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Dumpling ans Mrs. Patzig: the original
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House Pacice

The house Pacice came to prominence by the pathological love of Hysteria to her daughter Dumpling, which culminated in a sect, as well as by the emancipation of Dumpling, which culminated in numerous blood baths.



In early childhood, Schuschinus had a double pack of cheap dolls. The stupid facial expressions of these dolls, called onion heads, inspired a number of games, such as ripping off their heads or, according to an unsecured memory, frying them in a toy pan. When they fell victim to the shameful transience, Schuschinus bought Dumpling and Mrs. Gruff as replacements. They developed their own story and initially had no connection with the onion heads. It was not until 2011 that they were mentioned as side characters in a comic and incorporated into the canon in 2021.


The characters Klößchen (Dumpling) and Frau Patzig (Mrs. Gruff) have their origin around 1998 as physical dolls. They initially lived in a hat, which they used as a houseboat. The arrival of the houseboat was loudly announced with the song "Schipper Schipper Schepper Schupper Schapper", which drove all people into flight because they knew that these people are extremely stressful contemporaries. Many of the behaviors and stories were characterized early on in role-playing games and partly put down in comics that unfortunately have not been fully preserved. The stories revolved around out of hand everyday situations such as shopping or school.

The sect "Dumpling´s Servants"

After that, more stories were added, including that of a sect, which was picked up in 2004 in the comic "JAKA". Here the important characters No. 83 and No. 271 were introduced. After 82 candidates failed, No. 83 succeeded to gain the favor of Hysteria and successfully establishing an infrastructure for a sect for the worship of Dumpling. Missionaries were sent out to ring doorbells. The missionaries told their victims that they had already decided to join, drugged and abducted them. At the cult site they were first led through magnificent rooms, then plunged into a shaft where they got enslaved. On the sealed off ground, they had to plant horse beans from which obedience-pills were made. The "Fist of Dumpling" was the fighting force that monitored everything and terrorized resisters. The slaves had to make offerings for Dumpling every day and to constantly express their love. The focus of the comic, however, was more on the Jaka and the fighting scenes, than on the events in the chambers of Dumpling. The sect was defeated by the Jaka. No. 83 and 271 experienced their own adventures after that.

Fist of Dumpling


Dumpling´s emancipation

In 2007, the lust killer Leah was introduced in the comic "Ycmi Ycer", initially without connection to Dumpling. Then it was experimented with making her an adult Dumpling. Even though it remained a mystery how she could change that much, it became a hugely popular character and provided plenty of storylines of outrageous violence and perversion.


In 2011, the character Dumpling was reused for the film series Findelkopf, without connection to the original plot. Also, in a new Dumpling-comic, all the old stories about the quirks of this family were perpetuated. This is the first time the fusion of Dumplings´s and Leah's mind has been presented, but the origins of Leah remain enigmatic. She could be Dumpling herself, from a different timeline.

Important members of house Pacice

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Family Pacice
- Hysteria / Mrs. Gruff - Hysteria Pacice, called "Mrs. Gruff", is a single mother, who adores her daughter Dumpling and makes her her sole purpose in life. She wraps her in cotton and seals her from the outside world. She nurses her daughter with various frothed body liquids and anoints herself with her tears. She is extremely distrustful and aggressive towards everyone else. Since she often goes shopping to buy gifts for her Dumpling, the others are not spared from that. She regularly complains about the products because they are allegedly too dangerous for Dumpling (for example, she might hurt herself on the corners of a pillow). In reality, the products break within a very short time because of Dumpling´s rage. Although Hysteria is plagued by her daughter, she is blind with love and annoys everyone with endless praise of the loveliness of Dumpling.
Dumpling - Dumpling - A spoiled, egomaniacal, tyrannical brat with pathological penchant for the color pink. She responds to every little thing with panic attacks, outbursts of rage and various disease symptoms. The paternity is unclear. She has a self-healing power that allowed her to survive a decapitation that was held for popular amusement in wartime. Her body was to be served as roasted meat at the victory celebration, but was forgotten in the fridge. Her head is screaming louder for permanent, undivided attention ever since. While she is otherwise completely uneducated, she has a precocious linguistic proficiency that she uses mainly for insults, threats, and self-pity.

In the Radiator Period, Dumpling was found alone in the oil desert, and became known as Foundling Head

Leah Leah - No. 83 bought the daughter of a maid of the House Haleb for a low price to use her body as a substitute for Dumpling, after she was beheaded. Her mind merged with the one of Dumpling. The narcissism remained, but her dependence changed into a drive for freedom expressed through nymphomania and bloodthirst. She is mentally unstable, tends to uncontrolled violence, in which anger and lust can hardly be distinguished. She loves to mutilate and gut her victims. In the disput over Dumpling´s unclear paternity, Srie Isomerie made claims. The wannabe-god deleted Leah´s right arm from her genome, why she lost her arm on many timelines retroactively.

When Nell once helped her, a love-hate relationship dveloped and they celebratd a pompous wedding, only to divorce right afterwards. But they met again every now and then. Leah fell in love with Munitio Appinelli because he was as bloodthirsty as she was. They ruled the mafia together for a while. When Xit defeated Munitio, she captured Leah by using Dumpling's hollow head as a compression vessel. Leah was pregnant by Munitio and had less and less space in her head, until she broke free.

It appeared, that she wasn´t pregnant at all, but had cancer beyond terminal stage and only survived because of Dumpling´s healing power. She finally fused with Nell, whereby her cancer cells reacted with Nells transplanted Rien cells in an giant explosion. Both were revived using the derivative technology.

- Ourrge Grandmother of Mrs. Gruff. She also has a preference for the color pink, but not as extreme as Dumpling. She headed a mecha combat unit that had the first contact with the Plagi. She drinks large amounts of coffee.
- Klunkerliese Mother of Mrs. Gruff. An smug nouveau riche who attaches great importance to fine society and maintained close contacts with aristocratic houses. She got Hysteria a job as a maid in the House Haleb.
- Klunkerkarl Also a nob, but who has little to say under the knuckle of his wife.
◩ Zwiebelkopf M The Onion Head siblings often played the following game: The boy is lying around, apparently paralyzed. If someone rushes to help him, the girl comes out of her hideout, beats the helper and says: "Leave the boy alone!". The boy often said the words: "This is righteous!" His sense of justice was very conservative and unreflected. One day his sister disappeared and he was the victim of many experiments. He was put into a witcher by kartoffelsack. His head was ripped off, which was then placed on the window sill as decoration, or wrapped in a blanket, or put on a light blue shampoo bottle or a white funnel. He changed his personality, put on a light yellow dress, and became very vain and bitchy. Soon his hair fell out and he too disappeared.
◩ Zwiebelkopf W She had a close relationship with her brother. According to unconfirmed reports, she is Ms. Gruff. She and her brother fathered a child, and as a punishment she was sent to the House Haleb as a maid. There she gave birth to Leah, but her daughter was taken away from her. But she still had DNA left over and cloned Dumpling from it and swore she would never leave her new child's side. She fled and built the sect. When Mrs. Gruff ordered No. 83 to get a new body for Dumpling, he brought Leah back to her, but Leah and her mother no longer recognized each other.
affiliated persons
- - No.83 - The master of manipulation is not related to the Pacices, but began his career as Hysteria´s assistant and sect priest. He helped Hysteria, who stood alone with the adoration of her daughter to build a cult, that was quickly defeated.

After that, he often changed sides and always to jumped on the bandwagon to secretly pursue his own plans. In the Timefight, he made it to the top of the Plagiarism. Meanwhile, he trained his student No. 271 on, but he slipped away. After the Timefight, he was affected by some mellowness of age, yet he is still involved in many criminal activities, especially in human trafficking and political intrigues. His services as an informant are welcome. Besides, he runs a brothel for unusual preferences. His preferred clothing is the monk's cowl, which gives him a deceptive aura of modesty.

Nell Nell Angisar - Nell was raised on the streets of Divertikelhaven by Plush-Ears and adopted an animalic body language. Although she almost never went to school, she was active in a school band as a singer and guitarist. Her voice has a unique, slightly hoarse yet soft sound from drug use. She is basically cheerful and adorable, but her careless and impulsive actions sometimes make her look ruthless and often get her in trouble. Nell feed almost exclusively on drugs, why she suffers from regular spasms and breakdowns, but always has the right antidote for dangerous situations of any kind. Out of a mood, she helped Leah, which led to a difficult realtionship. She went on a drug diet, but she backslid after a quarrel with Dumpling-Leah and died from an overdose. after that, her mind was transplanted into the body of her current boyfriend Zisuke. When he also died, his head, which was preserved by drug provisions ins Nell´s earrings and still contained her mind, got transplanted to a Rien body. This body reacted explosively with Leah´s cancer cells.
Family of Nr. 271
- - No. 271 His father worked at a distant space station. He was parked in front of the TV as a toddler and stayed there for many years, until one day the Dumpling´s Servants rang at the door. They kidnapped him and subjected him to torture and brainwashing. He served as a hatchet man in the Fist of Dumpling. But his loyalty was not Dumpling´s, but No. 83´s, who held the strings in his hand.

After the disintegration of the sect, he joined with his master the Culsits, but this sword fighting cult was destroyed, too, and No. 83 died temporarily. No. 271 wandered around with Electronica and was split into a good and a bad version of himself in a battle by a magic cutting disc. His evil half went out of control and fused with various partners until it was destroyed. His good half was complemented by cyborg parts. In battle he proved to be extremely tough. So he was still standing, after his entire body had been replaced by artificial parts and these were ground to metal chips. He then rose to the light form and turned against his old master, who now led the Plagi. In the tournament, he fought for Schuschinus and was hit by a time attack that rejuvenated him to the point of becoming an egg again. The egg has been stored and not been seen since.

The naming of the sect members with numbers has the purpose of depriving them of their individuality and of appearing evil to the reader. The choice of the numbers was based on comparable criteria as 42.
- Brunz Brother of No. 271 who denied sect membership. Later he fought with No. 271 against Electronika and was overrrun in the process. His name is derived from "Br v N2", which is an abbreviation for "Brother of No. 271".
- Prodaahrt Father of No. 271, worked on the Srerupaku space station, trade hub, border control, detergent store, which was run by a body of confused old people.
right one
Tenisha Tenisha is the daughter of No. 271 and Dumpling Leah on the alternate timeline on which the tournament took place. For a long time she worked as an exorcist in the service of the Tussi Syndicate. When it was disbanded, she accepted the position of Schuschinu's diplomat because Appinelli was temporarily absent.


Their first residence was a houseboat. In retrospect, that's a problem because Dumpling would have become seasick. Since 2002 there was a villa. The pumpkin villa is made in soft pastel tones, especially pink. Dark colors are avoided because Dumpling fears the dark, but the light must not dazzle, so lamps are diffused and dimmed. Edges and corners are avoided, because of the risk of injury to Dumpling. There are no doors inside, only curtains, because Dumpling could get stuck and so you can quickly rush to her aid. To the outside everything is hermetically sealed off with airlocks and decontamination chambers so that Dumpling doesn´t get sick. The rooms are heated to Dumpling´s body temperature. Floors and walls are upholstered with thick plush and soundproofed. No noise is allowed to disturb Dumpling´s sleep. Motifs of hearts, sheep and clouds serve to soothe Dumpling. Food must not have a strong taste except for extreme sweetness. The Dumpling-Carrier is a special vehicle and the only way to safely transport Dumpling. It is equipped with strong inertial dampers, which make any vibration and movement unnoticeable. The soft, sterile bed is roofed and usually covered with curtains to protect Dumpling from prying eyes and the sight of the outside world.