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House Appinelli

Appinelli is a noble house from the prehistoric times of Hurdelhabadan, founded by Megalorn the meek, second boss of Hurdelhabadan. Megalorn agreed to negotiate with the Frms and was murdered by them yet at the negotiating table. The house built up a friendship with House Haleb, but staged a bloody conflict. When Artillero sounded more moderate and sympathized with the Maschinensäcke, the Frms planned to eradicate the entire family, but the children Munitio, Machete and Florette survived. Under Hurdelhabdan's progress, aristocracy lost all its meaning, but Schuschinus, while preparing for the Timefight at the end of the new heyday, made use of the remaining influence of the title on backward noble houses outside to win them over for his business. Machete Appinelli rose to the personal ambassador of Schuschinus.


One of the many literary crimes that we were forced to read at school was Emilia Galotti by Lessing. There is an Appiani and a Marchese Marinelli. The melodious names penetrated through my dislike and inspired a character and story line. The name Machete derives from Marchese and has nothing to do with the movie series of the same name, which I would have preferred as a topic. Even though a machete is primarily not intended as a weapon, the other family members were more or less appropriately named after weapons.

important members of House Appinelli

family tree of House Appinelli
image name description comment
Machete - Machete - In his youth, he often run away at night with his friend Henry Harvey, who lived in the forest. They were enjoying the exhumation of a secret mass grave of people who the Frms wanted to disappear, when they also attacked his family. He then sank into apathy and did not realize that his brother abused the rest of the family. He take up service as Schuschinus´ diplomat and professional killer. On his journeys he had relationships with countless women on different timelines and a number of children, but he is incompetent as a father. As he met his siblings Munitio and Florette alive, his repressed memories returned. To protect Xit he dueled with Munitio, where it took him to the virtual parallel world Somnjugarung. There he was captured by Ikanom, who wants to avenge the House Haleb. As the first representative of his house, who appeared in the comics, he is usually called Appinelli.
- Munitio - Machete's older brother escaped the attack because he had an affair with the maid Marlene. He killed the guilty Frms and took over the power. He also had secretly spent the nights at the cemetery, became a vampire and fell for the evil. He abused his family until he and Marlene were killed by the mafia one day because he did not want to sell Florette as a slave. As a vampire, he survived the assassination and went underground for some time. Meanwhile Machete joined the Maschinensäcke. Munitio brought the mafia under his control and recaptured the abandoned manor of the Appinellis. He abducted his daughter Lanzia from another time line and hunted for Xit. Xit faced him and tore his heart out. His ghost haunted and persecuted Xit for a while, but when she happened to visit a temple of Sewares, the god of rest, Munitio was overwhelmed by sleep.
- Florette She survived the massacre due to Dr. Alcohol skills. She was abducted by the mafia to work in the theater, but proved to be extremely unruly. The mafia boss then released her, but infected her with a genetic poison that would kill her if she got too close to her relatives. So it became.
- Lanzia The daughter of Munitio and the maid Marlene was born on another time line, where Munitio wasn´t a vampire and lived happily. Munitio abducted her, abused her, and dumped her in the sewer. After Xit killed Munitio, she found Lanzia and took her to the Maschinensäcke. She became the sole heir to the Appinelli assets because Xit waived. Ikanom tried to incite her against Xit, which, however, was part of her plan to take over the Tussis.
- Degen Died as Emryo at his parents' massacre. As an angel, he crashed into a glacier and froze. In the radiator period he was found and thawed. He went to the Summit Chairsitter, who gave him the assignment to search for Xit to modify a prophecy concerning her. After a journey through time he found Xit, but was unable to fulfill his mission. Xit, meanwhile versed in the power of imagination, rejected the heteronomy by prophecies and released Degen from his service.

style of the house

The Appinellis wear old-fashioned clothing, often with a bib Jabot, which can also be seen on their coat of arms.

important members of the House Pjasmeidio

coat of arms of House Pjasmeidio
House Pjasmeidio was a rather insignificant prist family of the Plagi, which became known through introducing the downfall of the Plagi and with Xit introducing an important character.
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- A fanatic Plagi priest holding on to the sinking Plagi religion until the end. There was a prophecy in his family chronicle stating that Srugus, founder of the Plagi religion, would be reborn as a woman. Shocked, the sexist devoured the chronicle and replaced it with a fake one. 15 years later, after failing to execute his daughter Proge, he ordered the half-demon Usmai to destroy his granddaughter Xit to prevent the prophecy. He transferred his powers to Usmai, but in return demanded celibacy. Usmai refused and killed him.
- Proge The daughter of a religious fanatic was about to be married to a brutal club carver. After she was caught having sex with Machete Appinelli and showed no remorse, she was supposed to go to the stake, but escaped when the Isomerie Palisades attacked the city. No.83 and Sevi arrived from the future to pick her up. Her child of Appinelli (Xit) she initially wanted to abort, but then sold her on the advice of No. 83 to the local orphanage. Fifteen years later, Juliak Xarifiar used Proge as a decoy to get Xit and murdered her. Proge became a martyr and her story spawned a new faction among the Plagi, the Progists. However, they were ill-informed and confused her into a pacifist heroine.
- - Xit - As unwanted daughter of the run-down nobleman Machete Appinelli and the renegade daughter of a Plagi priest Proge Pjasmeidio, she was given to an orphanage shortly after birth. Life in the slum was initially uneventful. At age 14 she stabbed her second best friend Usmai in the affect, because he had survived an attack of the Frms in contrast to her best friend Feuk. She then fled to the desert, where she completely lost her connection with reality and was picked up by her father, who brought her to Hurdelhabadan.

Schuschinus realized her potential and affiliated her into the innermost circle of the Maschinensäcke. The mentally unstable and naïve illiterate learned very fast, read countless books with a special interest in history and occultism and enjoyed a personal magical training under Kartoffelsack. She developed strong telepathic abilities and unconscious defense mechanisms. Diverse prophecies suggested a relation to her, why many were interested in her. Thus she was hunted by Usmai, who had been resurrected as a half-demon, the Frms, the Greye, and her uncle Munitio. She is not very eager to play a significant role and prefers a calm life. She likes to eat Rollmops and fried locusts.

style of the house

Instead of the usual gray-green Gothic style of the Plagi, the house Pjasmeidio preferred black polished marble and renaissance-style architecture. After the destruction of the planet, the house fell. Proge put off the Plagi habit and was happy to finally be able to wear individual clothes. Xit had nothing but rags in the orphanage, with the Plagi she connected nothing. She chose her own style upon her arrival on Hurdelhabadan, combining the elegance of the Appinellis and the convenience of the Maschinensäcke.

other important people with connection to the Appinellis

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- Henry Harvey of the Chair by Scissors Machete's best buddy lived in the woods next to Appinelli manor. Later he moved to the Stammbäumer Woods near Divertikelhaven. He is very fast with decisions.

height: 1,856 m
weight: 89 kg
birth: 65.17.1139
eye color: orange
hair color: brown with blue hairline
features: scar from left foot to right shoulder, 8 fingers on right hand
hobbies: archery, throwing stones
drugs per day: 4 Flosmischt pears
parents: Stu Slu of the Chair, Knori by Scissors

- Sime Rames sister Sime took over the orphanage, but she was a member of the draftsmen´s order and mostly traveling. Against attempts of the Frms to shut down her orphanage she fought resolutely.
- Lena Peiwes She began her career in Divertikelhaven. She determinedly worked her way up to a professional belly ball player and steeled her body in wars and combat tournaments. But one day she was just a TV whore. During an appearance in the Achim Klüpp Show, in which she pushed a 1.50m dildo through the entire digestive tract, her body was torn in half. Disenchanted, she took part in a suicide bomber flashmob against a labor glorification parade of the Frms. On a separate time line she had a daughter with Machete (Iri).
- Loi Angisar Son of Machete and Nell on another timeline
Iri Iri Peiwes Daughter of Machete ans Lena Peiwes on another timeline
- Usmai Xit´s second best friend at the orphanage loved her best friend feuk, but could only express love through evil actions. After his death he bacame a demon, because his father was the Föma. He was hired be Grandpa Pjasmeidio to kill Xit, but took over part of the plagi and instigated a civil war. After he failed to kill Xit, he was chastened for the moment. On the Maschinensäcke´s side he fought against the Greye, where he lost his demon powers. With the Hermaphrodite prince Tiam he joined Munitio and perished at sentry.