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House Haleb


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◩ Hirfas
◩ Kancalapirion The last lord of House Haleb belonged to the Plagi sect of Tsoub, who allow only 3 children, but he began to doubt when he used to deal with the house Appinelli. When his wife gave birth to twins at the third birth, he knew that his house was doomed. So he staged a feud with his friends from the Appinellis to inconspicuously bring his children to safety in the chaos and to resign in dignity by sacrificing himself on the battlefield.
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left Person
Ikanom The first daughter of Kancalapirion is wise and seductive. Her exile was a parallel dimension called Somnjugarung. Here she spent many centuries acquiring ancient wisdom and building a fleet to bring House Haleb to new strength. During this time, the moon fathered a son with her, whose eggshell she transformed into a Panzercloud. Her ultimate goal was to become a Mary Sue. She only knew the official story of the Appinellis´ attack and planned to take revenge on them. When Schuschinus was on the way to form an alliance with her, his diplomat Machete Appinelli fell into her hands. In captivity, he told her the true story. Together with the Maschinensäcke she now planned the takeover of the Tussi Syndicate. She used the old feud to rise up in the criminal organisation and got finally elected as president. She led the opressed working women to rebellion against the Frms. In the decisive battle she fought the personified Grey, whereby her 3 eyes got vaporized. Dr. Alkohol made a mask for her with Kradolni´s crew members compressed into diamonds as magical eyes. She became pregnant with a new universe, but she brought it to the Big Bang prematurely to defeat Mother Nature. She died, but transferred her spirit into her son using derivative technology and ascended to become a second mother goddess next to Amiro.
◩ Sevi The second daughter of Kancalapirion is thoughtful and conscientious. Her exile was a Progist convent, a pacifistic Plagi faction. When it came to a disput over the identity of Srugus, the founder of the religion, during the Plagi-Isopali War, the Progists were persecuted and Sevi got incarcerated. Nr. 83 freed her and went with her on a pilgrimage, which tested her belief in Srugus as well as in her patron saint Proge. It was all a lie and she went nearly insane. Nr. 83 tricked her into believing, she was Srugus himself, which caused more trouble in the sexist Plagi religion. After that she joined the Maschinensäcke. She met her older sister Ikanom, who tried to rebuild the Power of house Haleb in her exile. Ikanom offered her a high position, but Sevi was still a pacifist and wasn´t comfortable in a leading role.
◩ ◩ Kelarsul The third daughter of Kancalapirion is caring and trusting. Her exile was Sime's orphanage, from which she fled and lived in a stalactite cave on the opposite side of the desert. She went to Hurdelhabadan, became a biologist and lived a placid life. In 2016, she was bitten by Munitio, then disembowelled by Dumpling-Leah, but survived through a treatment with Schuschinus bathwater.
The fourth child of Kancalapirion is not worth mentioning. He came to the orphanage with Kelarsul. His body was taken by Usmai who became a demon and killed by Xit.
Faerien Ikanom's son, whom she fathered with the moon. His eggshell became her Panzercloud, and he himself her derivative.

style of the house

Its architecture is comparable to a mixture of elements of mesoamerican and oriental cultures with astronomical ornaments. The house colors are turquoise blue and gold. The members have light blonde to white hair and rectangular ears, which look round because of a complex optical illusion.

the Somnjugarung

The Somnjugarung is a dream world, which was used as an afterlife long ago by the Maschinensack tribe of the Uspiksälze under Üka Sigudalk III. The tribe migrated to Lüjydra, where a crystal lake formed in a bomb crater from the Time Fight. They built a burial vault with the help of odors. Heavy fragrances, which sagged into the rock and on which stones hovered. The Lul-water crystal, which is dedicated to the dream god Sewares, was desalted with soup-herb, that transformed into bouillon cubes by that, and then molded into crystalline coffins around the dead. This way, the dead were preserved and could enter the Somnjugarung. In 1998, Schuschinus built an experimental computer that could transfer one into a virtual reality. In 2015, a group of Big Brains secluded to the mountains of Lüjydra to explore the possibility of turning dreams into computer games. Guided by a vision of a stone found in Lüjydra exhibited in the Geological Museum, Xit went on an expedition with the Schuschinus family and met the Big Brains. Schuschinus recognized the connection between his computer game and that of the Big Brains. The expedition found a tree whose resin soaks the groundwater, allowing it to crystallize. Schuschinus' old computer was connected to this tree and the Big Brain beta software was played, and it turned out that all 3 worlds were the same: the Somnjugarung. Ikanom, through centuries of meditation arrived at the 4. stage to vanquish evil, transferred the Somnjugarung into an armored cloud, which became the new residence of the House Haleb.

space ships

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Ikanoms Armored Cloud
◩ ◩ Sky Pin A siege machine in the shape of a huge pin. It is dropped from space to the area to be conquered, where it can already cause considerable damage. The sting drills deep into the earth where it taps magma chambers. The magma is pumped up through hoses to be sprayed on opponents or form an additional defensive wall. At the bottom there are large Gurseg-tanks that can be drained into the landscape to corrode everything. In the ring around the central dome are numerous launchers for Gulbs rockets to destroy surrounding cities. If ground forces still manage to struggle through, the star-shaped outer walls serve to catch attackers in the crossfire.
Zesturatoch Class
crescent fighters These one to three-seated fighters are fast and maneuverable. They where already used in the time of great failures by the Maschinensäcke, long before their origin was known. They were produced in the Somnjugarung.