porcelain Moon white A snow-covered moon with a cloud cover.
◩ Porcelain Moon gold An artificial moon made of solid gold, which was imported for the production of music boxes. This raw material store remained undiscovered.

armed forces

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Standard Trooper
Flying Trooper
◩ Porcelain Destroyer

Generation 2 (Family of Fat)

When the old gods returned home, they nominated Adipositron and Schlauchtussi, who were dueling in their palace, as their successors. They compressed the debris of the battle into a new mechanical planet from where the inexperienced couple unrestrainedly exploited their power. Cornus' plan worked and they fathered a child, but the draftsman tore the embryo away.
Image Name Description Comment
◩ Adipositron Destruction incarnate, misused as the plaything of the mighty. Despite implanted knowledge, his intelligence is limited, as is his range of emotions. His fat heart was long ago replaced by a music box. He followed Schlauchtussi cock-driven.
◩ Schlauchtussi After she had learned the truth about her existence, Schlauchtussi sent iron locusts with her new power to take revenge on the draftsmen who had created her as objects of daily use.
◩ Son 1 Cornus' plan produced this spawn. Adipositron and Schlauchtussi mated, with all of the ovocytes being fertilized at once. Only one zygote began to develop, but the draftsmen aborted it prematurely. The embryo died after his father's flatulence caused an explosion. But a simple explosion would not have been enough, the power of the foundling head was critical factor. Schlauchtussi aborted the remaining zygotes herself and served them to Adelbrand as Caviar.
◩ Rudolf von Fließzentner This unofficial son was adopted by the Neutrals and became a huge admiral.
◩ Son 3

armed forces

Image Name Description Comment
◩ Iron Locust The music box troops disintegrated after the withdrawal of the old porcelain gods. Adipositron and Schlauchtussi used the scraps of the battle to make new music boxes in the shape of locusts.
◩ Krab
◩ Mech
◩ Scrap Spere Adipositron and Schlauchtussi condensed the debris of the battle of the porcelain gas giant into an artificial, mobile planet. It served as a factory for the manufacture of new music box-powered combat machines. While the old porcelain gods preferred steampunk brass, the new generation of music boxes are chrome-plated.
◩ ◩ Dagger Ship This invasion ship can be shot down to a planet from a launch pad in the Scrap Sphere. The sting pierces into the target. Then the ship can be transformed into a walker.
◩ ◩ Chrome Fighter Type I
◩ Chrome Fighter Type II
Camera Innards

Generation 3 (Alloy Gods)

Concept for new masks and gods that never was used in the films.