Freitaglandmänner and Maschinensäcke compared

Although there are ambivalent characters in the Schuschiverse, the roles of absolute evil and absolute good are clearly defined.

Ambivalent Terms

Everything the Frms do is bad, everything the Msäcke do is good. Because they use different causalities, they can sometimes do the same things, but the results are different. By means of pseudoreality, the Frms try to cement causality in a state that is as negative as possible, so that harmful effects or at least harmful side effects are assigned to many causes. When cause and effect are inflexibly linked, causes have connotations corresponding to their effect. Msäcke apply individual dream logic, which allows cause and effect to be combined flexibly. In addition, they are protected from the effects of external causes by the Panzercloud. From the Maschinensack point of view, it is not the cause but the effect that is decisive for the assessment.
Aspect Freitaglandmänner Maschinensäcke
Violence Violence is the Frms' primary form of communication. They want to manipulate causality in such a way that as many causes as possible cause pain, fear, loss and hate, so that one can hardly act carefree without causing someone to suffer. Violence is the most direct route to suffering, it is easy to use and seductive as a supposedly quick solution to problems. Violence escalates quickly and can often hardly be contained without counter-violence, which continues the spiral of violence. It is imprecise and causes a lot of collateral damage. Since the rigid causality inseparably associates violence with suffering, this leads to prejudices against fictional violence, and thus to prohibitions that spoil fun. Since Frms are internally convinced of this concept, they also experience violence on their own bodies in this way. Action is fun when it doesn't cause real suffering. Machinensäcke can realistically simulate combat for pleasure. All damage such as explosions and splatter have their full aesthetic effect, but they are painless and reversible. Violence is a game and therefore does not have a negative connotation. However, they know of the spoilage, violence causes when causality turns against living beings, and that the Frms want to spread this concept. But as long as they have internalized the values of freedom and joy, they cannot be harmed by external violence. With the help of flexible causality, they can also take violent action against evil without causing collateral damage.
Hedonism Excessive enjoyment and the avoidance of unpleasant things in pseudo-reality mean that a lot of bad things are deposited and are going to overwhelm you one day. This is damaging the reputation of joy and causes the emergence of anti-fun ideologies that glorify asceticism, work and suffering. Assholes who internalize this unculture are courted by the evil laws of nature and receive privileges such as resilience and assertiveness. Joy is the meaning of life, because only it makes it worth living. Msäcke live completely according to the pleasure principle and suffer no disadvantages as a result.
Hygiene Frms ensure that everything desintegrates into dirt and that this dirt is harmful to health, so that you have to constantly clean up. This is often used as an excuse to introduce completely exaggerated hygiene rules in order to cause even more work. Msäcke are naturally sterile and odorless. Their bodies clean themselves. They can be dirty voluntarily, but then they do not have to fear illness, because they are immune to everything and can remove any dirt without leaving any residue. For them, dirt is a stylistic device with no negative connotation.
Bureaucracy Bureaucracy is boring, incomprehensible and causes tons of artificial problems where there actually aren't any. It requires a lot of useless special knowledge, which everyone must forcibly be able to do understand, because one is punished for the smallest formal error. Msäcke like Mr. Stressman practice bureaucracy as a hobby, because stamps and mountains of files have their charm. Similar to expansive fantasy worlds, complexity can be enjoyed as long as the activity is voluntary and safe.
Duty The term duty is a euphemism for coercion. There are many unpleasant activities that are actually or allegedly necessary. This circumstance is then misused as a justification to call an unpleasant activity important and honorable. So they have a natural excuse to dictate people the interest in a certain topic and to trash them, if they are unlucky to have interests that are not in line with what is considered important. A nature or society that creates such a dilemma is a disease. It must only to be important, what is fun. And things are no longer fun as soon as they become compulsive. Duty can therefore at most be to stand up for freedom from all duties and for carefree joy in your own interest and to fight seriousness and coercion.
Responsibility Similar to duty, responsibility has a high reputation in pseudo-reality, although hardly anyone is happy to take it on. There, complex causal events regularly lead to disasters and injustices for which no clear culprit can be identified. Often there is neither satisfaction nor security. People are happy when someone is made a scapegoat, and whoever does it voluntarily is seen as a role model. With the Msäcke everyone is only responsible for himself and that means that you can determine the consequences of your actions yourself and which things have an influence on you. The causality can be adjusted, also retrospectively. Nobody should be restricted in their freedom just because the outside world is so fragile that everything has to be considered at all times.
Helpfulness The Frms do not create complexity out of love for abundance and variety, but to overwhelm people. They create the coercion to be able to do everything yourself or to always know how to organize help. Even getting help is complicated due to communication barriers. The need for help is considered a disgrace. Helping is so difficult and dangerous that nobody dares, and failure to provide help is punished. Basically, nothing speaks against supporting one another. But it is important that it remains a casual and uplifting business. Causality has to be careful not to bother you with undesirable problems that force you into need of help. Failure to provide help must never be criminalized. Rather, causality is criminal if it puts you in situations that you cannot deal with yourself.
Drugs The Frms use drugs to their full potential to harm people. The principle of granting a little joy first and then ruining your life even offers some advantages to their goals. Attracting people and making them dependent offers more opportunities to create suffering than to immediately scare them away with pure wickedness. The suffering is stronger when it is related to lost or potential joy. Drugs are particularly popular, as they damage people and the environment in addition to the consumer, which is why smoking is required by law. Msäcke are immune to poisons and diseases and can safely consume all drugs. The effect remains noticeable, but without any undesirable side effects. Addiction experiences can be simulated with full control. Drugs are completely legal on Hurdelhabadan and are manufactured and distributed on a large scale by companies such as Gogla.
Lethargy People are lethargic and go with the flow, grievances just persist. Even when individuals rebel, it is difficult to mobilize others. Of course, Msäcke have the right to be lethargic. But with them it is the pleasant things that are difficult to get rid of.
Habituation Habituation it is twice as bad. First it makes sources of joy lose its appeal over time, and then it makes it difficult to get out of your comfort zone. Everything that Msäcke enjoy doing repeatedly, remains always as beautiful and exciting as the first time. So they do not get used to joy itself, but get used to the fact that joy is felt in this way and that sources of joy once opened are always open to them. If someone wants to rob them of their usual fun, they man the barricades.
Not accepting truths In pseudo-reality, causality is hardened, there is only one truth. The Frms take advantage of this in two ways. On the one hand, it makes people victims of immutable laws of nature. One is forced to struggle with unpleasant truths and to fight against ignorance. On the other hand, they can systematically spread lies that will blind people to their own detriment. Then the representatives of both camps can be stirred up to create even more suffering. Msäcke do not let themselves to be blinded by lies. They take note of facts, but they will not accept them, if they don't like them. Because they can customize causality, they can create their own truth without denying the other's truth.
Copyright The Frms abuse copyright law to spoil fans' participation in a topic, to withhold inventions from society and to give rich bigwigs the laurels for the achievements of others. It's not really about respect for the author, it's just about money. There is no need for copyright protection, because respect for creativity and honesty are deeply rooted in their culture. Since there is no economy and no need to prove yourself, nobody needs to steal ideas. Rather, the dissemination of a work and the production of works based on it are regarded as appreciation. Ideas should be carried into the world and inspire others.