family tree of the gods
Hurdelhabadan is a civilized planet whose inhabitants have overcome religious lunacy. But it is also a planet of ideas and possibilities, so the idea of gods can take shape as an interactive projection. The original gods invented in the Golden Age did not yet have a family tree. With the gods added in the new heyday, the tree was formed.
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old gods
Eseki God of protection and light. In his honor, the temple Eggomelette, the oldest building of Hurdelhabadan was built. He founded the desert people of the Seki.
Oniera Goddess of density and earth. Can petrify people, turn them into mud mummies, or suck them into the ground. Was initially a villain.
Ednorpo Goddess of monsters, mother of the cool villains. Was initially a voracious snake monster.
Glutus God of Fire, emigrated to the 1st planet of the solar system. and founded the people of tea drinkers
Seimi God of slime. He first lived in the dolandic Slamakadarus cave and then migrated to the edge of the solar system and formed the protective slime nebula around Quyrxulr. He lives in a flying cocoon full of spare slime packs in the format of tissue packs. In the era of great failures, he appeared as an antagonist of the Hnpik Eip world with an army of Funghi from the disgust planet.
Pon God of darkness and mysteries. He emigrated to Quyrxulr and founded the people of Drubdlautis. There he wrote the original edition of the Msack-Necronomicon and preserved the ancient language of the universe until its rediscovery. You can call Pon by laying down on your stomach, rattling with a chain and making loud, inarticulate moaning.
Jetri Goddess of Values, created the Baggerwajitar and the Isomery Palisades, who got seized by Srie.
Mufft God of carbohydrates. He shoots blocks of nutrients from his sleeves. He is the keeper of games and god of the Larpers, Gladiators and Big Brains.
(Riehy) Main villain in first Maschinensack comic. At first she didn´t count as a god. Supreme leader of the cool villains.
new gods
Amiro Mother Goddess of the Maschinensäcke, origin of the Gidde that manifested in the planet Xer00.
Xidalbadliban God of aggregate states. He emigrated to Aquitania and founded the people of the Atalar and the Liquid Association. Best buddy of Wuddelkopf.
Kondifasi God of correction. He watches over the timelines and corrects errors.
Agular God of metal and technology. Founded the space people of Pine Cones, who create huge spaceships.
Irana Goddess of devastation. She was detained by Sewares and unleashed in the Timefight.
Sewares Lul God of rest, sleep and dreams. Keeper of the Lul-water.
(Woherej) No Hurdelhabadanian god. Origin unknown. Was temporarily worshiped by the Frms. Merged with Riehy to Wohyrie and destroyed DadaNo. Was killed by the Ultrauniversott.
Föma Servant of Riehy, father of Usmai. He is theoretically mortal, but can regenerate from backup candles, which are hidden at many secret places and kept by his disciples.
Rankenmann One of the first foes of Baby Banane. He lives in the earth and pull people into the ground. original picture lost.
Ur-Anspitzer A monster made from blades, that propably inspired the draftsmen´s order in their pencil sharpeners.
Sohsun Son of Eseki
Jolidar und Joliveg Eseki´s brides
Stars In der Astralschlacht wurden sämtliche Sterne des Universums belebt um eine Götterarmee zu bilden. In the Astral Battle all stars of the universe were inspirited to build an army of gods.
prophets and other mythical figures
Epomara Epomara is a fossil believed to be the first Maschinensack. According to the myth, he himself created Amiro in the sense of the 2nd stage to vanquish evil and procreated with her. Their children became the gods.
Megalorn der meek Ancestor of the Appinelli clan, second boss of the Maschinensäcke. He was very diplomatic and pacifistic and tried to negotiate with the Frms. They murdered him at the table.
Tetysokawa She forged a crown, that is said to be the first power-enhancing item, whereby she becomes the founder of super heroes.
Klüdevak Ancestor of the royal lineage of hermaphrodites.
Sigudalg I
Sigudalg II