Dr. Alkohol

Dr. Alkohol is the most famous doctor of Hurdelhabadan, based in the capital Banania. The talented general practitioner and specialist in plastic surgery and prosthetics sees himself as a flesh artist. For him, living things are only then really alive, when they are dismembered and cobbled together again. Over-zealously, his treatments often go further than needed and patients find themselves as monsters and cyborgs. From the organic waste of his surgeries always accomplished in a drunken state, he builds new creatures. Organ trade and cloning belongs to his repertoire as well. He has implanted a recycling system that makes him independent of food and sleep. He can be in many places at the same time and is always there to help with an emergency. He does not accept money because he practices out of passion. He is considered one of the brightest minds of Hurdelhabadan and has made quite a few inventions such as armor spray, bandolier braces, sewing pen, panoramic vacuum glasses, or skin hotspackling. He also uses Hitulonik and eye bouncy ball salt.


At the age of about 6, Schuschinus gave a toy figure, which unfortunately fell victim to disposal, the personality of a drunk doctor who always carried out absurd treatments. Another toy figure called Gemüsekopf became his assistant. At that time he was considered a terrible doctor. A lost picture showed him using Gidde during a dental treatment.

In 2000 he was first mentioned in a comic, incompetently treating a smoker's leg. He later got his own hospital, whose visual representation was not yet uniform. His image changed to a mad scientist. His treatments no longer ended in disaster, but were experiments in which patients were upgraded with cyborg technology against their will. In this sense, Dr. Alcohol very competent.

In 2003 a detailed elaboration of his character, his activities and his laboratory followed. He still made Frankenstein-like experiments, but he also had regular patients who trusted him and could expect good treatment. From an initially incompetent doctor he developed into a genius who can cure any disease with unorthodox means, but who often deviates from the plan out of pleasure and scientific interest. From now on he is a regularly recurring figure in the Schuschiverse. His brilliant skills make him always keep a cool head.

Dr. Alkohols surrounding people

image name description comment
Gemüsekopf (Vegetable head) The personal assistant of Dr. Alkohol has a coil spring as a spine and sucker cup hands. His catchphrase is "I am a little Heitata"
Grandpa Alkohol A skull that Dr. Alkohol is very fond of. He built a robot body for him.
Donnerfaust (Thunder Fist)
Wischlappen (Wiping Cloth)
Hirni member of the Big Brain Club
Radarm (Wheel Arm)
Kopf Schnipper (Head Cutter) A patientoid with pincer hands, who frequently appears on battlefields and cuts someones head off as a running gag.
Within Dr. Alkohols´ masterpiece of flesh art
Patientoid Cast from flesh paste, cloned and with bionic implants reinforced army, that sleeps in underground cocoons. They were bred for the Timefight, were used in the defense of the city.
2 Kopf
Doro The first daughter of Anzugheini went to Dr. Alkohol, because she could not stand the family quarrels. She was a capable employee, but she decided to exterminate her family. In pursuit of her last living relatives, she drowned in the Antarctic Ocean.
clones of Dr. Alkohol
Prof. Wackelpudding (Prof. Jelly)
Dr. Pastete (Dr. Pie)
miscellaneous fellows
prosthetics salesman The owner of the nearby prosthetics shop counts Dr. Alcohol to his regular customers. He is also the founder of the renowned peg-leg manufacture of the Schuschiversity, which trains people in the fine art of prosthesis manufacture.
Guga Dr. Alkohol´s mother
Gagel Dr. Alkohol´s father
Dr. Schlorz
Dr. Hodenwichser (Dr. Testicle Jerk) A sadistic doctor, who reads the newspaper with great excitement, to feast on terrible news


The submersible hospital at the seaside, called K-Complex has two large domes with various labs and treatment rooms, a pier, a heliport, an underground cloning factory, and direct access to the municipal hospital. Inside, there are many liquid-filled stasis capsules called cocoons, in which patients or individual organs can be preserved, and a furnace, where spare flesh paste is made from organic waste, which can be formed into new organs by means of casting molds or 3D printing. In addition, there are many unclad machines with tubes and robotic arms, whose meaning is only understood by Dr. Alkohol.