signet of the Plagi


The Plagi were a 14 universe spanning religious empire. In the New Heyday, they invaded the Schuschiverse, but were significantly weakened in the following wars. The empire broke up into many factions. When it came out that Srugus was a woman (Which, however, was just fake. In truth, Srugus never existed), the sexism-based beliefs were completely broken and the plagi got lost in other cultures.


The origin of the Plagi is a mystery. It is believed that No. 83 had a finger in the pie. Legend says that the religion was founded by Srugus, who was above sin and could justify any crime. His followers tried to imitate him by following the path of sin in order to overcome it, knowing that they would never succeed. As is customary in religions, what is considered a sin has been arbitrarily determined by some frustrated old men and is freely interpretable. Over the millennia, the original teachings were lost, yet formed a powerful institution that denied this circumstance and claimed the interpretational sovereignty and ruled with brutal strictness. They spread war because it was considered the greatest sin and therefore the true path. At the same time, the suffering caused by it was just punishment, both for the opposing unbelievers, and for the own people, who see themselves as unworthy to du their sacred duty. In the end, the legend of Srugus turned out to be just a huge hoax. Schuschinus had faked the chronicles.

the Plagi Plague

In their missionary work, the Plagi used the spread of disease. Those unwilling to convert were punished with the plague that struck them. But deep believers were able to survive the plague and thus mummified themselves. This was a necessary step toward becoming a priest. Those who survived had to make a pilgrimage to Srugus' birthplace to collect their terror scepter. The priest was able to spread the plagipest again.



Originally, there was only one Plope, but due to the worship of sins, several ones were tolerated. They are characterized by a collar, which is an inverted stiffened stole, the ends of which are up.

the Plagiarism

◩ ◩
To regulate the plethora of Plopes, the Plagiarism was introduced, whose Plaginals took care of who was elected as Plope. When No. 83 crowned himself a Plope, he disempowered the Plagiarism. He let the Plaginals made obedient with the other method by Dr. Hodenwichser. After its downfall, the Plagiator took over the function of the regulating council.


The ordinary Plagi priests are called Plagiore. They have gone through the plague and been disfigured by it. They wear cowls made of luxurious fabrics and usually a stole with a rectangular pattern. Their terror scepters are wooden sticks with energy crystals that allow teleportation of pathogens or gunfire.


symbol image name description comment
◩ ◩ Standard Plagi
◩ lost Gongurai A group of Gongurai who turned away from Master Hu Ren Son and followed Medalgus, the disguised Woherej. They returned to Master Hu Ren Son when Medalgus was unmasked.
Hermaphrodite-Plagi Although the Plagi are extremely sexist and consider every deviation from the norm as a devil's work, they have tried to convert the hermaphrodites. This happened in the turmoil of the Zeitkampf and was not successful. Ahoniag took the throne and repulsed the plagi. The fact that they are still listed here is because the few semi-converted hermaphrodites used another armor type which makes them worth mentioning as a separate group.
◩ ◩ F-Plagi To convert the indomitable Hurdelhabadan, the Plagi formed an alliance with the Frms. The Frms saw in their religion a welcome instrument of terror that they could make their own. After the Zeitkampf, they took over much of the Plagi empire and banished their decorative architecture. Since then, the Frms wear modified Plagi armor.
◩ No. 83´s Plagi In the Timefight, No. 83 intrigued to the top of the Plagi empire, but was quickly overthrown again. But some followers were faithful to him, especially after the Frms reformed the Plagi. No. 83 gave them pink armor in homage to his time with the Dumpling´s Servants
◩ Tsoub The Tsoub believed that by dropping every 4th opportunity, the relation of matter reverses, creating a pulsation that ensures the heartbeat of Srugus, waiting to return. They developed a great fear of the number 4, but their influence was too small for this view to prevail.
◩ Progists The Progists worshiped Proge as a saint because she allegedly lived very chaste, which was certainly not the case. The Progists were a pacifist and comparatively free-spirited group, which made them unpopular with the traditionalists.
◩ Usmaians When Usmai killed the last priest, some Plagi believed he was Srugus, who had come back to exterminate the heretics. Usmai led the Plagi into civil war, which ultimately put the final nail in their coffin.



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The turquoise-green sheen of most Plagi buildings is characteristic.

space ships

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Their spaceships evolved from cathedrals as the Plagi needed moving missions.