Logo of the Kugelkreuz


The Kugelkreuz (Ball Cross) is a cult that whorships violence. They live in underground shafts and abandoned buildings to appear unexpectedly and indiscriminately slaughter people. They bathe in blood and delight in torn corpses. They were among the main villains in the Era of great Failures.


- - -
The origin of the Kugelkreuz is the DadaNo worship. This was an hereafter for warriors who could kill each other every day there, created by the Föma. At the beginning of the Era of great Failures, a book about DadaNo was published with many exercises and examples of how to kill particularly gory. This "Blood Book" consisted of modified exercises from the language class. It was probably written by Fiesling himself, since he was initially working as a teacher. He was notorious for his sadism and used to assign a ton of homework early in the class. He fenced the school with barbed wire and built a throne room for himself. He began to recruit violent adolescents as henchmen. At marches there were first riots.

As the cult grew, Fiesling moved his base into the sewers and extended it to a branched complex. This made it possible for the members of the Kugelkreuz to apper out of nowhere and commit terrorist attacks. They also kidnapped people to try new cruel killing methods on them. Fiesling collected trophies such as preserved organs and chopped off heads, with which he decorated his throne room. The Kugelkreuz engaged in more and more street battles with the police. For the Timefight they planned to populate an entire artificial planet, which was never realized.

At the height of its power, the Kugelkreuz was based in an abandoned industrial complex. From there they attacked Banania, but the mayor Baby Banane resisted and destroyed much of their army. They began to make abduction victims docile with the other method. In a duel with Baby Banane, Fiesling was injured and fled with a submarine. His advisor set up a new base on Jagori Nedagor, but they never reached their former heights. New enemies emerged, like the Culsits, with whom they made an unstable alliance. Since then, they are only occasionally appearing, often just used by other powers.


image name description comment
- Schorschi "Fiesling" Dunniker
- the one with the half-goggle headband Schorschi's Advisor. He is swinging a huge spiked mace on a chain. His body can unfold and let the Kugelkreuz on his chest spring out.
the Judith One of the first members. A schizophrenic bulimic.
Rabian & Grobian
- the one with the stone arm Joined the Culsits later original picture is lost
the Bombmaker
Wurst (sausage) A hewmon from the pseudoreality, who curried favor with the Kugelkreuz after the invasion of the Kotzkugel.


The design is based on neo-Nazis and various bald-headed villains with academic titles and cyborg parts, like Dr. X from the Action Man toys. Accordingly, they all wear jump boots, their heads are completely or partially shaved and often they have artificial body parts due to the excessive carnage. Their corporate colors are not well defined as they were mainly drawn in black and white with red as the only accent color. This color scheme was also thought for their planet. Black metal with white and red lights. However, they also use purple and neon green, according to their association with crazy-scientist-villains. Their ground bases are dirty gray and blood smeared.