The Essence of Psychology

The Essence of Psychology is an animated series by Schuschinus and continues the plot after the events of Adipositron. The title refers to a psychological theory, which is only indirectly the subject of the plot. The series is about a zombie epidemic in a magical land, opposed by the brain research institute.

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For informations about settings and characters view Oucshrivland.

Inhalt und Zeittafel

Episode Title Links Length Project started Film rendered Content Comment
1 The surviving Dwarf EH, YT, NG 00:06:02 Sa, ‎7.05.‎2016, ‏‎11:08:13 ‎Fr, 30.09.‎2016 The Candy Salesman demonstrates a contagious hallucinogen to Giuseppe, who then infects his son Hubert, who experiences through this the story of a dwarf in a city, that got destroyed by a zombie apocalypse, who gets commissioned by a knight to seek the wizard. After a long journey he finds the wizard´s castle. Meanwhile, several children listen to the tale of the dwarf. The wizard hands the hallucinogen over to the dwarf, to plant it into the groundwater, to medicate the zombies. Hubert calls a huge horse, which is the hallucinated form of his father. The children fly on the horse to a desert temple, which contains zombies. Meanwhile the Brain Research Institute holds a council. Chairmen are Giuseppe and Lamaduil, the parents of Hubert. we learn, that the zombification is caused by the loss of the ability to hallucinate, and the healing through the hallucinogen has failed. Also at the council is the wizard, who was disguised as the candy salesman. The children get overrun by zombies and the dwarf commits suicide. First 3D aniamted film.
2 The Brain Council EH, YT, NG 00:05:02 Mi, ‎18. ‎01. ‎2017, ‏‎11:46:52 ‎Fr, 14. ‎07. ‎2017, ‏‎17:59:14 Gunnar Kadavritz exhumes the zombified Hubert. The Brain Council attained the Fryer of Youth Technology through intelligence and tries it on Hubert, to reanimate him. The treatment is successful. They send an expedition team, to find the other children. In the endless swamps they get into a battle between the Zombies and the Küchenrollenreich. Here they meet Spai, one of the lost children. He is already healed by an official Adipoitron Fat Suit. While more factions join the battle, Hubert and Spai enter the near Swamp Temple. They get attacked by a statue and sucked into the ground. Also the other membert of the expedition get separated.
3 Low Resolution Quest EH, YT, NG 00:03:39 Mo, ‎28.08.2017, ‏‎15:24:37 ‎Mo, 03.09.2018, ‏‎12:00:27 On Küchenrollen Base World II still rages war. The Duck Division, Secret Service of the Küchenroolenreich sends a ship to the wedding on Nanetoya, shortly before the planet explodes. Their flight leads them to the remains of the battle of the skull planet (Adipositron #19). Phetrushpajapursk and Teletante repaired the crashed Küchenrolle, which is used by the Duck Division. But the wormhule is unstable, and the ship falls back into normal space. Oxjau, the leader of the mission gets injured. Neoslut´s hair ignites on a spark and she fears to come too late to the wedding. But Oxjau explains, that the wedding was only a pretext, the actual mission is to find the legendary Land of Low Resolution. Oxjau extinguishes Neoslut with water from his respirator. The water forms a temporary armor update. Before he dies, he tells her, that there is another version of him in 3D. In the end we see another mysterious character connected to the Duck Division. Low Resulotion Quest was planned as a separate series, but was integrated into Psycho Essence, because the production of took too long.
4 The 4 Zombie Nations EH, YT, NG 00:04:40 Mo, ‎17.07.2017, ‏‎18:58:39 ‎Do, ‎18.04.2019, ‏‎16:59:48 During the Swamp Battle: Jesailu and Gunnar Kadavritz go beneath the surface. The Brain Council learns through their historic projector, that some children have been rescued by the Duck Division. Lamaduil is preparing to go to a diplomatic summit with the four Zombie Nations at the mining facility Zwejn, to pursue further hints regarding the whereabouts of the remaining children. But before she leaves, Zwejn gets destroyed by a bomb attack. The 3D Version of Oxjau did it, because Negotiations with the Zombies are futile. He arranged instead a meeting of the Brain Council with the Duck Division, to promote the quest for the Land of Low Resolution. The Duck Division under Officer Neoslut is meanwhile on a planet of parched ocean floor. Spai and Hubert, who were sucked into the ground in the swamps, are digging out here. Neoslut doesn´t know of the other group of the Duck Division, who rescued the children and gave the Fatsuit to Spai. She thinks, they are the ones, who spied on the Fryer of Youth Project. She brawls with them, but when the sun sets, Neoslut freezes because of her temperature sensitive hair. At the campfire, she is thawed. Via a connection with the historic projector, Lamaduil fuses with Neoslut and arrives with Oxjau at the ruins of Zwejn. The Attack left a hole, through which they get into the underground. This was originally episode 3 and therefore continues the end of episode 2. In the middle of the production, Low Res Quest was integrated and the plot of this episode was adapted to merge both series.
5 No Power to social contacts EH, YT, NG 00:04:54 Fr, ‎19.04.2019, ‏‎08:52:35 Fr, ‎04.‎10.2019, ‏‎14:28:48 Deep beneath the ground of Zwejn, Lamaduil meets Jesailu and Gunnar Kadavritz again, who have fount the stillbirth in the catacombs. They bring it to the submarine, where Oxjau is waiting with a new crew. It appears, that the stillbirth is not responsible for the zombie epidemic, because it hallucinates its own afterlife. They fry the stillbirth and go to Nulln, the capital of Oucshrivland, where Roswitha is is in session with representatives of the whole country. Lamaduil confronts her, to tell the whole truth about the zombies. Blue Whale Cockroach and Van Burnscum once were members of the drug lobby and the Holoskull from Adipositron #19 were their secret laboratory, where they created the insatiable addiction to social contacts, which caused the zombies. Lamaduil is commissioned to search for the Blue Whale Cockrach. Meanwhile on the reglued Küchenrollen Base World II, Neoslut meets the Green Hooker, a contact to the Textile Dynasty, which might give her informations about the Land of Low Resolution, and also about the Blue Whale Cockroach. She hands over the coordinates and a fur coat, and Neoslut leaves with her new companions Spai and Hubert. At the orbital Küchenrollen Crossroad are many refugees from the planet, who clog the corridors. From the people-density and the warm fur coat, Neoslut gets hot flushes and her hair ignites, what clears the way to the parked submarine. They fly to the meeting with the Textile Dynasty. The cardboard model of the U-ship had to be digitized for some effects, which led to the first 3d scan.
6 Clothes make the Man EH, YT, NG 00:03:47 Fr, ‎04.10.‎2019, ‏‎16:53:16 Sa, ‎16.05.‎2020, ‏‎18:52:15 On the ship of the Textile Dynasty, a fashion show takes is taking place. The meeting becomes a debacle. Without the needed informations, our protagonists return to their U-ship and leave. They come to mind, that they haven´t checked the B-side of the cassette yet. Indeed, it contains a contact to the Bluewhale Cockroach, albeit he only wants to trade the informations for Neoslut´s soul. Meanwhile the U-ship arrives at Hurdelhabadan, on one of its versions the Oucshrivland is located. There is Lamaduil telepathically receiving report by Neoslut and discusses the further proceeding with the council of Nulln. The U-ship of the Adipositron Galaxy fuses with the U-ship of the Oucshrivland, which is parking on the lake. The timelines, which were splintered by Adipositron´s flatulence, are beginning to assemble again.
7 Phalling Phood Physics EH, YT, NG, 00:03:20 Mi, ‎20.05.‎2020, ‏‎15:53:54 Mo, ‎21.12.‎2020, ‏‎16:21:10 Hubert and Spai visit the Bumbalas, to bring them the head of Neoslut, who descends from them. She traded her soul to the Bluewhale Cockroach to get informations regarding the origin of the zombies. Her soul gets downloaded to the past (land of low resolution) and deployed as software for the Schlauchtussi (compare Adipositron 19). The obtained informations reveal, that the zombie plague is caused by the F-ships, which showed up since Adipositron 17 without explanation.
8 The Boltzmann Brain Hotspot EH, YT, NG 00:02:21 Di, ‎20.10.‎2020, ‏‎17:00:40 Di, ‎08.02.‎2022, ‏‎17:50:19 The zombies reanimate dead tyrants to use them as leaders for their four nations. Meanwhile, the Brain Research Institute is planning to make Boltzmann's brains materialize directly inside the zombies' heads in order to cure them of their brainlessness. Hubert, Spai and Lamaduil go to a Boltzmann Brain Hotspot, where there is a particularly high occurrence of brains. Boltzmann brain expert Gustav Uhlenqvist shows them the process on a captured zombie. The zombie is healed, but immediately dies from emotional overload. Gustav gives Spai a hallucinogenic drug (see episode 1), which is now being used as a catalyst to redirect the quantum fluctuation from the Boltzman Brain Hotspot to the zombies. Spai hallucinates the powers of the monkey god (see episode 2) and beats up a representative zombie. The beatings are causing massive brain formations in Oucshrivland. There, the Nulln troops take the opportunity to attack the distracted zombies.
9 Joining the Agents EH, YT, NG 00:03:04 Fr, ‎18.02.‎2022, ‏‎15:15:55 Di, ‎25.08.‎2022, ‏‎13:06:57 In Einsn the offensive against the zombies begins. Spai, Lamaduil and Hubert join the battle. In a bar in the big city, a delegation of the Kingdom of Hermaphrodites confronts the Green Hooker with her failure to extradite Crown Prince Spai on time. She is a multiple agent and had negotiated with the Hermaphrodites, experts in joining separate things, them to help her joining her split personalities in exchange. She accompanies the Hermaphrodites to Einsn to pick up Spai. There, the fleet of the Frms arrives to coordinate the attacks of the zombies they created, but receive word of their defeat. Spai boards an F-Ship and uses his hallucinogenic power to slaughter the crew. The effects of the drugs fade soon. The Hermaphrodite ship arrives and immediately opens fire on the F-Fleet, destroying the ship that Spai is on. Lamaduil points this out to them, but the Green Hooker suspects he can play the Power-of-Friendship-Joker in such extreme distress. One of the mysterious Moscher appears over the battlefield. The surviving zombies, not struck down by Boltzmann Brains, boast of their alleged strength and loyalty. Lamaduil gets an upgrade from the Moscher and attacks the zombies.
10 They take over now EH, YT, NG 00:03:24 Mo, ‎14.11.‎2022, ‏‎13:59:28 Do, ‎21.09.‎2023, ‏‎15:21:18 After the Battle of Einsn, the wounded are treated in the sickbay. While Spai argues with the hermaphrodite ambassador about his accession to the throne, Lamaduil brings the news that the Maschinensäcke are taking over the fight against the Freitaglandmänner, as they are their mortal enemies. Fearful of their explosive encounter and to avoid the coronation, Spai steals the Uboot together with Hubert and flies away aimlessly. They are pursued by General Schneider from the textile dynasty, who was on the track of the green hooker, who in turn had tracked down Spai. He seeks revenge for the destruction of the Textile Flagship in episode 6. He escaped the explosion and collected Hubert, Spai and Lurlem's clothes. Since, as a textile lifeform, he considers clothing to be persons and believes that he is in possession of hostages with which he wants to bring Hubert and Spai to surrender. But they don't care about their old clothes. General Schneider is defeated in a duel, but the green hooker intervenes. In the meantime, she has had her split personality united by the hermaphrodites in the sickbay, the final step out of her former existence as the chief taxidermist of the Textile Dynasty. She now advises Spai, who is running away from his responsibilities, to jump from the Uboot. Hubert wants to save him and falls into the depths with him. They are caught by the golden castle of the Maschinensäcke.